The “terror” war escalates 7

We face a military challenge unlike any we have had in the past. Our military was designed to defeat the Soviet Union. Now we face tens of thousands – perhaps millions – of anonymous enemies armed with cheap weapons, but advantaged by the element of surprise and the will to commit suicide in order to damage us. We have entered a new and terrible epoch of war – and the president has announced that the war is over. 

These extracts are from an article by David P. Goldman at PJ Media:

The collapse of Middle Eastern states from Libya to Afghanistan vastly increases the terrorist recruitment pool, while severely restricting the ability of American intelligence services to monitor and interdict the terrorists. In addition, it intensifies the despair that motivates Muslims like the Tsarnaev brothers or Michael Adebolajo to perpetrate acts of terrorism. That makes President Obama’s declaration that America is winding down the “war on terror” – a misnomer to begin with – the worst decision by an American commander-in-chief since the Buchanan administration, perhaps ever. …

The breakdown of putative nation-states extends across nearly all of the Muslim world. …

The prime minister of Libya “has to cross checkpoints manned by five different militias, on his way home from office”.

In place of regular armies controlled by dictators, Libya is crisscrossed by ethnic and sectarian militias (including the one that murdered our ambassador last September).

Egypt is on the brink of economic collapse and state failure; Iraq is in the midst of a low-intensity sectarian war; Syria’s civil war already is being fought out in Lebanon; and Turkey’s border has become unstable.

A vast number of young men have been drawn into irregular combat. Syria has become the cockpit of a Sunni-Shi’ite war, with Turkey and the Gulf states funneling money and jihadists into Syria while Iran sends Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah irregulars to the aid of the Assad regime. The young men of Libya already are mobilized into militias; Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood cells and Salafists and football mobs are not yet armed, but are organized. Iraq’s sectarians are armed to the teeth, in part thanks to American funding of the “Sunni Awakening” during the 2007-2008 surge. Very large numbers of young men are ready to fight to the death, while the breakup of the fragile civilian society of these countries draws more and more of them into the maelstrom. Terrorism has become a way of life in Syria, where both sides instigate atrocities, in part to intimidate their opponents and in part to bind their own fighters to the cause by making them complicit in such crimes.

If Afghanistan fed the terrorist pool during the 1980s and the 1990s, the sectarian wars of the 2010s will increase the prospective pool of terrorists – young men with no skill except irregular warfare, nothing to return to, nothing to lose, and with no motivation except fanatical hatred. …

America leaned on Arab governments; after the overthrow and execution of Saddam Hussein, it had considerable credibility to do so. Nasty, dictatorial, oppressive regimes usually chose to help rather than thwart the U.S. out of fear that they would be next. That is why it was a good idea to make a horrible example out of one unfriendly regime (I would have preferred Iran), and why I supported the American invasion of Iraq (although not the nation-building commitment that followed).

Arab governments are less states than hotels, where the proprietor rents out rooms without asking too many questions about what happens inside the rooms. It is possible to twist the proprietor’s arm to kick down the doors when the behavior of the guests becomes to troublesome. Now many of the states are gone. There is no-one to lean on. There are no cooperative state intelligence services to control their own unruly elements and do our dirty work.

The result is an enormous increase in the number of prospective terrorists and a drastic reduction in our capacity to control them.

The motivation for terrorism has increased correspondingly. Radicalized Muslims must now contemplate the ruin of their civilization from Tripoli to Kabul. Millions of Syrians are displaced and have no homes to go back to. Millions of Egyptians are hungry. Not only the suffering, but the humiliation of the national ruin of Egypt and Syria leave radical Muslims with little to hope for. The motivation to take as much of the world down with them [as they can] has mushroomed in the context of state failure.

