“The left has beaten us” 7

Rush Limbaugh weighed in recently on the Republicans’ on-going debate about what went wrong in November. Elaborating on his earlier comment that he was “[for the first time in my life] ashamed of America,” Limbaugh said, “The Left has beaten us. They have created far more low-information, unaware, uneducated people than we’ve been able to keep up with . . . He added that the Democrats “control the education system . . . pop culture, movies, TV and books” and use that control to create “dependency” among voters.

These are extracts from an article by Bruce Thornton at Front Page. He endorses Rush Limbaugh’s lament. Both of them seem to think that not only has the Left “beaten us” in the present (“us” being Republicans, conservatives, anti-socialists generally), but that the Left’s victory is probably irreversible:

Some may think this is a dog-bites-man observation, but it’s worth looking more closely at the most important item in Limbaugh’s list – the educational system. Everything else Limbaugh mentions is made possible because of the deep corruption in public education from kindergarten to university.

We often focus on the ideological biases of the university, where the more lunatic examples of political correctness get the most attention. But in education as in economics, there is a trickle-down effect. The grandees at the elite universities train the PhD’s who go on to second and third tier institutions, where they in turn train the students who get high school and grade school teaching credentials. They also write most of the textbooks that end up in K-12 classrooms. Thus the progressive ideology metastasizes throughout the educational system, determining the curriculum, the textbooks, and the point of view of the teachers. At that level the ideas may be garbled, half-baked, incoherent, and a collection of clichés and slogans. But they are still toxic and effective at transmitting a world-view to impressionable minds.

When my kids were in public school I witnessed this process over and over. Questionable leftist ideas I had to sit through in graduate seminars turned up regularly in my kids’ English and history courses and textbooks. In the Marxist interpretation of history, for example, traditional historical narratives reflect the “false consciousness” of capitalism’s academic publicists justifying and “mystifying” a history marked by oppression and atrocities in service to a dehumanizing capitalist ideology.

The founding of the United States, then, was not about things like freedom and inalienable rights, but instead reflected the economic interests and power of wealthy white property-owners. The civil war wasn’t about freeing the slaves or preserving the union, but about economic competition between the industrial north and the plantation south. The settling of the West was not an epic saga of hardships endured to create a civilization in a wilderness, but genocide of the Indians whose lands and resources were stolen to serve capitalist exploitation. Inherent in this sort of history were the assumptions of Marxist economic determinism and the primacy of material causes over the camouflage of ideals and principles.

In the 60’s this narrative was married to identity politics: the defining of ethnic minorities and Third World peoples on the basis of their status as victims of this capitalist hegemony and it imperialist and colonialist mechanisms, which justified the plundering, oppression, and exploitation of the non-white “others” with racist notions of their natural inferiority. Various strains of postmodernism added a cultural relativism that put out of bounds any judgments of a culture’s values, since all such standards reflect the economic needs of the dominant power. Soon feminism added women to the list of victims sacrificed to the white-male power structure. …

Generations of credential students have sat in these courses and then gone on to teach in high schools and grade schools, and to write the textbooks and curricula that propagate this ideology. The result is a student population ignorant of the basic facts of history, the vacuum filled with melodramas of victimization, racism, oppression, and violence that cast the United States as a global villain guilty of crimes against humanity. …

So too with the movies, books, television shows, and popular music Limbaugh identifies as vectors of this disease. They merely reflect what their creators absorbed in school and what their audiences have been programmed to uncritically accept as true. Having been schooled in the evil designs of oppressive, greedy corporations that abuse workers and rape the planet, these cultural consumers are natural audiences for the plots of movies and television shows that recycle these dull clichés. Having been taught the evils of free-market capitalism that enriches the few at the expense of the many, they are natural constituents of a class-envy politics demanding the rich “pay their fair share,” which is nothing more than property redistribution useful for creating a class of political clients dependent on the federal government. Having spent years being indoctrinated with romantic environmentalism and Disneyfied visions of nature, they are susceptible to an anti-carbon politics that retards development of American oil resources in the name of “protecting the planet” from an apocalyptic rise in global temperatures caused by human and corporate misbehavior, a notion that barely qualifies as a hypothesis, let alone a scientific fact. But how could most products of our dysfunctional educational system tell the difference?

No surprise, then, that last year Obama won the 18-44 demographic––46% of the electorate––by about 15 points. This is the age group that has spent its whole educational career in schools that fail at teaching fundamental skills and basic information, but succeed at transmitting the progressive ideology perfect for creating conformist dependents …

Thornton acknowledges that some children “escape this warping influence “, which, he says, “is a testimony to parents and independent-minded teachers who are careful to counter this ideology”.

He concludes with a reminder of  the Jesuit educational maxim: “Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man”.  And he observes, “Today’s progressives get children until they are 18 and sometimes 21. That kind of influence is hard to match.”

And now the Obama gang want to start the indoctrination even earlier, with free pre-school education for all children.

Have Republican policy-makers thought about how to cure the Left’s corruption of the school and university curricula? Is any Republican leader or conservative organization likely to think about it? Is there a solution short of abolishing all state-financed and state-aided education (which Republicans are extremely unlikely ever to think of doing)?

If the answer to all those questions is no, then is Rush Limbaugh right that “we are beaten”?

Our hopes lie with the invincible liberating selfishness of human nature; with the “natural order of liberty” – which was Adam Smith’s phrase for what Marx called “capitalism”; and with the knowledge derived form both thinking and noting the history of the last hundred years that socialism cannot work so it will not work.

The Left’s victory – like the 1917 Bolshevik revolution in Russia – may last as much as a few decades, to the extreme detriment of America, but it will fail eventually because its teachings are untrue, as all religious doctrines always are.

  • liz

    Your right that socialism will not work, but unfortunately what it leads to – totalitarian dictatorship – works for as long as it can enforce it’s control, no matter what kind of shambles the economy ends up in.
    With it’s subjects sufficiently neutralized by brainwashing and dependence on government, (already accomplished), they could maintain control for generations.
    Christianity was the great Lie of the last age, and it parasited off of mankind for centuries. Now collectivism is taking it’s place, the secularized version of the same parasitic Lie.
    Suggestions have been made here that would cure us of this disease, but you can’t help people who are so delusional they refuse to be helped.

  • rogerinflorida

    All that is true, however it does not change the basic fact that the economy of the US is not sustainable as it is currently being managed. A couple of pointers to this:
    1. There is no market demand for US treasuries, the FRB is buying US govt. debt as of now in unlimited amounts, how long this can continue is questionable. Bernanke’s aim to keep interest rates low, however he has accomplished this at the cost of destroying the private capital market.

    2. The costs associated with the evisceration of the US industrial economy are being carried by the US taxpayer through the debt obligations of the US Govt. There is no possibility of taxes being raised enough to cover the deficit, neither is there any possibility of govt. expenditures being significantly lowered.

    3. A significant and increasing proportion of the US population is dependent on govt. payments to cover basic essentials. These costs are going to go up.

    4. The US private sector is dying. There are winners amongst the political cronies of the elite, and some sectors such as energy that are impossible to offshore. Excessive regulation is still causing businesses to offshore, and by excessive regulation I particularly mean the employer mandate to provide employee health care and complying with a tax code of byzantine complexity.

    It is absolutely clear that these issues have to be addressed, or we proceed to ruin. I would suggest by implementing a single payer health care system; easy to do; just make everyone eligible for Medicare. The tax situation could be addressed by imposing a state administered nation wide 20% VAT and by scrapping entirely the Federal income, capital gains, corporation and inheritance taxes.
    We are never going to get out of the pickle we are in until we re-vitalize the private business sector. If we do not do this then we will become the Northern Argentina.

  • Jack

    The problem here is the public school system and the massive government loan and subsidy programs for colleges and universities (often done in the name of advancing non-whites and women). The public school system is basically a socialist educational system or, as I think of it, Leftist indoctrination centers. If you study the history of the American public schools you will learn that they were established by Christians emulating the Prussian model of education. This was done to socialize children with the religious and traditionalist mores of the day. But…

    Once a semi-socialist education system was in place, the Left was able to co-opt it when it captured the culture. So, what’s the solution? Abolish the god-damn public schools. But guess what? We know the Left will fight that tooth and nail but so will Conservatives. We’ll get a rogerinflorida who will tell us “its not realistic” or “that’s a libertarian fantasy” or “no society can work that way”. I have witnessed Conservatives saying this all the time. They always defend the idea of public schools. They just don’t want the Left in control. We’ll, maybe if there were no public schools in the first place THE LEFT WOULD NEVER HAVE TAKEN CONTROL.

    When government educates, it indoctrinates. And it has done this for over 60 years now ever since the Progressives captured the universities and the popular culture. To fight them, if they can even be fought, will require two fundamental things:

    1) abolish the Federal Reserve Banking system – this would defund the welfare system literally overnight

    2) abolish the public schools, state universities and end all government educational loan and subsidy programs – this would END the Left’s monopoly on education and pave the way for the DESTRUCTION of modern liberalism.

    I would bet anything that Conservatives would oppose both of those measures. President Bush hit us with “No Child Left Behind” and Justice Roberts saved Obamacare. These are your Conservatives.

    Ayn Rand once wrote that when something bad happens blame the Left when something terrible happens blame the Conservatives. She was right. Why is this? IMO its because Conservatives are beholden to a subservient oriented, sacrificial morality which is the legacy of CHRISTIANITY. Modern liberalism is a secularized Christianity. Yes, it is different but it has overlap with the original thing. I don’t think modern liberalism would ever have arisen if it were not for Christianity dominating Europe. Try telling that to true Conservatives.

    • liz

      I think you’re right that the Left may not have been able to take control without the public school system. But I don’t know if Conservatives would oppose abolishing them. It’s the Christians especially who have tried to escape it’s influence through homeschooling. So maybe there could be enough support for that between Christian and other Conservatives, and libertarians.
      Also the monopoly on the media needs to be broken. Do you have any ideas on how that could be accomplished?

      • Jack

        Also the monopoly on the media needs to be broken. Do you have any ideas on how that could be accomplished?

        My guess is that the Leftist monopoly on media and Hollywood is the result of both anti-trust laws and pro-union legislation. For that you would need to do away with two pieces of legislation that are basically over 100 years old. No Conservative would do that. That would take a libertarian ascendancy and we know the problems with that.

        We’re between a rock and a hard place. If we had 1/4 of the population that was in the vicinity of our very own Jillian we could make a go of it. But the “right” is all over the place. (The Left is not, they’re unified around equalism.) The “right” doesn’t know what direction it wants to go in. More religion? Freer markets? More cultural Conservatism? Regulate Hollywood? Ban abortion? Trade protectionism against China? Fight the war against “terrorism” harder? End the canard of our “wars” in Iraq and Afghanistan? As I say, they’re all over the place.

        • liz

          Here’s another direction – up.

          I can’t prove it but I suspect that the Tea Party, mostly made up of Christians, only represents a small percentage of the Christian population. Alot more of them (the fundamentalists, at least) are too busy waiting for the Rapture to bother with politics.
          Real helpful.
          If they would stop seeing Obama as the Anti-Christ, and recognize that we are in the last stages of a communist take-over, we’d probably have enough to do something with.

  • Azgael

    hes right we lost, and big time too, but the lefts control will not last, like the old feudal system did not last, however Billions will die before the left loses control, we can only hope that religion doesent sneek back in and that our descendants learn from our mistakes and quickly executes anyone that thinks like to progressives of today do, something we should have done at the turn of the 20th century when the left started to take control.

    Dont let them take you to the gas chambers without a fight.