Jon Stewart on NSA 6

We found this funny. We also like the fact that at last some media persons on the left are mocking Obama.

Readers: What is your opinion of NSA spying?

Do you think it is justified if it keeps us safe from terrorist attacks?

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    Do I think that its justified if it keeps us safe from terrorist attacks?
    I really don’t think that it will keep us 100% safe from terrorist attacks, or even 80% safe from terrorist attacks, domestic or foreign-born.

    Plus, your ‘friendly neighborhood’ government will not use this “tool” only for this particular reason.

    You know exactly what they’ll use it for, don’t you???

    This is your typical example of a government out of control….it wants to control everything just like most human beings do, regardless of what their spokesmen state!

    I can detect this trait simply by identifying how many commissions and bureaus they start, in order to run everything.

    “You shall know them (their mindset) by their fruits.” (deeds)

    I sincerely love this country, but I also sincerely distrust these people!

    • liz

      I actually think the NSA, if used correctly, is a useful and necessary tool against terrorism.
      The problem is with who is using it. We already know this bunch of leftists controlling it now have used it to target US, while letting the likes of Nidal Hasan and the Tzarneaev brothers slip through the cracks.
      We need to get it out of their hands and start targeting THEM.


        Liz…..please provide me with an answer to this question: what makes the leftist users of an ultimate “weapon” of this kind different from ANYONE else who would use it, regardless of their political agenda?

        Yes, I do realize that the cat is out of the bag, no matter who uses it.

        IMHO, human beings are still going to do what human beings do.

        • liz

          But the political agenda is what makes all the difference.
          Of course there are unscrupulous, power hungry people in any political party, but the ones in power now are a class to themselves – their agenda is not just control of the country (bad enough), but the destruction of it.
          They are inviting known terrorists and their supporters into key positions of government – such as the Department of Homeland Security, for crying out loud!
          Not to mention using it to destroy their domestic political opponents.
          If someone’s got to do it (now that the cat’s out of the bag) it most definitely ought to be ANYONE but them!

          • REALBEING

            I believe that even though the bunch in power now (Democrats) are destroying the country beyond the shadow of all doubt, they think that the’re helping it.

            There are good, ethical Democrats and Republicans, and there are some that are not.

            They only have differing viewpoints on how to run a country.

            My point: SOME individuals in ANY other political party thats in charge, being made up of human beings with an agenda, will think that the right way is to ignore the rules.

            In a given scenario, Republicans might say “We need this tool to check on some of our enemies/ friends, like the Democrats did….so why not use it? After all…they used it to their advantage, so now we can and should use it also!”

            The “breakdown” isn’t in either party, its in the person(s) in charge.

            If this item isn’t held at bay right now, in it’s infancy, it could become ugly….really ugly!

            I have a feeling that it will not be stopped for long, since the technology is very much in place.

            • liz

              Like you said – the breakdown is in the person(s) in charge. Those people have an agenda that is harmful to the country, and the rest of their party, who may think of themselves as “good and ethical”, but who are more accurately described as deliberately ignorant and self-deceived, do their bidding.