Jay Z, Barry O, and the counter-culture becomes the culture 10

Hours after the Arab terrorist attack on the US mission in Benghazi, when four Americans were killed including the Ambassador to Libya, the president managed to conquer his grief and fly off to party with the entertainer Jay Z.

We haven’t taken much notice of Jay Z before now. Who is he, that the president of the United States will hurry away from the seat of government when his country has just suffered an humiliating defeat, to seek his company? What is his compelling message that powerful men will travel far to listen to him in person?

We found some answers in an article titled Jay Z’s American Fascism by David P. Goldman at PJ Media:

Who would have believed that a performing genre (it is a stretch to call it “music”) dominated by convicted and confessed criminals, brutally misogynistic, preaching and practicing violence, would come to dominate American popular culture?

Jay Z, who brags of dealing drugs and shooting an older brother in his youth, and pleaded guilty to stabbing a record producer, could “help shape attitudes in a real (sic) positive way,” according to President Obama.

Jay Z texts regularly with the president and is a regular White House visitor after opening Obama campaign rallies.

Goldman gives this example of Jay Z’s rap message:

We formed a new religion

No sins as long as there’s permission

And deception is the only felony

So never fuck nobody without telling me

Sunglasses and Advil, last night was mad real.

To us this is incoherent nonsense. Some words are obviously put in only because they semi-rhyme with some other word, as is common in  rap songs. But from these lines Goldman concludes that Jay Z believes himself to be “the prophet of a new religion“. And Goldman may be right.

Jay Z’s message, Goldman says, is that “violence is not only a legitimate form of expression: it is the only manly form of expression.” And he quotes:

This might offend my political connects

My raps don’t have melodies

This should make niggas wan’ go and commit felonies

Get your chain tooken

I may do it myself, I’m so Brooklyn!

I know we facing a recession

But the music y’all making gon’ make it the Great Depression

All y’all lack aggression

Put your skirt back down, grow a set man

Nigga this shit violent

The explicit call to violence (including chain-snatching as a form of political expression) is a playful challenge to his “political connects”, namely the president.

Playful? Not to be taken seriously then?

Goldman finds an excuse for Obama’s friendship with such a man. It is, however, an excuse that condemns a large section of the population.

One should not conclude from this that Obama favors criminal violence, but rather that the popular response to Jay Z’s evocation of felonious rage is so great that Obama finds it convenient to exploit it.

The call to violence is, Goldman reminds his readers, “nothing new”:

There is nothing at all new in any of this: we heard it before from Nietzsche in his evocation of the “blond beast’s” life-affirming violence, from George Sorel, from Mussolini’s call for “creative violence”.

We could add to his list many more preachers of the virtue of violence, among them, most prominently: Robespierre, Hegel, Richard Wagner, and of course – as Goldman says – Hitler. 

Jay Z appeals to the same kind of rage that Hitler and Mussolini exploited during the interwar years.

He ascribes the rage, and the consequent readiness to respond with intense enthusiasm to Jay Z’s message, to youth unemployment, for which he gives alarming figures;  and to a falling away from conventional religion by the public in general, in support of which he quotes from an article by a Catholic journalist :

The Catholic Church is besieged by secularism and suffering from the self-inflicted injury of the sex abuse scandals. The resignation of Benedict XVI, one of its great theologians and doctrinal leaders, left its leadership uncertain. Not only Catholicism but the American Evangelical movement … is caught by the receding tide. In an Aug. 16 interview with The Wall Street Journal, Russell Moore, the leader of the Southern Baptist Convention’s political arm, announced, “The Bible Belt is collapsing.” Moore added, “We are no longer the moral majority. …” The Evangelicals have not retained their young people. The Pew survey reported in 2007 that 32% of Americans aged 50 to 64 are white Evangelicals, against only 13% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29. The public tide has turned against religion.

To us that is good news.

Now of course if people are at work they are not at rage-rousing rallies, so we accept that unemployment may be a cause of the popular enthusiasm for a message of violent rebellion.

But as for traditional religion being an antidote to rage and rebellion, has it not rather been the paramount cause of insurrections, riots, wars, massacres, persecutions, conquests, genocides?

It doesn’t surprise us that Jay Z’s “new religion” of inarticulate violence is gathering a large and passionate following. It only confirms our pessimism.

