“A beautiful religion” 1

Most reasonable, educated people not born to Muslim parents, who took a little trouble to find out what Islam is all about – by reading the Koran, for instance – would surely find it not only full of nonsense but also morally abominable.

Secretary of State John Kerry, however, says that Islam is “a beautiful religion”.

From this video we learn about five women being buried alive in accordance with the law of Islam. Others, some cruelly disfigured, seek and bestow beauty in ways not related to the religion that oppresses them.

Perhaps Kerry also thinks that Islam is a source of accurate information:

  • liz

    This type of treatment ought to at least serve as a catalyst for a huge exodus from Islam. Highlights the profound hypocrisy of so called “leaders” of the West like Obama and Kerry, who should be SLAMMING the lie that Islam is “a beautiful religion”. Instead they promote it.
    Maybe in their cases the wives actually DO what the genius sage in the second video accuses Christian women of. (Since their husbands are such spineless, cowardly, weak wristed wimps, whose sense of human decency makes that of a dog look heroic).