Big ideas writ large 2

We aren’t concerned here with that birth certificate: we don’t think it can make any difference now whether the form that was made public is genuine or not. So we ignore that bit of this video.

But we like what the farmer is doing, and hope he wins his case in  court.

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  • liz

    Great messages!
    If only Republicans had done the same thing before both elections – loudly called him exactly what he is – a radical Marxist to whom “transformation” means destruction of the capitalist system.
    They were afraid of being called extremists like the Tea Party, but if they had gone on the offensive without backing down and hammered on it long enough, it would have been much harder to ignore and would have eventually sunk in.
    Oh, but we must be “civil”, like they demand, while they rip us to shreds with every tactic in the revolutionary book.

    • Azgael

      you have to fight fire with fire, the GOP has been infiltrated by the left much like our schools and institutions have, unless we start to fight back and fight back hard we will loose and civilization will collapse and we will end up back in the stone age, living in caves eating algey cakes burning dung to stay warm while the “elites” eat lobster and filet mignon