A profoundly religious act 9/11/2001 2


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  • Don L

    It was Abraham Lincoln and his barbaric generals Sheridan, Grant and Sherman who brought total war, including death to innocent civilians (women & children) in the 19th century. Even after his death, his generals continued to massacre as they slaughtered (committed genocide) native Americans…including purposefully destroying their food supply; killing the buffalo. The civil war was not about slavery but about forcing those who would defy Lincoln to heel! He destroyed the Union and gave us the central STATE.

    Thereafter, every tyrant, dictator and two-bit monarch across the world adopted Lincoln’s model of centralizing power at any cost and the acceptability of attacking civilians: Hitler, Tojo, Mussolini, Lennin, Stalin, Mao and the list hasn’t stopped growing. And all of the atrocities are committed i the name of the common good!

    It was an obscure Lt Teddy Roosevelt who ordered the taking of the Philippines. It was president McKinley who ordered General Otis to slaughter 100s of thousands of Philippinos…in the name of god…to save themselves from themselves (they were unfit to rule themselves). Excuse the popping of the myth of America exceptionalism…America’s central-planning elitist ruling-class has had America interfering and causing mayhem across the globe…deluded in believing in manifest destiny extreme.

    No…there is no excuse or justification for the terrorist acts of 911. And, there is no justification or excuse for the examples the terrorists emulated.
    Sherman’s march to the sea is nothing short of terrorism perpetrated on civilians. But, he who wins the war gets to, briefly, write the history…truth will prevail; eventually.

    My thoughts and good wishes are for those who lost their lives and with the survivors of 911, their families and to the first responders.

    • liz

      If you think the barbaric scum who did this were emulating the examples of Lincoln or any other American, you need your head examined. They don’t know Lincoln – they know Mohammed.
      And to draw some kind of moral equivalence between American history and the barbaric murderers of Islam is a gross insult.