It is not simply a matter of non-state actors running out of control. The remaining states, prominently Iran, have seized the opportunity to increase their ability to use terror on a grand scale. Iran’s open attempt to turn Syria into a Persian satrapy–through Hezbollah as well as the infiltration of tens of thousands of Iranian fighters–is intended to gain control of Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal and to turn Syria into a weapons platform from which to attack Israel. The scattering of Middle Eastern arsenals (starting with Qaddafi’s shoulder-fired surface-t0-air missiles), meanwhile, provides terrorists with a quality of weaponry they never before possessed.

There simply is no historic precedent for this deadly mixture of state and civil breakdown. American policy has piled blunder atop blunder. …

America devoted its main attention during the 2000s to nation building in Iraq while ignoring Iran’s expansionism in the region. By wasting resources and credibility on Iraqi nation-building and neglecting Iran’s influence, the United States allowed the Shia government in Baghdad to drift toward the Iranian sphere of influence, compelling Iraq’s Sunnis to respond. Funding and arming the “Sunni Awakening” during the 2008 surge gave the Sunnis the means to respond. And encouraging the Muslim Brotherhood to replace Mubarak was a destabilizing factor. Threatened by Iranian expansion on one side, and encouraged by the Brotherhood’s success in Egypt on the other, Syria’s Sunnis decided that the moment had come to overthrow the Assad regime.

At the moment, Assad is winning, chiefly because he has received and will continue to receive massive help from Iran and Russia.

And meanwhile the US, under Obama’s feeble leadership, is doing nothing except reinforcing the Muslim Brotherhood at home and abroad. Whatever aggressive war it was that Bush actively engaged in, under whatever misnomer, was at least a recognition that defense was needed against the Islamic onslaught on the West. It intensifies, and Obama manages not to notice it.

For those who do notice it, to hope that internal – chiefly Sunni-Shiite – conflict may keep the attention of jihadis off America and the West, or bring about mutual defeat and ruin, is to indulge in desperate optimism.

However unwillingly, America is caught up in the “new and terrible epoch of war”. What should it be doing?  Goldman does not say. John McCain seems to think the rebels in Syria should be actively supported, even though they consist mainly of al-Qaeda terrorists. Secretary of State Kerry is totally absorbed in trying to revive that ancient game in which Israel and the Palestinian Authority talked at cross purposes about making… peace was it, or was it butter out of moonbeams?

So what should be done? Suggestions anybody?

  • Student of islam

    Without getting bogged down in the minutiae and fine points of the ME, it is fairly easy to identify America’s vulnerabilities to the threat of Islam.

    Who is going to do this and how? I don’t know, but we can still identify the things that need to be done:

    1. As a people we have to recognize that Islam is more than just a religion – it’s a political movement and therefore anything beyond private worship isn’t protected by our Constitution.

    2. Close down any and all mosques that teach Islamic supremacism or jihad (about 8 out of 10 in the US).

    3. Stop immigration from Islamic countries – now.

    4. Safeguard the US legal system from ever using shariah law.

    5. Begin a Manhattan project for energy independence. We are literally funding our own demise by purchasing Saudi or any other Islamic oil.

    6. Protect against an EMP attack – harden vital infrastructure.

    7. Get the hell out of Islamic countries and foment as much sectarian strife over their as possible.

    THE best place to break down the religion of peace and understand what it means for us (the kaffirs) is Bill Warner’s . Get a :15 introduction to his clear thinking here:

    • Jillian Becker

      Thank you, Student of Islam, for your “things to be done”. and for the the links. I’ll put the video on our front page with acknowledgment to you.

      • Student of Islam

        Thank you Jillian. I’ve admired your site from afar and am disappointed you don’t have thousands more readers. You consistently post important and though provoking material that needs to be seen. Please keep up the thankless work you are doing, and thank you for acknowledging my small contribution by posting the video of Mr. Warner.

