Cut the balls 2

Slavoj Zizek, an incoherent Marxist professor who performs – or clowns – on the international lecture circuit, is alleged to be top favorite among leftist teachers and students in the universities of the West. If it is true, it means he could be the idol and darling of 98% of the teachers and 90% of the students at a rough but plausible guess.

Here he is set to music by one (or two) imitators.

For full appreciation of this video, we suggest readers see our posts: Red alert, January 21, 2009; The Communist zombie rises, May 7, 2013, which includes a video of the Man himself so you can see how accurate the singer is in his mimicry; and also The Last Lecture, listed under Pages in our margin.


(Hat-tip for the musical video, our reader and commenter Josef Zaruba.)

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  • liz

    Thanks for this and the other 2 posts, also, which were very interesting.
    What a caricature of itself the Left has become, and yet it continues to attract the ignorant narcissists of every generation.
    Ironically, this would make a great theme song for the next Tea Party or conservative candidate rally! We really should make it our slogan, with the present administration in mind as we sing, “We need to cut the balls…!”

  • josef

    🙂 thanks for sharing, Jillian