The lynching of George Zimmerman 4


  • Ts

    Unfortunately, the only way anyone who didn’t already know this would even think about watching this is if this guy was black. The first time Obama was elected, I said, “I weep for our country.” And I was very right to feel that way. The second time, I knew it was pointless to feel anything since I didn’t vote for either nominee. Is it even possible to actually evolve again after devolving?

    • liz

      I agree with the sentiment, but must ask – why did you not vote for Obama’s opponent? If more people had voted for Romney, if only as the “lesser of two evils”, we would not be in the fix we’re in now.

  • liz

    He’s exactly right – both the narrative and those who perpetrated it are disgusting and outrageous. And they are exactly the same ones who perpetrated the phony public image of Obama.

  • Frank

    That is precisely what happened and why.