Why it is seemly and good to loathe and despise Islam 3

For the third time this month we post a video by Pat Condell. We cannot resist him, nor do we want to. From him we learn that this November was named (by whom?) “Islamophobia awareness month“, which is why we hurry to post the video today.

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  • I just HATE that word Islamophobia… lol. It is such a misnomer. islamisia or miso-islamic would be much more appropriate. I have no fear of islam, I just really really don’t like it.

  • Andrew M

    Yes! I’ve been craving Pat Condell even more in the past month. He is an exemplar for free expression whose words deserve constant, sustained exposure.

    Also, it’s worth noting that Mike Tyson (mentioned by Pat at 5:07) is himself a Muslim.

  • liz

    Right on!! Yes, we need to have an “awareness of Islamic terrorism” month, but that would be so islamophobic, wouldn’t it?