A child beheads a man in Syria 5

The Ahlul Bayt News Agency released this video and comments:

The Syrian website al-Haqiqa posted a video which is the most horrific of all videos released so far about the Syrian crisis. [It shows] the terrorists bringing down the heads of the people on a piece of stone …

… and using children to behead them with a machete.

These “Takfiri armed rebels are affiliated to the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) who call themselves Khaled bin Walid Battalion.”

The Free Syrian Army is the the group that Obama and his European and Arab allies are supporting with communications equipment and probably with arms, to help them topple the dictator Bashar Assad and take power themselves in Syria. 

  • liz

    Barbaric monsters. Why does anyone think people like this are capable of governing themselves?

    • Paresh

      Agreed. This video is absolutely horrific and disgusting.

      What I really don’t understand is shouldn’t the USA be backing Assad? I view him as the same as Mubarrak of Egypt. They are (were) both ruthless dictators, but they kept a lid on the Islamic extremism within their countries. I get that Obama supports the Islamic uprising, but what about all the other foreign policy “experts?” Seriously, why aren’t we supporting the dictators? The SAME EXACT thing happened in the 70’s with the Shah of Iran, so it’s not like we don’t know how the story goes in the long run.

      Maybe I am over-simplifying the issue?

      • Jack

        What I really don’t understand is shouldn’t the USA be backing Assad?

        Obama will do anything that will weaken the US. Why? He’s a consistent Leftist and their essence is egalitarianism. America’s superiority is an affront to them. But Obama is also an Islamophile. Whether he is a stealth Muslim or not, he sees his role as defending and advancing the Islamic world. It could be from Leftist hatred of Western Civilization or from genuine belief in Islam. It doesn’t matter. He is on the side of our Islamic enemies.

        Many Conservatives and almost all Republicans are Democracy worshipers. They don’t know why America was great, all they have are empty slogans and vapid conceptions of politics like “the importance of democracy.” Thus they ALWAYS see any group opposing a tyrant as pro-democracy.

        There is essentially no understanding amongst mainstream Conservatives that Islam is an evil, totalitarian military movement and that it must be dealt with in a different way then all other religions. They don’t see that there will NEVER be any stable, functioning, peaceful liberty oriented governments in the Islamic world that will be our “allies against the extremists”. They still see this stupid narrative that they have constructed that we are “aiding the moderates against the extremists”; this idiotic piece of rhetoric that Bush (not Obama) implanted in our collective consciousness. Who is moderate in the Islamic world? Basically no one important.

        So we are stuck with the Left and its American hating treachery and the Conservatives and their democracy spreading stupidity; ie between a rock and a hard place. Always and everywhere in American politics we are stuck between consistent and deliberate evil on the Left and massive ignorance and weakness on the “Right”. The sentiments expressed in this blog and the better parts of libertarianism and the better parts of non-mainstream Conservativism and the fledgling Randian movement are just not enough affect the broader society. We are too small in number. Sadly.

        • liz

          I think you’re right. Romney said something in one of the debates about helping those fighting against the oppressive government of Assad that made me suspect that if he won we would probably continue on the same course we are now, with no real change in strategy.

          • Paresh

            Well said Jack and Liz. You raise an interesting point, Jack, that answers my question in a way that I haven’t really pondered before.

            “…Conservatives and their democracy spreading stupidity.” You are right that it has almost become politically incorrect to stand against democracy, even if it is applied to an Islamic country. In fact, democracy in that part of the world probably is a bad thing, because the Islamic fundamentalists just take over, and another “Iran” emerges.

            Liz, I hear your point on Romney. But in his defense, imagine the backlash he would have suffered if he didn’t stand for democracy! He would have gotten so much flack for backing Assad. I blame the manipulative mainstream media, and all-too-gullible electorate.