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Posted under cartoons by Jillian Becker on Saturday, July 20, 2013

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  • WmarkW

    I disagree with this, and don’t really approve of conservatives like Glenn Beck or Ann Coulter describing liberals using terms like “idiot,” or people who say “liberalism is mental disorder.” (I don’t approve of liberals talking about conservatives that way, either.) There is nothing crazy about wanting to protect workers, the environment, consumers, or the financial system from under-regulated capitalism.

    Although there certainly is a lot of deliberate brain shut-off regarding the diversity agenda and group identity politics. Like the disconnect between permitting illegal immigration when low-skill jobs are disappearing, that racism plays a major role in the lives of minorities today, or that expanding multi-culturalism would enhance women’s rights.

    • Jillian Becker

      WmarkW – Whew! Where to begin?
      First, do you not have a sense of humor? This is a very funny cartoon.
      Next, let’s take the things you may be right about if we understand you correctly:
      Yes,the consumer is King.
      Yes, race is unfortunately still playing a major role in the lives of those subjected to race discrimination, which means everybody – chiefly because affirmative action affects us all. (The US has an affirmative action president.).
      Now for the things you couldn’t be more wrong about:
      Capitalism should not be regulated. Real capitalism (as opposed to “crony capitalism” and the “mixed economy”) is the operation of the free market. Please read the great free market economists before talking nonsense about “regulating capitalism”.
      Everyone should keep his own environment clean and pleasant. But Environmentalism is the new excuse for the would-be tyrants of the world to grab power.
      “Diversity” has come to mean racial discrimination. If you mean diversity of ideas, that is another thing altogether, wholly desirable.
      By “group identity politics” I suppose you mean collectivism. It is the opposite of individual freedom. Do you not want to be free?
      A country cannot permit “illegal” anything. Illegality is crime.
      Multiculturalism is a hideous failure. It is wrecking Europe. And as it has meant, in Europe, the importation of vast numbers of Muslims who treat their wives as slaves and chattels, it’s hard to see how it can “enhance women’s rights”.
      Women have full rights under US law. Why do they need enhancing?
      Lastly, I think your ideas would be more welcome at a leftist site.

    • WmarkW

      OK I take your point about the sense of humor, although I do think it’s a serious problem today that political ideologies are discussed in terms of stupidity. As to my own beliefs, I’m a “compared to where we are now” conservative, not someone who wants to undo every long-established government intervention.

      Today’s environmentalism for example, is fixated on global warming and retarding energy development as excuses to reduce our living standards; but the air and many waterways are five times cleaner than they were when I was a kid, and government regulation is the primary reason. The average citizen is much better off using a bank regulated by the FDIC, a stock market under the SEC, and a pharmacy under the FDA, than they were in the days of robber barons and snake oil salesmen. Well-regulated markets work terrifically, but being a market is not a form of regulation.
      “Demographic identity politics” is the belief that underperformance by a demographic group constitutes prima facie proof that barriers by the majority are the reason for it, and hence justifies or even requires government action on their behalf. That’s what I consider an unthinking position. As is the belief, often stated on the Left, that Western Civilization and its primary practitioners (whites) are the scourge of the rest of the world. That’s just a lie that could only promulgate in an Orwellian environment.