Syrian barbecue 8

We found the picture via Front Page, and we quote from the article about it by Theodore Shoebat:

According to a report, the victim was a Syrian helicopter pilot who was journeying to bring food to army bases and villages around the Marraat Noman city in the Idleb province, until he was shot down, murdered and beheaded and his head cooked on a grill. …

It is vital to keep in mind that the act of cooking the head of an enemy is rooted deeply in the Islamic religion. The most famous warrior in Sunni Islam’s history, Khalid ibn Walid, decapitated the head of a man named Malik ibn Nuwayrah, before raping his wife; he placed it under a cooking pot in which he cooked food and from which he then ate …

The Hadith for this recounts:

And he [Khalid] ordered they bring his [Malik’s] head and he placed it with two other rocks and he cooked on top of the three a pot, and Khalid ate from it that night in order to terrorize the renegade Arabs and others.

This story is further substantiated by the Arab scholar Ibn Khallikan, who writes the story thus:

[T]he head was put in the place of one of the three stones which supported the flesh-pot. Malik, as we have said, surpassed most men by the abundance of his hair, which was so thick, that the meat was cooked in the pot before the fire had reached the skull. …Khalid seized on the wife of Malik – or by another account he purchased her out of the booty — and married her.

We must now realize: we have not seen the full face of Islam yet; true Islam is more than just terrorism with bombs and guns; it is a cultic system which emphasizes human sacrifice and cannibalization of Allah’s enemies. …

Al Azhar University decreed that it was permissible to cannibalize enemies of Islam … human sacrifice was promoted by Safwat Hegazi … a Syrian rebel grilled a man’s head … [and] we have actual footage, recently released, of a Syrian jihadist eating the heart of his enemy. …

(To watch the disgusting video, see our post Eating their hearts out, May 13, 2013 – two days ago. There can, we think, be some doubt as to whether this is really a human head or perhaps a rubber mask on the grill; but there is no doubt that the rebel leader in the video is taking a bite of a man’s internal organ. Later he confirmed that he ate part of the victim’s lung – raw.)  

  • Don L

    These are the people Ron Paul, it looks like the son might too, thinks it’s OK to allow the theocratic Iran to have the bomb because they are rational. So right on so many other things and so terminal-risk wrong on this.

    Geez, these mu-slimes are the cockroaches of the planet.

    • Jillian Becker

      More all-destroying dinosaurs perhaps? If only
      they could meet the fate of the dinosaurs! (We do not want the people to be harmed, we just want them to abandon their ancient savage ideology.)

      • Don L

        Right…my ‘mu-slam’ was to convey disgust…not a call for extermination; well, maybe for the ones considering taking over planes, wearing bombs…that specific specie of bug.

  • liz

    Why is it no surprise that the most barbaric and disgusting acts imaginable are found to be “rooted deeply in the Islamic religion”?
    Or that you NEVER see an admission of guilt, or an apology, or a call for an accounting for any of that.
    Because that’s what being a Muslim IS. A shark doesn’t apologize for biting off your leg. A resurrected John Calvin wouldn’t apologize for burning your mother at the stake. Why change when your religion justifies you?

    • Rabih Choucair

      A disgusting barbaric act is exactly what it is. But it goes back to itself and is not related to anything else. Us christians did atrocities as horrible during the crusades, amongst ourselves in Europe, US civil war, liberation civil wars in latin america WWI, WWII etc… lets not forget Asian wars and so on. I honestly do not believe for one second that we or anyone else for that matter is better than those who do war crimes like this or anything else. A crime is a crime no matter what religion the person is from.
      Kings of England, Popes of the Vatican, Kings and princes hiding behind Christianity did horrible things too.
      It is really important here to note that there is absolutely NO religion on earth and in the history of humanity that allows its followers to do crimes of any sort. Judaism and Islam for example have rules that do not allow their fighters to even cut a tree during war, let alone execute someone, cut him up and eat his remains. The idea of God is peaceful.

      • Jillian Becker

        Rabih Choucair – have you read the Koran? The hadith? You surely have not. Please do so before making statements about Islam which are ridiculously wrong.

        Why do you not believe the authorities quoted in the article? Here are links for you to follow:

        More wars have been fought in the name of some religious belief versus another than for any other cause in history. Christians slaughtered Christians for centuries – there you are right if that’s what you mean. But your comment is self-contradictory. No religion allows such things, you say, yet your own religion performed them.

        Whose “idea of God” is peaceful? And which God? Ever heard of Mars? Odin? And what of your Jesus Christ who “came not to send peace but a sword”? And Jehovah, the God of vengeance – remind yourself what the Bible says about him and the wars he helped the Jews to fight, according to the unknown authors.

        If, by your own confession, you are no better than butchers that cut off a stranger’s head on a London street (for instance), or tie people to stakes and burn them alive as the Catholic Church – and Protestant Churches too – used to do for as long as they could get away with it, then you are a very wicked person indeed, sir!

        • Rabih Choucair

          Sir, not only have I read them, but I have studied them for 12 years. A wrong is wrong. Admitting it is one way towards the right direction…according to hadith.

          • liz

            You said that “no religion on earth and in the history of humanity allows its followers to do crimes of any sort.”
            That’s true – killing infidels and heretics was not a crime back when the Bible and Koran were written – which proves that all religions originated in the minds of primitive men – not “God”.
            As rational thinking developed through the centuries, so did civilization. It outgrew the primitive dictates and superstitions of ancient times. It embraced reason.
            Even though many people still cling to belief in a religion, most have abandoned adherence to those aspects of it that conflict with what is now universally considered rational and civilized.
            Why is it that so many Muslims have not outgrown the primitive barbaric past?