The B-2 Spirit stealth bomber 4

The B-2 Spirit stealth bomber

Superb! Marvelous! Beautiful!


Our by-the-way note on a passing reference in the video:  Re the bombing of Serbia, those several wars in the 1990s in ex-Yugoslavia – President Bill Clinton’s wars – served absolutely no US or west European interest whatsoever.

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  • rogerinflorida

    Utterly worthless piece of aviation garbage. A tribute I suppose to those who believe in the war winning capability of an independent air force. Billions of $ down the toilet.

    • Jillian Becker

      Please tell us, rogerinflorida, why this amazing achievement of “stealth” engineering which allows the plane to fly undetected by radar in order to fulfill its function as a bomber, renders the thing in your eyes a “worthless piece of garbage”.

      • rogerinflorida

        Because a small increase in the efficacy of radar will make this aircraft as visible as any other, a development which may already have been achieved by our major potential adversaries. The mission of the “stealth” bomber can be performed just as well by cruise missiles fired from ships, unfortunately our Aegis class cruisers and Arleigh Burke class destroyers are desperately short of maintenance, partly because of the massive sums of money poured into the Air Force stealth program.
        A sensible defense policy would de-mobilise the USAF and return air combat missions to the Army and Navy. The Navy already is a larger air force than the actual Air Force, which might make you wonder just what the USAF mission is.
        I would classify the stealth program as somewhat akin to the Moon landing: A marvelous technical achievement having absolutely no useful purpose whatsoever.

  • BobAgard

    I heard from a friend about our recent use of the B-2 in a joint exercise with South Korea, so I was glad to view this video. Thanks! Linked here: