Raping for Allah 4

Here’s a justly angry video about Afghan asylum-seekers accepted into Sweden. For supporting, coddling, protecting them, their hosts are repaid with rape and arson. The Afghans know they can get away with it, so they indulge themselves to their savage hearts’ content.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton at Right Side News reports and comments with intense indignation:

[The victim] now resides in an insane asylum, while her attackers are either roaming free or soon will be. Let me spell it out for you in indelicate language – they brutally raped her to the point of her intestines coming out and now her insides are screwed up. She suffers fecal incontinence – in other words, she can’t control her bowels anymore. She’s 29 for cripes sake! Normally, I would say she is lucky to be alive – but that is debatable.

  • Jack

    All Muslims should be systematically deported from Western nations. Islam should be banned as a military movement intent on subjugation and conquest.

    The only Middle Easterners that should be allowed to stay are those that are apostates that swear an oath to abandon Islam.

    But this is of course impossible because the Left won’t allow it. Which underscores that the real enemy is modern liberalism. Islam would not be the threat it now is if not for the Left.

    Sadly, white women are prime rape targets for Muslims and Blacks. Which is why a white woman that dates or is receptive to the sexual advances of either is flirting with disaster. This is something all women knew before the 1960s.

    • Jillian Becker

      We like the first three paragraphs of your comment very much, Jack. We agree with everything you say in them.

  • liz

    The connection between the Marxist agenda and the invasion of the Muslim hordes is coming into clear focus now. Muslims are just the latest ally of the left in the continuing assault of both on the system.
    And what better man to lead this assault than our Marxist-Muslim “President”?
    This rape is a fitting symbol of what is happening to the entire Western world.
    Civilization is being raped, plundered, and will, in the end, be murdered.
    The “democratic process” is no longer working (since they have corrupted it).
    I think the Founding Fathers would have started another revolution long before now, and the first order of business would have been a firing squad with Obama front and center.

  • Frank

    Islam is a cancer on the civilized world and should be surgically removed. So called moderate Muslims bear equal responsibility for this heinous crime. They give cover to these sub-human animals by demanding respect for their ignorant barbarous religion.