A picture of Islam 6

This little girl was chained to a fence to watch her parents being killed.

The picture and the following text come from an article by Raymond Ibrahim at Front Page:

Days ago, [a] popular news outlet, Syrian Truth, posted a photo of a toddler living in the Deir ez-Zor Governate in eastern Syria, along the Iraq border, who was reportedly tied with chains to a fence [we can see that she is tied to a fence– ed] from where she witnessed the killing of her Shia mother and father at the hands of the Sunni jihadis making the ranks of the “Free Syrian Army.” [The rebel fighters Obama is sending military aid to – ed.] Syrian Truth correctly describes them as takfiris, that is, Muslims who, like al-Qaeda, accuse — and slaughter — other Muslims, in this case, Shias, for not being “true” Muslims.

We do not know what happened to the little girl the soldiers of Allah chained to the fence, but this picture shows what happened to a little girl of about the same age.

  • Mrs.R.

    They killed her and cut her heart out after making her watch her parents die. I almost vomited, there is a photo of her dead with her heart cut out. Its so awful!

    • Jillian Becker

      Thank you, Mrs.R., for this information, terrible as it is.

      Could you please tell me where the photo has been posted?

      • Mrs.R.

        I was able to obtain it from several sources by means of google search, here is one website containing the photo http://boltonbnp.blogspot.com/2013/10/omg-obama-backed-fsa-jihadist-rebels.html I also found a website showing a beheaded christian toddler, also at the hands of the Syrian rebels. There is also a video of Syrian rebels sawing off a Christian toddlers limbs while she is still alive. These are very graphic and hard to watch however they are the truth of what is happening there and cannot be ignored. Here is the other website I mentioned http://shariaunveiled.wordpress.com/tag/fsa-rebels/

        • Jillian Becker

          Thank you so much. Mrs.R.

          I fully appreciate that you do not necessarily agree with those opinions. We take material from sources of all sorts, including enemy sources if we need to.

      • Mrs.R.

        I wanted to add I do not necessarily agree with the opinions expressed in the links I simply posted them because of the pictures and videos.

  • liz

    This and the last two posts reveal the true nature of this barbaric religion, and the people who practice it.
    I hope the secularists succeed in deposing Morsi in Egypt. What a shame on our country that our president supports him and the rest of the Muslim Brotherhood. We should have protests of thousands in our own streets over his support of our enemies. Our own military should be taking control and deposing him from power, for open treason. I would love to see him meet the same fate as Ambassador Stevens, but (unfortunately in this case) we’re too civilized for that.