Allah likes slavery 4

This video is from The Muslim Issue, via the Religion of Peace. Made in the 1960s, it is informative about the buying and selling of African slaves, and the farming of slaves – raising herds of slaves’ children to be slaves (but has an irrelevant striptease tacked on at the end.) There are still slaves in Muslim Africa, as another video at the same site proves.

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  • Josie

    How about we stop identifying ourselves as atheists, gays, catholics and start focusing on the fact that we’re Americans and join together and get the U.N. and its mandates out of our backyards–iclei–and our pockets, out of our children’s history books and out of our local zoning laws. We can all go back to fighting with each other when the battle’s over.

    • liz

      That would be a great plan – if we could manage it. That’s basically what we attempted with the Tea Party, and it just nearly worked. But the Left has control of the media on one end, and a hugely ignorant majority of voters on the other, and until we can break that vicious cycle we are basically in a straitjacket. Meanwhile Obama quadruples down on his agenda.

  • liz

    So Muslims presently practice slavery and child rape, among other things, as instructed by their religion and the example of their “prophet”, yet according to our “President”, “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”.
    Yes, we must make sure we rid the world of those nasty old white male Republicans, and give it to the hard-core nasty old Muslim pedophile slave-traders. Thats the ticket!

    • Josie

      Our president is a moron.