The Muslim menace denounced in Switzerland 3

Except for a quotation from Martin Luther (“Here I stand. I can do no other.”) and another from Leviticus (“Love thy neighbor”), we like this speech by Swiss MP Oskar Freysinger against the encroachment and subversion of Islam in Europe.

A rousing speech. Almost a cry “To arms!”

But not quite. Our guess is that nothing effective will result from it.

We can only be glad that in at least one country in suicidal Europe it is still possible to speak the truth about Islam, and denounce its hideous creed, without the speaker being prosecuted and threatened with fines and imprisonment.


(Video from Tundra Tabloids)

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  • Frank


  • liz

    Great speech, and I think even the quotes from Luther and the Bible are well chosen. (They can be appreciated as part of the cultural heritage of the West, and as such are fitting in the context.)
    The only thing he was off on was saying that they don’t use brute force. Its not just a slow takeover, but a combination of that and terrorism – the same tactics used by the Communists – that makes them such a threat.
    We need more Oscar Freysingers.

    • Jillian Becker

      You have prompted us to second thoughts, and we agree that you are right, liz, on all these points.