Feminists and Islamic misogyny 7

Pat Condell accuses feminists and Islam. We applaud.

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  • Frank

    Pat always gets right to the heart of the matter and tells it like it really is.

  • Dale Jensen

    The Left has an order to its egalitarianism. Race trumps gender. Also, non-West trumps West. Most Muslims are non-Euro-white. They are also non-Western. That therefore makes them a greater victim class than white women. This insane hierarchy is basically mandated by the Left’s cultural Marxism. Any group of perceived higher value must be sacrificed to a group of perceived lower value. So whites sacrifice to blacks/non-whites, men to women, straights to gays, the West to the non-West, etc. But non-Western, non-white groups get priority over Western/White women. This is why the feminists are silent on Islamic violence, misogyny and depravity.

    There is also the phenomenon that psychologically, Leftism is motivated by a hatred of anything related to whiteness, masculinity, patriarchy (even a benevolent one as existed in the pre-1960s West), Traditional Christianity, capitalism and industry, moral standards and decency. Serious Leftists usually hate Western Civilization and want to see it transformed into some egalitarian social justice nightmare. They see a kindred spirit of sorts in Islam. After all, Islam wants to destroy Western Civilization as well. Both Leftists and true Muslims hate and want to destroy the Euro-West.

    • Frank

      I have heard there are two distinct genres of science fiction – Conservative and Liberal. In Conservative science fiction the enemy/evil is external. In Liberal science fiction the enemy/evil is internal. Those two different mind sets are also obvious when dealing with real world issues.

      • liz

        This would explain the weird alliance of Leftists and Muslims – the Leftists hate themselves (for being born white Westerners), and the Muslims (the self-righteous religious conservatives that they are) hate them, too! A great sado-masochistic sort of relationship.

        • Frank


  • liz

    Pat gets to the core of the issue concisely and unapologetically.
    If only it were HIS lectures saturating college curriculums, rather than the leftist/feminist crap he speaks of.

  • WmarkW

    I love Pat Condell.
    His vids are transcripted here: