Muslims stop free speech at the London School of Economics 11

At the LSE – one of the great universities of what is still, laughably, called “the free world” – two students were wearing T-shirts displaying a strip cartoon called Jesus and Mo …

From Infidel Blogger’s Alliance (via Creeping Sharia):

On October 3, Abishek and Chris were manning the ASH [Atheist, Secularist, and Humanist Society] stall at the LSE Students’ Union Freshers’ Fayre.

They were approached by the Students’ Union’s Community and Welfare Officer Anneessa Mahmood, its Anti-Racism Officer Rayhan Uddin, its Deputy Chief Executive Jarlath O’Hara, and several others. …

Anneessa Mahmood began removing items from their stall without explanation and when challenged, claimed that the material was “offensive”. She would not offer an explanation as to what rules or regulations were being breached.

The pair were also told to remove their t-shirts; the wearing of which, it was claimed, amounted to “harassment”. The t-shirts depicted a cartoon known as “Jesus and Mo” which depicts Jesus and Mohammed in various comical situations. [When they] refused to remove the shirts, the ASH stall was surrounded by uniformed security who threatened to remove Chris and Abishek from university premises by force. [They] agreed to put on their jackets and zip them up, [but] this apparently was insufficient because the word “prophet” could still be seen. They were informed that they were not behaving in an “orderly or responsible” manner, and were accompanied by uniformed security for the rest of the afternoon.

The following day, Chris and Abishek again wore their t-shirts, but this time with the word “censored” covering the “offending” material.

They promptly received a letter from the school secretary informing them that they were in breach of the LSE Harassment Policy, and repeating the order that if they did not remove the t-shirts, they would be forcefully removed.

Again, uniformed security accompanied them for the day.

  • GTChristie

    Here is the address of the Press Office at LSE:
    I have sent them the following email:
    Reference this article:

    I heartily disapprove of this episode. If the right to speak must be trumped by anything, ever, the decision should be made after a hearing and there must be some justification more than “I am offended” as proof of “harassment.”

    Harassment implies a pattern of repeated or sustained abuse in any case, not a single event in which someone happens to be “offended.”

    The right to speak out against religion recognizes a religious right as well: the right not to believe in a certain parochial religious view. I am offended by Islam, dear sirs. Are you going to remove them from your university? I think not. And the reason not is valid: everyone has a right to believe or disbelieve and express one’s beliefs accordingly.

    This is shameful.


    • Jillian Becker

      A very good letter, GTChristie. We hope it will have some effect. And we thank you for referencing us.

    • GTChristie

      I have received this response by email from the Press Office at LSE:
      Dear GT Christie
      Thank you for your email reacting to this media story about and event at the Freshers’ Fair.
      LSE does have a statement on this matter on our website:

      As the statement stresses LSE takes its commitment to free speech extremely seriously. Indeed, the School is known for its public events and wide range of speakers. We have, just last week in fact, hosted a public debate organised by the Atheist, Secularist and Humanist Society which was well attended, including by some wearing the t-shirts under debate, and which led to a spirited debate of the issues. This event is quite different to the Freshers’ Fair, however, and in that instance it was judged that the actions of the students were undermining what should have been a welcoming and inclusive event.
      Best wishes
      Jessica Winterstein
      Acting head, LSE Press Office
      020 7107 5025

      • liz

        Welcoming and inclusive, really? Seems the Muslims were not very “welcoming and inclusive” on their part. But of course, we must grant THEM special treatment so as not to hurt their poor widdo feewings, as everyone knows how sensitive and, might we say, “special” they are?

      • Jillian Becker

        Thank you for letting us see the answer to your letter. I think liz’s comment on it is apt.

  • rogerinflorida

    This in the land where a Monarch who ruled by “divine right” was forced to concede civil rights, at the point of a sword. Now the sword is pointed at those who wish to keep their rights. This is the ultimate result of the “do-goody”, socialist fantasy. But not surprising. The abject failure here is the failure of the political establishment to enforce the freedoms they are sworn to protect.

  • liz

    Notice how no Christians made the slightest complaint.
    Yet, if they had, all kinds of backlash would have followed.
    No, it was ONLY Muslims who had a problem and who FORCED submission to their will. Yet will we hear a peep about it in the news? No.


      Yes, this is true, liz. It is very possible that the Student Union’s officer’s religion may have played a role in the incident because of this passage from the Quran:

      O you who believe! Let not (one) people laugh at
      (another) people perchance they may be better than they, nor let women (laugh)
      at (other) women, perchance they may be better than they; and do not find fault
      with your own people nor call one another by nicknames; evil is a bad name
      after faith, and whoever does not turn, these it is that are the unjust.

      I could find no similar passage about mocking other people anywhere in the Bible. But this scenario goes to my explanation about the regimentation and strict adherence to religious dogmatic beliefs I wrote about the other day in “Making The World A Reason- Free Zone.”

      IOW, adherence to the “unreasonable” teachings in both of these books may be hazardous to a reasonable, fun-loving human being’s health.

      Honestly, there are loads of thin-skinned, “victimized” people in the world. Religions create them as well as those of the non-religion, liberal mindset. The unaware amongst us are usually looking for the easiest path to riches and security, something for little or nothing, and settle for someone selling them on crying for their “alms.”
      It used to be called “carrying a chip on one’s shoulder.”
      Its high time that we start to generate some adults in our world.

      • Jillian Becker

        “Let not people laugh … ”

        Yes, the late Ayatollah Khomeini stated in as many words that there is no place for laughter in Islam.

        That alone should make the human spirit wither at the mere mention of Islam. And Islam is advancing everywhere – with help from the US under Obama.

        • liz

          Yes, the Ayatollah was the White Witch of Narnia. If he’d had the power, he would have turned all those he caught having fun into stone. But he just issued fatwas, which amounted to the same thing.

      • liz

        Yes, in making the comparison to Christians it was not so much to compare the religions themselves, as the difference in the mental state of their adherents.
        The Bible has its share of unreasonable teachings, but most Christians have become “civilized” enough to ignore them.
        Too many Muslims have not grown out of the barbaric mindset of their religion, or have chosen to regress back into it!
        And Leftists prove which mindset they resemble most by using atheism as an excuse to be thin-skinned about the display of Christian symbolism, etc., claiming it “offends” them. But of course Islamic displays of outright aggression don’t offend them in the least!