Atheist attacked in Bangladesh 5

Bad news, but not surprising…

This is from CP World (CP = Christian Post):

An atheist blogger in Bangladesh has been stabbed repeatedly by three suspected Islamist fundamentalists and is currently in critical condition in a local hospital.

Asif Mohiuddin, 29, was attacked earlier this week as he was leaving work at night in Dhaka, when a group of unidentified men jumped him and stabbed him repeatedly. Mohiuddin is one of the nation’s most well-known atheists, and runs a Bengali blog titled “Almighty only in name, but impotent in reality,” which is one of Bangladesh’s most visited websites. …

Now that is surprising!

The news has been met with widespread condemnation especially among secularists, who are demanding that the Muslim-dominated country, where Islam is a state religion, do more to protect the human rights of its citizens. Although the perpetrators have not yet been found, many suspect that Mohiuddin’s atheist posts and his commentaries on free speech and human right issues are most likely the reason for the attack. …

“Asif did absolutely nothing to deserve this. Even if he had insulted people instead of ideas, he wouldn’t have deserved this. This is faith-based madness, and every decent person should stand in his defense. To accuse him of doing anything wrong means supporting his attackers for using violent methods to control non-violent speech,” wrote Hemant Mehta, who runs the Friendly Atheist blog.

The Committee to Protect Journalist (CPJ) reported that this is not the first time the Bengali blogger has been targeted. In Oct. 2011, Mohiuddin was arrested and reportedly abused by police who accused him of inciting a student protest through his blog. The activist was allegedly blindfolded, starved, and kept awake as a form of torture, while authorities tried to have him sign a statement pledging never to use social media again.

The report doesn’t say whether he signed the pledge or not. The suggestion (“tried to have him sign”) is that he didn’t. But in any case we know that even if he did, it made no difference: he went on blogging as an atheist. Bravo, Asif Mohiuddin! We salute your courage and determination.

We also acknowledge a debt to CP World for bringing us the story.

  • Asif Mohiuddin

    Thanks a lot for the nice note. Would you please send me your email address because I want to share some information with you. Take care..

    • Jillian Becker

      Asif Mohiuddin, please share the information with all of us by posting it as a comment if you feel you can.

      If you feel you cannot do that, our emails addresses may be found under “About us”.

      For your convenience, here’s mine:

  • you are the disgusting people why you claim against the innocent Muslim people of Bangladesh. if you are atheist no problem this is your own choice but you can not attack other faith. you can not attack religion. if you do this you are terrorist atheist because million of million people of the world believe in GOD. so you deny this reality. when you create problem then you say that the religion people are terrorist. why the million of million Muslim were killed?where is your human rights. in last day 7 innocent people were died by the police firing in BD. who create this situation? thnx

    • Jillian Becker

      We can and will attack religions. All of them. And in particular Islam. It is a savage and cruel ideology. The worst of all the major religions.

      We deplore cruelty and murder.Who were the 7 people killed by the police? Give us the details.

  • liz

    A brave man. The Muslim world is a reincarnation (or simply a continuation) of the Dark Ages, acting out the exact same tyrannical, self-righteous, violent oppression for the exact same reason: to “defend the faith” against the irreverent, impious, and insubordinate crimes of independent thought, reason, and freedom.
    Yet here we are, under the leadership of our glorious boy wonder, bowing down before them and rolling out the red carpet for their holy jihad.
    How much more insult added to injury are we going to take?