Obama will bring in Russian troops 3

When we first read about this, we doubted it. Some of the sources were unreliable.

But there are now many reports of Russian troops invited on to US soil. Some claim that the Department of Defense has confirmed their (rather less sensational) stories.

See the New American report here, for instance.

  • rogerinflorida

    Scare mongering provocation by an obsessed twit. Russia is not our enemy, not particularly our friend either. But then if he wasn’t peddling idiotic conspiracies Joseph Farah would have no relevance or followers.
    I would guess he probably professes to be a Christian as well, apocalyptic prophecies are all part of the idiocy.

    • Jillian Becker

      Yes, he is probably all that, Roger. But there are other sources.

      And we think Russia is still the enemy of the United States.

  • Frank

    Russia has also suffered attacks by Islamic terrorist. As far as funny money and underhanded tactics by those in power, give me one example of an administration from either party that is squeaky clean. I really don’t see a problem with some joint anti-terrorism exercises.