US switches sides in Syria 11

For the first time in the 1,000-day civil war, the Americans find themselves in greater sympathy with Russia, Iran, Assad and Hizballah than the rebel cause.

According to DebkaFile, Bashar Assad is winning the civil war (or uprising against his dictatorship). So the Obama administration has stopped supporting the rebels to the extent, and in whatever way they ever did, and is now romancing Bashar Assad.  The new policy follows naturally from the exciting new love-in Obama is having with the Shia tyrants of Iran.

The conquest Sunday, Dec. 8, of Nabuk in the Qalamoun Mountains on the Syrian-Lebanese border is a signal strategic breakthrough for Bashar Assad’s army, climaxing a row of battleground successes that have cast the rebel forces into deep disarray. Nabuk fell after a two-week siege by the combined forces of Syria, Hizballah, Iraqi Shiite units and the Iranian Al Qods Brigades. The Qalamoun range which separates central Syria from central Lebanon is at their mercy.

Assad and his allies, Hizballah’s Hassan Nasrallah and Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani, can chalk up four major war gains:

1. The highway from Damascus to Syria’s two port towns, Latakia and Tartus on the Mediterranean coast, is now open through the wayside town of Homs.

2. The last remaining rebel supply routes from Lebanon are cut off. Syrian rebels can no longer use Lebanon as a supply base for reinforcements and new recruits or as a destination for their casualties to receive treatment.

3. The Damascus-Beirut highway is now under Hizballah control, providing its Beirut headquarters vitally direct access to the forces posted to Damascus, and easing liaison and communications among Iranian, Syrian and Hizballah military units in the field.

4. Pushing the rebels out of their Qalamoun strongholds was the last step before loosening their two-year grip on the eastern suburbs of Damascus. Under relentless Syrian army siege, many rebel commanders holding on to those suburbs are crossing the lines and handing sectors over to Syrian army officers.

The Assad regime has reached a stage in the civil war at which the rebels no longer pose a military threat to his hold on power and have lost the capacity for more more than terrorist attacks or sporadic mortar shelling.

The Syrian rebel movement has lost its coherence as a fighting force. In desperation, they are releasing a stream of false claims of successes and unfounded accusations that Assad has reverted to chemical warfare. …

Since the only anti-Assad forces still in fighting shape are the two Al Qaeda affiliates, Jabhat al Nusra and the Iraqi branch, Washington is turning its back on the Syrian rebel movement as a whole and instead [is] ready to talk indirectly to Syrian army elements loyal to Assad as well as Hizballah.

Indeed, in consideration of Hizballah’s military kudos and rising political clout in Beirut, the Obama administration has opened up a back channel to its leaders, mostly through British diplomats.

It turns out that the same coalition which contrived the nuclear deal in Geneva on Nov. 24 – the US, Russia and Iran – is going into action again on the Syrian issue with a favored spot for Iran’s Lebanese Shiite pawn [Hizballah].

We think this DebkaFile report  is likely to be true in its main thrust: that US policy has changed, and America is now in alliance with Russia and Iran and in negotiation with one of the world’s most savage terrorist organizations.

And if it is true, it is an enormity – an extreme wrong.

It is not that the rebels are any better than Assad. Both sides are evil. Both sides seem to be peopled by vicious murdering torturing cannibals. Neither should be supported. But Assad is Iran’s client. Hizballah is Iran’s creation. What matters here is the colossal boost to Iranian power. The US has conceded the territory to the mullahs.

Under a pretense by their traitorous leaders that it is better to negotiate than risk a war with belligerent enemies, the American people are being led into capitulation.

Iran will be nuclear armed. Hizballah can claim legitimacy, and the cost to Lebanon and Israel is dreadful to think of. Russia’s power and prestige is being enhanced with each disastrous move Obama makes in the region of the Middle East.

And the US is no longer the protector of the free world. The erstwhile free world no longer has a protector.

  • WmarkW

    I rarely understand why any in a mid-east conflict is “ours.”

