As Christmas looms … 5

Bill O’Reilly insists that Christianity is not a religion!

David Silverman gets heavy over Christmas.

Readers’ comments on this clash of opinions are invited.


(Hat-tip, our reader and commenter Paresh)

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  • Paresh

    I am with you 100% liz. I do wonder exactly why these atheist groups try so hard to get christmas trees off of public property. From a purely logical perspective, silverman is correct, but why bother?

    I actually love Christmas. I even have a christmas tree in my house. Growing up in an Indian/Hindu household, my parents did’t want my brothers and I to feel left out on the fun. I still remember one of my elementary school teachers explaining that it was a Christian holiday, and i was like “What?!?!?! I’m not a christian!” When i got home I asked my folks, and they explained that they did it just for fun and so we didn’t feel left out, and that we didn’t really care about all the religious stuff.

    That is the exact spirit that i have today. I really enjoy getting gifts for my daughters and seeing their reactions as they open their presents under the tree. There is not a hint of religion behind it for us, and that is perfect!

    Sorry for dragging on about that… back to O’Reilly…

    I generally like when he discusses economic and non-religious political issues. Typically i agree with him on those matters. But he is such a half-wit when it comes to matters of religion. Liz, that point he makes about christianity not being a religion is absolutely laughable. What makes it worse is his smug demeanor expressing how he is right and anyone who disagrees with him just doesn’t get it.

    Calling O’Reilly an obnoxious, pompous ass is practically an understatement. He really is getting so passionate about this issue too. He continued his silly tirade the following night, calling those who claim Christianity is in fact a religion “stupid.” I also love how he twists the argument Silverman and other atheists make (get religion out of government) into a general war on religion. As if these atheists are trying to keep people from praying or celebrating Christmas in their private lives!

    That buffoon O’Reilly needs to understand the difference between the government doing something vs. private people or companies having the freedom to do whatever they want.

    I have ranted long enough! Thanks for posting this video Jillian…

    • liz

      Yes, it is enfuriating that Christians refuse to distinguish between religion and government, or see the need for separation. At the slightest mention of anything involving religion and govt. they start shouting about the persecution of themselves by evil atheists.

    • I actually like the Christmas trees because they are of “Pagan” origin. O’reilly and others have been beating the “war against Christ mas drum” since forever. Every damn year they drag it out. They find some axe-grinding atheists in order to cast them as how “we” all are, then serve up the red religious meat to their right wing christian audience. God its hard to be an Atheist Conservative with idiots like O’reilly around. Embarrasing.
      Nativity scenes, not christmas trees, are usually the main target of a few activist Atheists. In my view they go about things the wrong way. Instead of insisting that Nativity scenes be removed, they should insist that some symbol of Atheism or Evolution get equal exposure in the same public venue. Whether it is a statue of charles darwin, or Hitchins… whatever. Atheists should insist on a holiday honoring Charles Darwins Birthday just like Martin Luther King.

  • Frank

    Christianity is one of the three Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. O’Reilly has reached a new level of dishonesty even for him.

  • liz

    I still have mixed opinions on Silvermans agenda, but after seeing this, I was cheering for him. O’Reilly is such an obnoxious, pompous ass!!!
    “Christianity is not a religion, its a philosophy” – REALLY??? I guess thats the latest tactic for “defending the faith from evil atheists” being taught in Christian circles. Right up there next to “atheism is a religion”.
    All an atheist has to do is calmly and objectively state a fact, and Christians like O’Reilly immediately go ballistic and shout them down, never stopping to consider that arguing with facts and winning has a pretty low success rate.
    It would be hilarious if it wasn’t such a crying shame to realize that the same mentality that inspired the Church throughout the Dark Ages to aggressively attack every enlightened idea, whether scientific or philosophical, and the person who proposed it, is alive and well in this country, in the 21st century.