The view from the bus 4

In Britain, in its pre-Islamized days,when it was thought necessary by intellectuals to take the opinions of the “common man” into account, they would allude to him as “the man on the Clapham omnibus”. That man, considering that he lived in the London district of Clapham, which is on the wrong side of the river (though over the last 30 years or so very much gentrified), and considering further that he was not transporting himself in a car, was lower middle-class in the calculation of the always class-conscious Briton. But his opinions could be held to be representative of a wider band of the class spectrum, from middle-middle-class to working-class.

Tommy Robinson, a working-class Englishman, is the leader of the English Defence League. Apparently he speaks for the many tens of thousands of Britons who show their approval of his organization by joining it. At the moment, though he lives (we suppose) further to the east of London, he is our man on the Clapham omnibus.

The organization he leads is called “far -right” and “fascist” by its critics.

If they are what we would call fascist – authoritarian collectivists – we are their opposites, our highest value being individual freedom.

We find, however, that we do not disagree with the view he expresses in these two videos on the issue of Islam, its jihad, the actions Muslims are taking in Britain (and elsewhere) in waging their jihad, the weakness of government and police in dealing with it, and even with the recommendations he makes for what should be done about it. Though we might word our arguments differently, and advocate other, more considered remedies, they would be in addition to those he demands, not instead of them.

The videos provide an opportunity for viewers to judge the organization and its leader, at least on this issue, for themselves.

  • liz

    Being called “far right” and “fascist” is a sure sign that you’re on the right track – in other words, NOT Leftist.

  • Frank

    Apparently some Muslims communities in England are going public with demonstrations condemning the murder. I think thats a good sign even though long over due.

    Also the family of the soldier has condemned any reprisal attacks. The EDL is referenced in the article.

    • josef

      Dear Frank, we may hope they really want to change things, but if you look what the moslems protest against – these are mostly protests against extremism and statements that it has nothing to do with islam – a religion of peace. It is as if Christians would say the antisemitism has nothing to do with the New Testament Passion stories. I miss some authority statements such as “a true muslim must not practice Jihad. or “We condemn Jihad ” Noone says that.
      No they protest against extremism and mainly against EDF.

      • liz

        Good point – Christians really have to ignore much of the content of the New Testament to not be anti-Semitic. Which is not hard for alot of them, since many of them never read it.
        I guess alot of Muslims also ignore the Koran and don’t know what’s in it. That would be the only way they could disagree with it.