The one and only race hatred that is politically correct 17

“Racism” – an infinitely elastic term – is by far the very worst crime any human being can commit according to the Left.

There is one exception, however. Essential as it is to strive (hopelessly if you’re a white person, not too hard if you’re anything else) not to be racist, it is compulsory to hate Jews. Though you mustn’t call them that. You must call them Israelis or Zionists. And hating them isn’t enough. You must work actively for their destruction.

Why, you ask? Isn’t it obvious? Because Israel is an apartheid state, Israelis are Nazis who colonized the long-established independent state of Palestine, and  Jews are carrying out savage acts of terrorism on every inhabited continent, and threatening to take over Europe and the world. While the Muslims – pacific and tolerant even though they’ve been horrifically persecuted for hundreds of years – are making huge contributions to humanity, especially through Science, so winning Nobel Prizes out of all proportion to their tiny number.

This is from Front Page, by Caroline Glick:

The main foreign policy issue that galvanizes the passions and energies of the committed American Left is the movement to delegitimize Israel’s right to exist.

This week has been a big one for the anti-Israel movement. In the space of a few days, two quasi academic organizations – the American Studies Association [ASA] and the Native American and Indigenous Studies Association – have launched boycotts against Israeli universities. Their boycotts follow a similar one announced in April by the Asian Studies Association.

These groups’ actions have not taken place in isolation. They are of a piece with ever-escalating acts of anti-Israel agitation in college campuses throughout the United States.

Between the growth of Israel Apartheid Day (or Week, or Month) from a fringe exercise on isolated campuses to a staple of the academic calendar in universities throughout the US and Canada, and the rise of the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement to wage economic war against the Jewish state, anti-Israel activism has become the focal point of Leftist foreign policy activism in the US and throughout the Western world.

Every week brings a wealth of stories about new cases of aggressive anti-Israel activism. At the University of Michigan last week, thousands of students were sent fake eviction notices from the university’s housing office. A pro-Palestinian group distributed them in dorms across campus to disseminate the blood libel that Israel is carrying out mass expulsions of Palestinians.

At Swarthmore College, leftist anti-Israel Jewish students who control Hillel are insisting on using Hillel’s good offices to disseminate and legitimate anti-Israel slanders.

And the Left’s doctrinaire insistence that Israel is the root of all evil is not limited to campuses.

At New York’s 92nd Street Y, Commentary editor John Podhoretz was booed and hissed by the audience for trying to explain why the ASA’s just-announced boycott of Israel was an obscene act of bigotry.

Many commentators have rightly pointed out that the ASA and the NAISA are fringe groups. They represent doctorate holders who chose to devote their careers to disciplines predicated not on scholarship, but on political activism cloaked in academic regalia whose goal is to discredit American power. The ASA has only 5,000 members, and only 1,200 of them voted on the Israel- boycott resolution. The NAISA has even fewer members. It would be wrong, however, to use the paltry number of these fringe groups’ members as means to dismiss the phenomenon that they represent. They are very much in line with the general drift of the Left. … While the ASA and its comrades are on the fringes of academia, they are not fringe voices on the Left. The Left has embraced the cause of Israel’s destruction. 

Rejecting Israel’s right to exist has become part of the Left’s dogma. It is a part of the catechism. Holding a negative view of the Jewish state is a condition for membership in the ideological camp. It is an article of faith

Consider the background of the president of the ASA. Curtis Marez is an associate professor in the Ethnic Studies Department at the University of California, San Diego. His area of expertise is Chicano Film and Media Studies. He doesn’t know anything about Israel. He just knows that he’s a Leftist. And today, Leftists demonize Israel. Their actions have nothing to do with anything Israel does or has ever done. They have nothing to do with human rights. Hating Israel, slandering Israel and supporting the destruction of Israel are just things that good Leftists do.

And Marez was not out of step with his fellow Leftists who rule the roost at UCSD. This past March the student council passed a resolution calling for the university to divest from companies that do business with Israel. Why? Because hating Israel is what Leftists do. …

Challenging the likes of Marez, or the Swarthmore students … to a reasoned debate is an exercise in futility. They do not care about human rights. They do not care that Israel is the only human rights-respecting democracy in the Middle East. … Being hypocrites doesn’t bother them either. 

You can talk until you’re blue in the face about the civilian victims of the Syrian civil war, or the gender apartheid in Saudi Arabia and the absence of religious freedom throughout the Muslim world. But they don’t care. They aren’t trying to make the world a better place.

Facts cannot compete with their faith. Reason has no place in their closed intellectual universe. To accept reason and facts would be an act of heresy.

