A lady beyond reproach and her chivalric senators 6

So Ambassador Susan Rice is set on being Secretary of State? Another woman to muck up US foreign affairs. She’s so upset that her lies about Benghazi (see here (!) and here) will be held against her and block her advancement, that she is now appealing directly to her critics, chiefly Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

And we know that John McCain is a pushover. He had only to be asked to speak up for  Huma Abedin when some Republicans raised the issue of her being a Muslim Brotherhood associate, and queried whether that was the best qualification for her also being chief adviser to the US Secretary of State, for him – without apparently further enquiry or thought – to leap to her defense and swear (in effect) that she was the most trustworthy personage this country has had in the precincts of power since George Washington, and to rebuke his fellow Republicans for being so mean and horrid as to imagine she might be anything less than a loyal American patriot.

We know the lame excuse Susan Rice proffers for having lied to the nation on TV – that the intelligence services gave her false information. What we wait with keen anticipation to hear is the lamer  excuse John McCain will make for believing such irresponsible nonsense, and his gallant declaration that it clears her of blame.


Same day, later:  Senator John McCain says he is significantly troubled by the answers he has had, and not had, from Susan Rice. We’ll wait a while longer before we are sure that we have done him an injustice by expecting him to be gullible again.

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  • This is just being revealed: Secretary rice owns major stock in the company that was blocked by the state dept. to build the “Keystone Pipeline.” To those who don’t understand trading, that may seem confusing. I trade, and she is potentially about to face a worse scandal than Benghazi.

    News story:

    U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, regarded as President Obama’s favorite to replace Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, owns stock in the company that wants to build the Keystone XL pipeline, the construction of which was blocked by the State Department.

    Rice’s 2011 financial disclosure form, available via Open Secrets, shows that she owns between $250,000 and $500,000 of TransCanada stock.

    Obama, through the State Department, blocked construction of the northern half of the pipeline by refusing to grant the company a permit to cross the national border.

    Read more: http://times247.com/articles/report-rice-owns-stock-in-keystone-company#ixzz2DZFftk5K

    Reuters) – Canada is confident the United States will approve TransCanada Corp’s controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline from Alberta’s tar sands to the Gulf Coast, Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver said on Wednesday.

    President Barack Obama, who was re-elected on Tuesday, said in January he would postpone a decision until 2013 on whether to approve the $7.6 billion line, which was initially set to cross ecologically sensitive areas in Nebraska.

    In February he welcomed a new TransCanada initiative to build the southern part of the pipeline, at a cost of $2.3 billion. The northern portion, which will cost $5.6 billion, needs State Department approval because it crosses the border.

    TransCanada NYSE:TRP is currently trading at around 45 dollars a share. If Obama gives the go ahead, that price will likely at least double if not more. If Susan Rice Owns 500,000 shares then it is worth over 22 millon to her currently. Double or triple that? …. means she is one happy lady.

    • liz

      She might end up being richer than Romney!! But of course that won’t make HER an evil, hateful, selfish meanie like Romney is…

      • …or guilty of conflict of interest like dick cheney.

    • Reports today now conflict with these news stories, they now say rice and her husband own less than 1,000,000 “worth” of shares in TransCanada. But as always, one has to consider the source… Carney is not the most accurate or objective source of information. So…. who knows

    • OOps appears however she may hold stock in energy company that is illegally doing business with Iran… stay tuned, this story is just getting good

  • liz

    What really frustrates me about all this is that it is really beside the point. She lied for Obama, like Hillary and all the rest of them, and HE should be the target of all this. They should be questioning HIS competence, not hers.
    Besides, if they block her from getting the position, Obama will just put someone else as equally unfit for the job as her, or as Hillary, or as himself.
    The whole thing is just a continuation of the ludicrous farce of an “investigation” that is merely a distraction from the real issues that they should be addressing.
    But what else can you expect when this entire administration is a farce?