But if the president of the United States has joined that following, then the counter-culture with all its moral filth has won. Obama endorsed it when he expressed support for the Occupy Movement. If now he accepts, or chooses to exploit, the Nazi message of Jay Z, the counter-culture has become the culture. And our pessimism may turn into despair.

  • rogerinflorida

    A slightly different take from a very acute analyst:

    • Jillian Becker

      What exactly is he saying we should do?

      He’s got a horrible manner: unremittingly arrogant and aggressive.

      • rogerinflorida

        Denninger does come across as a little arrogant and combative, don’t let that cause you to disregard his message, he is a very smart man indeed. He is promoting the idea that only starving the beast through a strike by the productive members of society will force political changes, I think he is wrong in that, but I can tell you one thing; like me he is a productive, working, law abiding and civilized white man.
        And we are sick to death of this SHIT!

        • Jillian Becker

          We are indeed. So he’s suggesting protest by civil disobedience? It might work. Under the present tyranny it is likely to land the protestors in jail – or even get them shot. If brave persons are prepared to take such risks, yes, they could succeed. How many Americans are in a mood to try, I wonder. A vast number are sucking on the teat of the state. That leaves quite a few, but they are not likely to be recruited to radical action if they are talked down to in a bullying tone.

  • rogerinflorida

    Of course Obama sympathizes with the message of this rap crap, that is why he is happy to associate and be associated with people like Jay Z. Obama is a black liberation socialist who is immersed in the doctrine of white privilege, pervasive white racism, anti-colonialism, and violence as the only route to social justice otherwise known as black liberation. it could hardly be different since his most profound influences have been his father, Frank Marshall Davis and various other communists and fellow travelers like his mother and grandparents.
    The awful truth is that this attitude of violence and hatred is very widely held in the black community of the US. This is why we have what the late Lawrence Auster called a “black intifada” of black violence against whites. Blacks have been told now for at least 50 years that white racism is the cause of their poverty and dysfunction. The lack of white reaction to black violence has both confirmed this view and emboldened the blacks to more violence.
    This is one of the worst side effects of the evisceration of the US economy through outsourcing and globalization. A rational analysis of black problems would conclude that those problems are largely caused by low IQ and African genetic traits that are plainly visible to observers of African communities and societies wherever they happen to be.
    Speaker John Boehner has been widely criticized for his recent total surrender in the govt. shutdown battle: The truth is that Obama promised him that, if Boehner did not back off; as of Nov. 1st, all welfare and SS payments would be stopped. An analysis of the effects of such an event predicted that at least 17 States would need to be occupied by the Military in order to suppress total societal breakdown while across the nation conditions of widespread violence and mayhem in almost every city would require quasi military response.
    That is; Obama would call his supporters to arms against the white population as represented by the Republican Party.
    Think about that while the open borders crowd press for another amnesty.

    • Jillian Becker

      Certainly it is true that Obama was raised as a Communist – and he still is. In addition to what you say about this, he joined the (Communist) New Party.

      Have you read Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams? Here’s Sowell on black-on-white violence. (Thomas Sowell is America’s most impressive political philosopher and Walter Williams one of its best free-market economists, as you may know. They are both black men, as you may also know. Their work and achievements cast doubt on your gene theory.)


      How do you know that Obama made those dire threats to Boehner?

      • rogerinflorida

        I am looking for the original report, obviously this is not something the Govt. wants distributed.

  • WmarkW

    The silver lining is that a lot of “unlikely voters” turned out just for Obama in 2008 and 2012. (Voters under 30 cast 17% of all ballots in 2008; just 11% in 2010.) With a more mundane candidate in 2016, Dems will turn out a lot less of the pro-hipness vote.

    • liz

      Yeah, if its Hillary there will definitely be less “pro-hipness” involved.
      Bravo to the heckler who shouted about Benghazi at her, by the way.
      (In the clip I saw the “reporter” completely drowned out everything the “heckler” shouted, of course, because she was too busy telling about how brilliantly Hillary answered him, by telling him, “we don’t yell, we discuss things.” Yeah, like when we “don’t” yell “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE???????)

  • liz

    It all makes sense if you remember Jay Z and Beyoncé’s trip to Cuba.
    Obama has found a large body of ignorant morons to exploit, using their idols like Jay Z to lead them in supporting the Marxist cause.