The religion of Christianity began by plundering and anathematizing the religion of Judaism, and became a menace to the Jews. The religions of Islam and Socialism plundered and anathematized both, and menace all of us.

Religion is a self-imposed curse on humankind.

  • rogerinflorida

    What a strange state of affairs this is.
    Socialism is largely a Jewish construct, as is multiculturalism. David Ben-Gurion, the first Prime minister of Israel and one of the main founders of that State, was a committed socialist. However what he would have thought of the modern left is arguable, I suspect he would have been horrified and disgusted. He was absolutely committed to freedom and dignity for all mankind and although he worked exclusively for the Jewish people he was a great friend of all human rights causes.
    I am old enough to remember the crisis of 1967 that led up to the Arab/Israeli war of that year. Thousands of young people across Europe tried to get into Israel, as so many of them put it: “if the Jewish people suffer I want to suffer with them”. There were so many that Moshe Dayan appealed directly to them and requested they not come, as Israel was perfectly well able to defend itself and did not need to accommodate thousands of visitors at that time.
    Yet here we are, 50 years or so later with a leftist movement that is nihilist, ignorant, destructive of human rights and dignity, totalitarian, narrow minded, cruel, violent, anti freedom, and anti liberty.
    Would this evolution in attitude be the result of frustration at the failure of their policies? Wherever enacted they have wrought destruction (“there is nothing wrong with socialism, it was just implemented incorrectly!”) Unable to accept their errors they double down on the enforcement of their tyranny.
    Aided of course by the huge curse of islam and the do-goodies of various Christian groups.
    This needs to be confronted, but only us individuals will do it, there are very few politicians who will campaign against what unfortunately seems now to be almost the accepted wisdom of the age.

    • Jillian Becker

      So like everything else, its all the fault of the Jews?

      • rogerinflorida

        Ms. Becker,
        I don’t know how on earth it is possible to get that message from my comment. You constantly ascribe to me views that I do not hold and cannot even reasonably believe from my posts here, that I would ever hold.
        David Ben-Gurion is one of my personal heroes, a man of absolutely impeccable integrity, incredible intellectual capacity, honesty, modesty and monumental determination. Yes, he could be a bit rough politically, but politics, especially in the events he drove and the times he lived through, called for a toughness very few of us have.
        I will tell you one thing about him though; he had a bullshit detector second to none. Don’t expect him to have supported your libertarian fantasies.

        • Jillian Becker

          Someone who wants the state to be the single payer for everybody’s health care is advocating socialism. You say you want that, I say you are advocating socialism.

          You say, “Socialism is largely a Jewish construct, as is multiculturalism.” I say, so you are holding the Jews responsible for socialism and multiculturalism.

          Now do you see why I ascribe these views to you?

          You constantly ascribe “libertarian fantasies” to me. Perhaps you will explain clearly how something I have written makes you think I am a libertarian fantasist?

      • rogerinflorida

        Ms. Becker,
        Your response has a faint whiff of self pity. I don’t know if you are Jewish and I really don’t care. Jewish people are blessed (or cursed in some ways) with the highest IQ of any human racial group. It follows then that any intellectual activity will, particularly at the highest levels, have a high percentage of Jewish participation. Social science, of which socialism and multiculturalism are sub sets will therefore have a Jewish component far above the Jewish proportion of the whole population.
        By the same token it is to a large extent the “fault of the Jews” that we have nuclear physics, open heart surgery, neuro- science, electrical science, physics generally, the modern financial system, and many others.

        • Jillian Becker

          Your exaggerated panegyric of Ben Gurion has a faint whiff of anti-Semitism. A bit like “Some of my best friends (in your case ‘one of my best heroes’) is Jewish, so how can I be called an anti-Semite?” Otherwise what occasioned it? But your present efforts to prove your innocence are of course overwhelming.

          There have been many Jewish socialists, yes, but not anywhere near the number of non-Jewish socialists. But multiculturalists? What evidence of that? The governments of Europe are the prime multiculturalists.

          • rogerinflorida

            So according to you, my admiration for David Ben-Gurion is evidence of my anti-Semitism. It is worth noting that his social-democratic model caused a moribund economy in Israel and was replaced with far more business friendly policies (of the type I endorse) that have resulted in a very strong Israeli economy. I didn’t say I agreed with him, I said I admired him.
            Prove my innocence? Of what crime?
            Is it your position that any criticism of Jewry is invalid because such criticism can only be motivated by anti-Semitism? Yes of course it is. Cries of “anti-Semitism” like cries of “racism” are used to shut down legitimate criticism and taint the criticizer with socially unacceptable labels. Well I don’t care what you think of me.
            I have been lectured personally by a senior member of the Canadian Jewish Congress in the methods and motives of the Jewish conspiracy to undermine Anglo/WASP/white European culture. He attempted to rub in my English face how Jews were going to destroy our society and be the most powerful element in the remaining societal ruins. I thought he was a nut and told him so, which only enraged him further.
            Here is short example of a typical Jewish campaigner for multiculturalism:

