How they won 8

When Howard Dean, who once thought he would make a good president and offered himself to the nation, said just before the recent election that if the Republicans won in Ohio it would be by voter fraud, he was sending out a warning in disguise. The Left habitually accuses its opposition of the crimes and misdemeanors it practices itself. And sure enough, voter fraud was practiced by the Democrats on a vast scale. And, as always, shamelessly.

This is from IBD:

Democrats say America doesn’t need voter identification laws because there’s no evidence of election cheating. But when a candidate doesn’t get a single vote in 59 precincts, you’ve got to wonder.

One candidate did just that last week in Philadelphia, where Mitt Romney was shut out 19,605-0 in 59 voting divisions. …

University of Virginia political scientist Larry Sabato told the Philadelphia Inquirer that it deserves scrutiny.

“Not a single vote for Romney or even an error?” he asked. “That’s worth looking into.”

Philadelphia is also where 75 legal and credentialed Republican election workers were blocked or removed from the polls on Election Day. And Pennsylvania is the Democratic state where a duly legislated voter ID law was blocked by a judge for the 2012 election.

Romney was similarly blanked in nine precincts in nationally pivotal and heavily Democratic Cuyahoga County, Ohio, centered on Cleveland, where he did even worse than third-party candidates.

Seem impossible? Yes, it does. …

Equally as implausible were the turnouts in Democratic strongholds that either exceeded the number of registered voters or the voting-age population.

It’s possible for voter participation to exceed the number of registered voters — new residents and unregistered voters can register on Election Day and vote. But it’s unlikely when the average voter turnout has been 64% in the last two presidential contests.

Yet that happened in, yes, Pennsylvania, where Republican Gov. Tom Corbett has complained that some precincts voted at more than 100%.

Even more unlikely is turnout surpassing the voter-age population. But that happened in two counties in Colorado, a state won by Obama.

Despite all the smoke strongly suggestive of fire, left-wing publication Mother Jones ran a headline in August that read “UFO Sightings Are More Common Than Voter Fraud,” which sums up nicely the Democrats’ cavalier attitude toward the issue. …

An Obama supporter said on Facebook, on election day, “that he’d voted four times in North Carolina and was planning to vote once more.”

Though Obama won last week, he lost in all four states that strictly require would-be voters to present photographic identification before receiving a ballot.

The Republican Party is raising no fuss about all this. It has become a party of John McCains, all too gentlemanly to fight dirty against the dirtiest fighters in the history of the United States.

It is absolutely necessary that Republicans prove themselves now to be very bad losers.

We think the Constitutional Republic is lost beyond recovery. Those who believe it was the last best hope must constantly and unremittingly criticize, accuse, denigrate, decry, disparage, attack, insult the new, socialist, Islam-friendly state. Give it no quarter. Haters of tyranny unite against it. You have nothing more to lose.


Bearing out what we say about the Republicans being too gentlemanly – or spineless – to fight a dirty fight when it’s the only way to win, here’s a maddening item from Canada Free Press:

More than a week before the election, an FBI whistleblower went to a Republican member of Congress with explosive details about a national security scandal [General Petraeus’s adulterous affair] that could have stopped President Obama’s re-election campaign dead in its tracks. But the potentially devastating “October Surprise” was hushed up by Republicans. … Despite the explosive nature of the allegations, two Republican members of Congress, Dave Reichert and Eric Cantor, decided to pass on the information to the FBI director and take no action themselves. They didn’t even inform their colleagues on the House Intelligence Committee or in the House leadership. It was a terrible mistake on their part that enabled Obama to escape the damaging repercussions of the scandal right before what many conservatives called the most important presidential election of our lifetimes.

  • liz

    I guess they ARE going to let them get away with it. I see Paul Ryan is congratulating Obama for simply having “a better ground game” and getting more votes. What, he doesn’t want to look like whiney sour grapes?
    So just concede the whole thing, like H. MacDonald is doing on Benghazi.

    • Nope, I think you are going to be very pleasantly surprised. There is actually great momentum at the moment in the congressional investigations.
      Petraeus Testifies tomorrow, don’t discount the possiblity that he lays this thing wide open. Yes we may ultimately be dissapointed, but I firmly believe it is way to soon to give into despair. Remember Liz, when we surrender to despair, the enemy finally and truly wins. Heather apparently surrendered. I implore you not to. it is exactly what Obama wants.

      • liz

        Yes, of course, no matter WHAT happens, everything will be a diversion from this can of worms.

        • It all hinges on Petraeus. If he decides to come clean with everything it becomes a whole new ball game. I give it a 50:50 chance at this point. If he comes clean, I will post his portrait in my apartment. He will have retained his honor, and will have a hell of other people supporting him.

          • 11/16 update:…sigh. It’s starting to look like they will have to put Petraeus under oath before he will give up the President. I do not believe he will lie under oath, right now he is still being loyal however misplaced that loyalty might be.

            A lifetime of disciplined loyalty to commander in chief is hard to break I guess.

  • liz

    Voter fraud is the only logical explanation, so all of this is no suprise.
    They had BETTER not let them get away with this, the arrogant lying scum.
    As for the Petraus scandal, I don’t think that would have made a bit of difference.
    If voters could ignore the appalling tragedy of Benghazi, they would have ignored the Petraus affair.

    • We have to rely on congress to pursue these things… I wish that filled me with more confidence… I have to trust in politicians finding personal(political) benefit and/or sweet revenge in hanging Obama up by his toes.

  • It does indeed now appear that there may have been voter fraud sufficient to throw the election to Obama. Its thoroughly disgusting how the Obama administration has sought to undermine the military who he knows do not approve of him. Maybe as much as 100,000 absentee votes at home and oversees that may have never been counted. Possibly 300,000 votes not counted in Ohio. Florida was definitely scammed, I got such a weird vibe when I early voted in downtown Tallahassee (inner cities in the south are predominently democratic controlled).