Europe awakes? 4

Posted under Europe, Islam, Muslims by Jillian Becker on Monday, November 19, 2012

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  • Frank

    I hope it is not too late and they continue with the demonstrations. And how the hell can they call these demonstrations racist? Since when is “Muslim” a race? These people are demonstrating against an ignorant and violent belief system that threatens their country. They not only have the right to defend themselves against this invasion they have a moral obligation to do so.

    • liz

      Yeah, they love that word “racism”, just like “islamophobia”, even though protesting against them is neither racist or islamophobic.
      We need a reverse-charge to counter them with, that WE are “offended” by people who, by the very tenets of their religion, promote hatred and violence against all non-muslims. Make THEM apologize. They shouldn’t even be allowed to live in any other countries until they evolve out of their primitive state of irrationality.

  • liz

    Too bad it’s probably too little, too late. The demographics are already stacked against them, not to mention the leftist government.

  • Here is an important group I have been keeping my eye on…