The change they believe in 5

Does not this video prove, or at least strongly suggest, that the IQ of the average Obama supporter is even lower than you might have thought?

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  • Timothy Cla

    California needs to fall into the sea and take it’s liberal brain disorder with it. I hope they go bankrupt soon. I love it here in Texas.

    • Andrew

      This website’s servers are located by the coast of California, which alone makes the state worth keeping.

      Texas is a great state. I had the delight of visiting it about a year ago and would love to return.

      • Timothy Cla

        Fair enough. 🙂

    • liz

      I really wish Texas would decide to secede from the union. I would move there in a heartbeat if it did.

  • liz

    It proves that the IQ of the average Obama voter is non- existent!
    Which is no surprise, but this illustrates it perfectly.
    I wonder if it would have worked if he’d asked them to sign a petition to impeach Obama? None of them were even listening what he was saying, anyway…