    • Jillian Becker

      “Ours” in what sense? Our enemy? Our ally? Our oil-supplier?

  • Rofak Zess

    The American Government has no morals. It will do what ever is best for it financially or militarily even if it means supporting al-qaeda or Israel or hezbollah. America has not changed its stance on Iran it has just changed its rhetoric. This is all just politcal hype and media propaganda. If anything, Iran is becoming a super power, because it has achieved sophisticated space technology and non nuclear ballistic missile technology and advancements in the scientific field, because of the economic sanctions imposed on it. Iran was forced to develop internally. If anything once Iran becomes a nuclear power the region will be safer because then no one will want to start a nuclear war because of fear of reprisals. Because Israel has nuclear weapons, it feels it can attack Syria and Lebanon whenever it wants to because it knows they cannot fight back against a nuclear armed state. In 1973 Syria reclaimed its land in the Golan heights and did not venture onto Israeli soil, but was pushed back several day later after America stepped in and resupplied Israel. Syria did not dare try to take Israeli land because they were afraid Israel in desperation would use Nuclear weapons against them. Today Israel and American/Western companies are exploiting the Golan heights (which the UN has condemned on numerous occasions and ordered returned back to Syria and Lebanon).

    • Jillian Becker

      You give yourself away. To put Israel in the same category as al-Qaeda and Hezbollah is to signal much about you – all morally repulsive. To call America “immoral” tells us much too. Your ignorance about the Golan also betrays you. As does, most of all, your defense of Iran. So you are an Iranian who supports that country’s present government – or an admirer of it if not an Iranian yourself. Do you think that coming on to our site and writing this vicious nonsense will persuade us to change our minds about the danger Iran poses to the world? Or about Islam as a source of moral sepsis to humanity?

      • Kerry


    • liz

      “once Iran becomes a nuclear power the region will be safer” –
      Safer for who? Only for those willing to become slaves to dictators.
      Slaves who grovel low enough under the heel of their masters may be rewarded with “safety”. But in reality they lose both their freedom and their security.
      But we can’t expect someone who is already a mental slave to religious dictatorship to even understand the concept of freedom.

  • rogerinflorida

    In a sane world we would be crushing the Syrian “rebels” to dust, but because Saudi Arabia and Israel have a lock on US diplomacy we find ourselves in this idiotic situation. Fact is; the US can smash Iran any time it pleases, so ease up on the Armageddon shit, the US is in control of this and hopefully we will get a policy that addresses US interests rather the interests of the nutters in Riyadh and Jerusalem.

    • Jillian Becker

      This is an adolescent rant, Roger. The adolescents who come on to our Facebook page call anybody a “nutter” who has a different point of view from their own. We are well acquainted with your unreasoned hostility to Israel. Saudi Arabia and Israel do not “have a lock on US diplomacy”. Far from it! The recent Geneva capitulation by Kerry to the mullahs makes that starkly clear. Helping Iran become a nuclear-armed power – which is what Obama (not “the US”) is doing – cannot possibly serve US interests.

      • rogerinflorida

        I have no hostility towards Israel. However something or someone very powerful is behind this deal with Iran. I suspect that Iran was making progress towards breaking the petrodollar monopoly, most likely in cahoots with China. That had to be stopped, without that monopoly the exchange currency status of the US$ would unravel very quickly. That would lead to economic collapse for the US and worldwide financial instability.

        • Kerry

          rogerinflorida…just in case you did not know, there are currently banks in Russia set up by the Chinese to handle “all” crude oil transactions between the two countries and using the yuan as the currency of choice. China is already in the business of changing the dynamics of world currency, but they are also a most pragmatic group. They have no desire to see their investment in the States become worthless, so they will be careful in how they undermine US currency.

  • Azgael

    As the World burn the good people of America do nothing to remove the Sub-human animal from the WH, the USA is dead forever, all we have now is the USSA, United States of Soviet America….