“I won’t be a slave” 3

The movie Atlas Shrugged Part II is out now

Don’t miss it.

Here’s the trailer


Also good to watch is Ayn Rand being interviewed by Mike Wallace (1959), accessible by clicking on her (black-and-white) head when the trailer ends.

We applaud her answers.

(Here’s the link to the interview – thanks to our commenter Frank.)

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  • liz

    It’s great that they made this film, even though it is overwhelmingly outnumbered and drowned out by the loads of propaganda passing for entertainment supporting the leftist agenda.
    Ayn Rand wasn’t perfect (which is usually the only argument her detractors can come up with against her), but she’s worthy of the honor of Jefferson and Madison, for her genius in forming an entire philosophy on what you termed “the greatest product of history – the idea of individual liberty under the rule of law realized in the establishment of the United States of America.”

  • Frank

    The link for her interview didn’t show up at the end of the video. Here’s the link to her interview with Mike Wallace.

    • Kerry

      Quite amusing to watch Mike Wallace smoking a cigarette during the interview! My how times have changed! Great interview though.