            For a very brief demonstration of stunning historical ignorance and a breathtakingly mischievous conceit it is hard to beat.
            I have always argued that a free market health care system would be best. However I also analyze the actual situation and have argued that for the sake of US business and for poor and essentially dysfunctional people, some level of HC paid for out of general taxation is appropriate.
            It is you, who, without any reservation, proclaim that Govt. has no business regulating the economy. This is a view held only by a rabid fringe of libertarians, it is fantasy, fortunately one that will never see electoral success or even minimal influence.
            Of course there are more non-Jewish socialists than Jewish ones, same as there are more non-Jewish nuclear physicists than Jewish ones. What is true is that as a percentage of the population, Jews are over represented in the ranks of socialists. The development of socialism fitted well with the typically rational Jewish outlook on life. Capitalism is messy, faulted, and produces inequality, as any system based on freedom and individual liberty must.

            • Jillian Becker

              Go on, Roger. Don’t stop. You must feel that much more is needed. Protest, accuse, scorn. If you don’t care what I think of you, why so much self-defense?

              So Hayek (for instance) was on the rabid fringe of libertarians? Gosh!

              Unless it is relevant, I don’t notice what race, or religion, or ethnicity, or color somebody is when they express their views. I pay attention only to the views. Unlike yourself. But vive la difference!

      • rogerinflorida

        Thanks to the wonders of Microsoft my message froze before I had finished.
        Ms. Glick and you pose the question; why is it appropriate for hatred of Jews, for that is what lies beneath the anti-Zionism etc., to be practiced by the modern left, who ostensibly at least should side with the disadvantaged, threatened and victimized? And therein lies the answer; Israel refuses to fail, refuses to be a victim, successfully fights for it’s right to life. It therefore needs no help from those who express their own moral superiority through their (entirely false) claim to care for others.

        • Jillian Becker

          With this I agree, Roger.

          You have not answered my question (below) as to why you think I am a libertarian fantasist.

    • Steve M Cardon

      As is often the case, I think we all fall prey from time to time in trying to envision a group of people being all this way or that. The truth is that there have been numerous great thinkers who were Jewish, holding a wide variety of political and philosophical points of view. Within Israel itself there is the extremely wide range of views from pole to pole.

      Roger you are completely correct in saying that it is all in the implementation. Or in other words… How would a system (any new system) work down to the fine details, and equally important (and even more difficult) … How do we get there from here?

      Creating and maintaining a singular vision (except in the most abstract form), within any group of people is nigh on impossible. It is the catch 22. How do you keep people on one page and philosophical entropy to a minimum without having a single taskmaster empowered to interpret and enforce it?

      I often like to say that first you get Paradigm shift, then Paradigm DRIFT LOL. Asking if we have lived up to our founding Fathers vision is a hilarious question. For one thing, they did not all have a singular vision except in the most abstract… all else was battled and negotiated. Probably the one thing that probably has lived up to it is that the founding fathers knew there would be a lot of drift in how things were interpreted, and implemented.

      Entropy attacks everything over time.

  • liz

    On to ever greater heights of irony, hypocrisy, and stupidity!
    The very people who were nearly wiped out in WW2 by racist Nazi supremacists (which was heartily endorsed by their friends, the Muslim Nazi supremacists), are now being accused by those same Muslim Nazi supremacists of being racist Nazi supremacists themselves.
    How could even a complete idiot believe this insult to the intelligence?
    But it fits with the old adage of those who adhere to blind faith, that the more unbelievable a thing is, the worthier it is to be believed.

  • Azgael

    you are right you can’t reason or debate with these sub-humans, only a NATO 7.62 round in the back of the head will work, and never forget to double tap, can’t be to careful.

    • Jillian Becker

      Azgael – who are you saying should be shot in the back of the head?I’m not criticizing, only wondering. And – since you seem to understand him/her – what is PublicPoster talking about? I’d be grateful for clarification.

  • PublicPoster

    Sad to seek these kinds of slanderous attack pieces circulating as justification in an important and controversial debate. It undermines your argument except to the most extreme people

    • Jillian Becker

      What? You do not communicate your case. Please state it plainly.

    • Steve M Cardon

      Who is being slandered? is there a specific misrepresentation made that you wanted to address? I’d like to say your lack of clarification “undermines your argument” except that what it really means is that you haven’t made an argument at all LOL