The decision maker 1

In this video it is said that Valerie Jarrett was in the situation room on 9/11/2012 when the terrorist raid on the US mission in Benghazi was carried out. It is also said that she gave the “stand down” order. We can accept all that as likely to be true.

What we find hard to believe is that her reason for giving the “stand down” order to stop any military rescue of the beleaguered Americans was because she feared failure – as is claimed here.

We also don’t think it probable that Jarrett’s reason for trying to stop the killing of Osama bin Laden – which she did for some months – was fear of failure.

We suspect her reasons had more to do with her sympathies being for Islam rather than America.

We do not quarrel with the accusation of treason. And we would like Obama to be impeached. But we don’t think he will be.

Watch the video and see what you think:

  • liz

    So between Valerie Jarret and Huma Abedin and all the rest of the Brotherhood operatives in the White House, it would have been surprising if Benghazi had turned out any other way than it did. Or any of our other Muslim terrorist supporting policies, for that matter.
    We shouldn’t even waste any more time investigating these things, since their sympathies for and collaboration with our enemies is obvious. It should simply be declared and dealt with, as in a military escort of them to a military prison.
    But no, fat chance of that. America has become Gulliver, paralyzed by the thousand tiny strings of the Lilliputians of the Administrative State.