“Socialism is unaffordable” 1

This is the way the welfare state ends – with whimpers and whistles and bangs.

Greece 2013


Spain 2013


Interestingly, RT – delivering the message that “Socialism is unaffordable” – is a Russian English-language news channel.

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  • rogerinflorida

    You say that socialism is unaffordable, I agree it probably is except under conditions of total tyranny. However I am not so sure that the problems of Greece, Spain, Ireland, etc. can be blamed on “socialism”. It seems to me that what is unaffordable is complete and utter stupidity, incompetence and mendacity. In this there is very little to choose between “Capitalist” or “Socialist” societies. In fact my studies lead me to believe that the default condition of human society is to be FUBAR.

    Incidentally for a hilarious read about Wall Street, the “Investment” community and the euro crisis I recommend three books by Michael Lewis: “Liars Poker”, “Boomerang” and “The Big Short”. Read, weep and ROFL.