Islam is an offense 8

Again, clear sighted and plain speaking Pat Condell talks about the appalling religion of Islam.

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  • Ed

    Jillian- thank you for supplying those sources and I will put them in the order you suggest.

    • Jillian Becker

      That’s good, Ed. But only one at a time.

  • Ed

    Thank you Jillian for replying to one you consider a religious lunatic with your opinion. Many years ago I too would have responded in a similar manner. After checking diligently some astounding mathematics relating to predictions made hundreds of years earlier I had to concede to the reality that the person whom the western world refers to as Jesus was in fact unique and he at least told the truth.

    I have always been wary of the political nature of institutional religion and find Pat Condell’s fearlessly honest opinion refreshing and in this instance correct. I think we both appreciate the freedom of speech which I believe is a resultant derivative of our Judeo-Christian foundation.

    Those suffering from the tyrannical mindset of thought and expression do not tolerate opposition and is evident in both physical and verbal violence. Jesus was crucified by the politically motivated religious leaders and he never harmed a soul. His teaching applications are the polar opposite of Muhammed.

    Bullying and self-righteousness takes many forms and when the religious zealots were going to stone a lady supposedly caught in adultery Jesus stopped them in their tracks with a question which pricked their human conscience. Contrary to some human opinion Jesus did not come to condemn, but to save us from the tyranny of our myopic self-important attitudes. Some non religious people also display similar attitudes and become quite irrational and whilst debating respond with mean tirades of personal vilification which is also indicative of our tendency for tyrannical imposition of our will over others.

    For example whenever I see politicians responding to such tactics it always seems to be those who do not have a list of facts to support their emotional outburst.

    Personally I prefer that on some issues we can rationally agree to disagree;
    however the challenge of the question I stated initially still remains.

    Did Jesus speak the truth? He is an actual historical figure so please do not confuse this with your current thoughts about man made interpretations of religion with its often infuriating political spin which bear no resemblance to the written record.

    As one human being to another; thank you for a least replying and debating issues on which we can agree to disagree without malice.

    • Jillian Becker

      Ed – please read these posts on this website. Put the titles into the search slot in chronological order.

      A man named Jesus or something like that, September 23, 2011; The invention of Christianity, October 28, 2011; Tread on me: the making of Christian morality, December 22, 2011; St.Paul: portrait of a sick genius, January 7, 2012; Pauline Christianity: a mystical salad, February 26, 2012.
      Christian theology: “The word made flesh”, December 24, 2012.

  • Ed

    The question for every human being is: do we believe that Jesus spoke the truth? The monotheistic religions claim all their prophets tell the truth?

    The available evidence is that we either accept what Jesus said or Muhammed?

    The misnomer of the “Religion of Peace” does reflect its lying tyrannical leader Satan whereas the crucified Christ reflects those suffering for being Christians wherever the Religion of Peace rules. It is impossible for such a violent, evil, wicked system to love its neighbour thus reflecting its master. The opposite of evil being live.
    Jesus came to save not condemn and provide us with unmerited blessing. He obediently accomplished His mission and warned us about the subtlety of Satan who was a liar and murderer from the beginning.
    We should not be surprised when his adherents follow his ingrained iniquity.

    • Jillian Becker

      Sorry, Ed, but to us all you say is so irrational as to indicate raving lunacy. Yet you are probably a rational sane man in all aspects of your life except in your religious beliefs. We cannot understand how any adult, sane, educated person can believe in the supernatural. No religion is “true”. They are all make-believe.

  • Moral Empiricist

    Yes indeed. What’s it going to be? Western values or 7th century Bagdad?

  • Frank

    Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!