Women vastly outnumber men in paradise 7

… and they’re all sex slaves.

The guy in the video is quite funny, unintentionally, but he’s also very silly.

In Europe if you criticize this bilge, you can be sent to prison.

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  • Dale Jensen

    The central question I wrestle with is if Islam should be considered a religion for purposes of the 1st Amendment. Is it just a personal private belief system or is it a military movement? How you answer that will determine the rest of your politics regarding Islam. Allowing Islamic populations to grow inside your borders just seems suicidal to me. Even if many of those Muslims are hard working law-abiding people. When you get enough of them they will be hard working, law-abiding pro-Sharia people.

    But we have the Founding Father’s universal language “freedom of religion”. Would they really have included Islam in that if they knew (which I gather that many of them did understand the rot of Islam)? But they used universal language without any qualification. And now we have the Muslims basically colonizing America in their own slow, steady way. In Tennessee Muslims have infested the cities of Murfreesboro and Shelbyville putting up super Mosques. There is very negative sentiments on the part of the locals. Who can blame them?

    But how do you argue against Islam and Muslim immigration in the context of today’s Left dominated society? You will be branded a racist. No politician can rise being anti-Islam. We can’t even get a Geert Wilders in the US. Our country is so corrupt I could either cry or spit or vomit. Some choice.

    • liz

      Dittos. It IS sickening, but worse than that, its as you say, suicidal.
      Roger, Ralph, or Frank (?) made a comment sometime back that I thought nailed it, which was that Muslims should NOT be allowed in the country because they ARE more than a religion. They are an entire political ideological package that cannot co-exist with ours.
      I guess the Founders just couldn’t imagine their posterity actually becoming this stupid.

  • Frank

    There is no such thing as Muslim men; only Muslim boys. Men take responsibility for their actions but boys want to blame others. See the link below:


  • WmarkW

    Apparently the 70 servants are not the departed souls of women who had led earthly lives. I was wondering what their theology of women was, about what kind of life they had to lead to become a sex slave in paradise.

  • WmarkW

    OK, Islam at its worst is VERY stupid (along with violent, intolerant, misogynistic, etc.) This kind of certainty about heaven, reminds me of Jehovah’s Witness literature, which would only convince someone who gets their theology from comic books.

    I’m somewhat more interested in knowing how Islam impacts culture in democratic societies outside the Arab core, like Indonesia, India and the former Soviet republics. This might help inform what we should expect from Arab Spring revolutions, or post-Ahmadinejad Iran.

    • liz

      You meant to say “Islam at its best”, right? Because at its worst Islam way worse than just stupid!
      I would have a hard time believing that they actually believe this stuff, too, except for the fact you point out, which is that even (relatively) much better educated Americans can allow themselves to believe all kinds of similarly ridiculous “comic book’ theology.
      Frank makes a good point that Muslim men are not men, but boys. Spoiled brats, in fact, for whom the world (and especially its women) is supposed to revolve around.
      I doubt there is any “theology of women” in Islam much beyond their role as sex slaves, since that’s all they are to its men in real life, anyway.

      • WmarkW

        No, I mean worst. Yes, there is much worse behavior than this, like Westgate Nairobi; but this vid points out, that even when trying to be purely spiritual, Wahhabism just sounds dumb. But I’m not willing to assume that Albania and Turkmenistan are just as backward.

        I agree about Muslim men being boys. Given what a terrible piece of literature the Quran is, giving it to a low-education population like most f the Muslim world, is like telling a middle school that they’re superior to the adults, and justified using violence to upend the social order.