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More on the Common Core (see yesterday’s post, Tear down this red wall) by Michael Schaus at Townhall – where the picture of two American Stakhanovite students also comes from:

Obama’s Education Secretary recently said that opponents to the Administration’s “Common Core” Standards are merely “white suburban moms” who are, all of a sudden, learning that their kids aren’t real bright. Arne Duncan (wow. . . Perfect name for a 1970’s sitcom) made the degrading remarks to a group of state school superintendents on Friday. According to the Washington Post:

U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan told a group of state schools superintendents Friday that he found it “fascinating” that some of the opposition to the Common Core State Standards has come from “white suburban moms who — all of a sudden — their child isn’t as brilliant as they thought they were, and their school isn’t quite as good as they thought it was.”

First of all, Arne, what does race have to do with anything? For that matter what does the socio-economic status of parents have to do with anything? (How would such a comment have been received if it was regarding single black mothers with less-than-brilliant kids?) Arne’s complete dismissal of opponents to the Federal Government’s takeover of education is typical of the Washington Statists who have been running things for the last several years. It’s as if he meant to say, “Opponents can’t be taken seriously. . . After all, they don’t agree with me.”

The insinuation that parents are raising concerns over the federal education standards because they would rather their kids have their ego’s artificially inflated, is both insulting and indicative of his overwhelming sense of self-righteousness. Perhaps we should just be happy Arne didn’t employee the typical MSNBC argument that his opponents are merely redneck-racists who despise the color of our President’s skin.

Forgetting for a minute about the horror stories regarding Common-Core-approved teaching material (promoting communism and downplaying wrong answers as two examples) there are still plenty of reasons to harbor sincere reservations about the federal intrusion on local education efforts.

At heart of Common Core is the liberal’s statist notion that only they are capable of running our lives.Arne, and his central-planning buddies in the nation’s Capital, think parents, school boards, and classroom teachers are incapable of providing children with adequate education standards. …

According to people like Arne Duncan, only the folks who brought us can bring some degree of competency into our American education system. (Stop laughing. That really is what he’s suggesting.) In the real world, however, the Federal government’s incompetence has managed to raise red flags among a bipartisan swath of the American public – including the Administration’s staunchest allies. That official “white suburban mom” activist group, known as the American Federation of Teachers, even raised an eyebrow at the failure of Common Core implementation. Randi Weingarten, the head of this radical tea-party group (sarcasm) even said that if you thought Obamacare’s implementation was bad, then just wait, “the implementation of the Common Core is far worse.

That may be an exaggeration, but we’re glad he said it.

The primary objection to more federal government involvement in education has been a usurpation of local school board decisions, and a politically driven curriculum for education. Which only makes sense given the political nature of everything that comes out of DC. Isn’t it amazing how we are all told that DC is run by lobbyists and special interests? But then we are expected to hand over something as valuable and precious as our child’s education to those very narrow minded con-artists?

The standards themselves were the first casualty of DC politicization. They were not, despite what Duncan would like you to believe, written by teachers, school boards, or even elected representatives. They were not approved or written by the states that adopted them, or by the education professionals who will be implementing them. . . They were written (I know this will be shocking) by bureaucrats.

But let’s not let these little concerns get in the way of calling Common Core opponents “white moms” with dumb kids. Such insults are nothing new to Duncan. According to the Washington Post, he told a convention of newspaper editors in June that Common Core critics were “misinformed at best and laboring under paranoid delusions at worst.”

Well. . . It’s easy to start wearing tin-foil hats when Florida schools begin scanning student’s retinas and kids are being taught that private enterprise is unfair and discriminatory.

Then again, maybe Arne is speaking from personal experience. . . His mother, after all, might be a white suburban mom who believes her son is much brighter than he actually is.

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    Arne, Duncan…..Now here is an example of a liberal-run education system meeting up with a liberally – indoctrinated dud(e), from probably early on in his life, and the result is that he thinks himself the smartest fellow in the classroom.

    In a liberal-minded, idealistic scenario, he might stand tall, but in the real life one hes nine cents short of a dime! (Just read his resume….)

    Bottom line: If a person has only lived life on one side of the fence, he isn’t even being close to being the smartest fellow in the classroom of life.

    Plus, he probably needed a (liberal’s) job and B.H.O. gave it to the most gullible ‘target’ in the room…..maybe for his donation.

  • Ralph

    I think Harry Truman said there was nothing new under the sun except the
    history we have forgotten. Perhaps Tennessee’s Butler Act which was tested
    in the Scopes trial of 1925 was a forerunner of Common Core. Perhaps many of the new “progressive” concepts are rooted in old- fashioned ignorance
    and in an intense desire to control.

    • liz

      Yes, if it wasn’t an appalling disaster, it would be funny to witness these “progressives” parade around like they are “on the cutting edge of societal evolution” with their worn out re-gurgitations of Marxism. And that wasn’t even a new idea to begin with – it was just a re-packaging of the same old con – lying and appealing to peoples egos to gain power and control over them.
      Arne Duncan is typical of the whole lot of them – an arrogant self-worshipping prick. (Oh, and even worse, a WHITE one.)

  • Azgael

    Conservatives, Libertarians, constitutionalist are ALL talk and no action, when ur being herded to Forced Labor camps or extermination camps it will be to late, no election or petitions will change Americas Decent into Communist hell only revolution will, people better wake up before its too late, the Entire political and educational system in America has been poisoned by the progressives and there is only 1 cure, revolution. Sad to say but time to water the tree of Liberty with the Blood of progressives or watch it be cut down and used for firewood. You cant reason with these Sub-human, Obamas re-election is proof, and GOP will proly lose Congress in the Mid-terms, The Media is no longer free but Communist sympathizers, our kids are being indoctrinated not educated, we LOST this battle but we can win the war but we must act before it is too late.