How to defeat Islam 3

Bill Warner speaks at a conference in Nashville, Tennessee, sponsored by the Tennessee Freedom Coalition, on Islam as the political enemy of our civilization, and how it can be defeated – in the first place by knowing the facts about its ideology, and applying critical thought to them.


(Our thanks to our commenter Student of Islam for bringing the video to our attention)

  • liz

    Good advice. But will any of our effort be effective?
    Just as the founding of America was a rare point in history when “all the stars aligned”, so to speak, for the success of civilization, we are now living in a time when all the stars are aligned for its dismal failure. Because the “most powerful man on the planet” is a sell-out to our enemies. And he’s only there because the ones with the real power pulling the strings want him there.
    That’s why he bows to them.

    • Student of Islam

      Hi Liz, I understand your frustration completely. But, if we don’t personally do more now it’s going to get MUCH more frustrating and difficult later.

      We still have time to do things the easy way. I urge you to call your Congress critter and ask for, nay, demand an audience with him. Then based on what you’ve learned about Islam and using Bill Warner’s most helpful “Factual Persuasion”

      inform him/her of what we are facing. Follow up with questions later, and do your damnedest to make them realize it has been going on for 1400 years and it’s ramping up now.

      • liz

        Good advice -thanks!