        After 9/11 my first reaction was “What did we do wrong? How do we deserve this?” – a typical uninformed Western guilt reaction. I do believe that the US has its faults and has meddled enough to provoke nations – but that’s not Islam’s real motivation. They use our guilt against us, and so far it is working brilliantly. But, a fellow named Raymond Ibrahim has translated their internal discussions versus their external propaganda to show that what they say to the West :
        “Taken together, the Theology and Propaganda sections of this volume reveal the most comprehensive picture of al-Qaeda (and Islam) to date. They also highlight the double-speak of bin Laden and Zawahiri, who often say one thing to Muslims in their religious treatises (“We must hate and fight the West because Islam commands it”) and another in their propaganda directed at the West (“The West is the aggressor and we are fighting back merely in self-defense”)”

        Mr. Ibrahim and Mr. Warner are only pointing out the factual basis for Islam’s ongoing, ever widening expansionism. It is commanded by their source texts (Koran, Sira, and Haddith) and will never cease – unless we stop it.

        • Jillian Becker

          We very much appreciate your encouragement.

          I have ordered the Ibrahim book.

          So thanks again.

  • rogerinflorida

    The first thing we need to do is to honestly recognize what is going on in the ME.

    FWIW here is my take:

    The most powerful undercurrent shaping the ME, and the wider Muslim world is the conflict between the Sunni and Shia sects. Iran being the major Shia state and Saudi Arabia being the major Sunni state and home to Mecca and Medina; Islam’s holiest sites. The Iranians are determined, above all, to destroy the House of Saud, whom they rightly see as corrupt and decadent. The Saudi “royal family” are determined to maintain their position of power and fantastic wealth whatever the cost to others. Iran has carefully set in progress a series of unstable zones around the Saudi state, particularly in Yemen and in their virtual client state of Iraq. Syria is being attacked by a coalition of gangsters, political playboys and Sunni terrorists financed and armed by the Saudis and the equally disgusting Qatari “royals”, because the Assad political clan are allies of Iran.

    As a backdrop: It is impossible for western type progress to take root in any Islamic country. Much as the “dark ages” of Europe were the result of dominance by the Church, ultimately defeated through the enlightenment, so Islam rules through superstition and ignorance backed by all too visible terror. So poverty and ignorance are the lot of hundreds of millions of people caught under this abominable cult.

    Bear in mind also the incredible influence of the Saudis in the US and Europe; if 100 billion dollars is chump change to you, you would be amazed how many “friends” you have. The US political elite has been bought by the Saudis; democrat and republican, Obama of course bowed to his master, while Bush only held his hand while giggling like a schoolgirl. AIPAC and the Jewish lobby are mere pikers compared to this lot. In Britain meanwhile 70% of the British GDP consists of money laundering and financial manipulation on behalf of these loathsome entities (with a sprinkling of Russian mobsters and other international criminals thrown in). Is it any wonder that the likes of Tony Blair, the Clintons, the Bushes, and many others are doing the Saudi bidding. That means ultimately that they are prepared to have your children killed in the service of their paymasters.

    Where is all this heading? For chaos and destruction, you aint seen nothing yet. As any semblance of order breaks down, food and fuel disappear while armaments proliferate, expect a nightmare of battling tribes desperately clinging to their own survival while unleashing an orgy of death and destruction.

    The culmination of this will be nuclear war in the ME, it is a certainty.
    Our problem is that given the Saudi control of the US polity we will be sucked in.
    We in the US desperately need a new political party to rise and throw off the corruption of Washington DC, return power to the States and bring the military under control.
    And that is enough for now.

    • Jillian Becker

      Hi there, roger. And thanks for your analysis. Most of what you say, including the prediction, makes sense to me.

      But the new political party is, I think, too far out in the realm of wishes.

  • liz

    My gut reaction is that we should cut off all aid and intervention and simply leave them to their own devices – let them destroy each other, funneling our own effort and funds into just keeping them out of our own country.
    That won’t change any “hearts and minds”, but then, what will?
    But that’s not going to happen with this president. He may pretend to ignore the problem, but as you point out, he’s supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, funneling money to them all over the place.