Her path to power 3

… or to the ignominy she deserves?

A recent Time magazine cover …

is revised to be far more apt:


This version is from here, where the touch-up of the original is attributed to IownTheWorld.com

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  • liz

    The second one is the perfect portrayal of her.
    It captures the essence of her and the entire “progressive” mentality.


      The only thing that can stop this person from becoming out next
      president is IF her past debacles are seen through the eyes of a newly
      conscious majority of electorate as egregious to their own personal

      IOW, if eight years of Obama-mania opened their eyes even
      a little to the destruction rendered through his presidency, imagine
      what a pi**ed-off, egocentric-egomaniac like Hillary would do!!!

      • liz

        I hate to even think about it. But I don’t have much optimism it will penetrate the fog of the brainwashed after witnessing both Bill Clinton and Obama get rewarded for criminal violations of their office with re-election to it.