The State of the Union address, January 1982 11

Last night President Obama delivered a drab and depressing State of the Union address. The most discouraging point he made was that he would (continue to) implement his radical agenda by executive order, by-passing Congress.

To remind us all what America was and could be again, here’s President Reagan delivering a State of the Union address thirty-two years ago. The most important parts of it still have relevance today, and the speech and the speaker can still stir and inspire. (We overlook the few “God” references. The rest is fine.)


  • liz

    Great speech-and not a teleprompter in sight!
    Just no comparison between Reagan and the current occupant of the White House. Reagan must be rolling over in his grave that we are allowing this socialist free reign to wreak havoc on everything he worked to restore.

  • donl

    In order to maintain any semblance of mental health, I avoided watching the domestic enemy liar-in-chief’s speech and any post speech analysis; and the repub replies.

    Take up the cause of 2 terms & out/repeal 17. It’s time to un-party government and de-career politics. Reagan was a great communicator but he too was only a facade of fine talk with duplicity behind the curtains. Like a Milton Berle gesture…he cut taxes loudly on the right and raised fees and other taxes quietly on the left..a shell game.

    That the economy grew under Reagan was the result of advances in manufacturing productivity, product innovations and the perpetual political manipulation, shortly resulting in a Boom & Bust recession, of the FED (the source of all corruption). His key economic guru was Art Laffer…who is a laugh…who’s Laffer curve is “to maximize government revenue” not to limit government or actually reduce taxes. (again – the most important video to watch is Peter Schiff Was Right: ) It’s important becuse it proves that only the screw ups are continually trotted out to maintain a failed status quo. Mainstream economics, as promoted even by Reagan, is a sham, scam fraud…a hoax.

    Reagan is becoming like Lincoln…a myth based on delusional lies. Ah, I will give that Reagan meant his belief in smaller government, but a belief that experts can manage a society/the economy/central banking always results in more government!!! Sounds good…still fails.

    As long as emotional words are the basis of judgement, as opposed to fact based reason, nothing will change. Reagan still believed in a managed monetary policy, as did the icon Friedman, and both fail…continue to fail.

    I love the folks who continue to defend the FED or a controlled monetary system. It is the constant behind all economic failures and yet they refuse to give it up. Sinclair Lewis: ” It is hard to get a man to understand a thing when understanding it will cost him his job (or profession – mainstream economist…phooey!!!).

    Mayer Amschel Rothschild: “Give me control of a nation’s money
    and I care not who makes the laws.”

    Wilson and the democrat-controlled 63rd Congress unconstitutionally gave the control of the nation’s money to a ectoconstitutional, politically-influenced, privately-owned banking cartel. Reagan would have actually been great had he worked to end the FED! Rather, like all from Jackson and since…they embrace it. It is the source of patronage and cronyism expenditure, the hidden societal tax of inflation and for war without consent of the governed.

    • Jillian Becker

      I agree with much that you say here. But one thing is, Reagan won the Cold War (along with Thatcher). That’s huge to me.

      • donl

        Absolutely agree!!! I was focused primarily on the economics which for me is THE base of American liberty. There is no exercise of rights, unalienable or otherwise, without economic freedom.
        Reagan and Thatcher did comprehend, although the CIA never got it right, that the USSR was economically empty…teetering and they nudged beautifully.
        My message, observation, is that well meaning leaders, like Reagan, are as indoctrinated to believe the myth: the economy is so large and complex that only experts can manage it. This is the lie taught for over 100 years in the progressive educational system. No one stops to understand that so what that the economy is large and complex…it doesn’t need to be managed and there is no such thing as an expert who can manage it!
        The lefties and enemies of free choice, like a Nobama, never even consider the essence of America: individual sovereignty. They only see they know best and irrespective of historical evidence…they don’t know and they fail.
        Reagan, like a Friedman, economically, speak wonderous things…yet, the adherance to central planning is the flaw. The only thing government exists for is to protect unalienable rights. It doess not exist to protect even you from yourself. Only people acting on their own standards and values can provide safety nets…government is a gun to steal when applied to social ends.

        • Jillian Becker

          And I now absolutely agree.


        Not to even mention the fact that Obamacare, as written, is a tax whose verdict was wrought by the Supreme Court’s decision stating that IF it is to be in existence, then indeed IT IS A TAX!

        By Constitutional law, all tax legislation must originate in the House Of Representatives, whereas The Affordable Healthcare Act originated in THE SENATE!

        BANG!!!! ZOOM!!!! IT IS ILLEGAL!!!!

        Unless of course you just happen to be the teflon-coated, Socialistic Menace-In-Chief.

        • donl

          4 things to change the agenda:

          1) 2 terms & out (including doing away with all lifetime appointments) – de-career politics: fiefdoms, family dynasties and “that I’m special” must end.

          2) Repeal 17 – un-party gov’t (senators again appointed by respective states as envisioned).

          3) End The FED: put and end to the financing of privilege and corruption and return to a bi-metal based currency/gold standard.

          4) Flat (not the “fair”) tax with a budget based on actual (limited government) departmental submitted and approved budgets as opposed to some arbitrary % of nebulous indexes like a make-it-up-as-you-go-along GDP.

          Although a god lover, Mark Levin’s book “The
          Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic” shows how to accomplish amending the Constitution by bypassing the central government.
          Most of his suggested economy related amendments are central-planning based…it’s 100 years of compulsory indoctrination…and need rework.

          • liz

            How about repeal 16 – abolish income tax altogether?
            It’s unconstitutional, anyway.

            • donl

              my heart agrees…history shows, however, that 50 independent states (restoring State’s Rights as the primary check & balance) might not always work out when it comes to timely funding the legitimate purposes of government.

              But, not just a president, line item veto, given today’s digital world, can be given to each voter: “Do you want a $1 of your tax to go to…..?” a phone app?

              The failing of our Founders was they actually trusted…there was once honor. New amendments must be clearer in definition of ‘Limited Power”. Our elitist & lordly Supremes lost track of Jefferson’s rule of legal definition: Laws are made for men of ordinary understanding, and should, therefore, be construed by the ordinary rules of common sense. Their meaning is not to be sought for in metaphysical subtleties, which may make anything mean everything or nothing at pleasure. Robert’s should be impeached!!! I ramble…sorry.

            • liz

              What if it were replaced with a VAT tax?

            • donl

              IMO: VAT, FAIR…a tax tied to consumption hurts those with lower incomes and has no upper limits…it brings in more than would be necessary…it’s a big fishing net…why do you think politicians like it?

              And, it alters the the price system in an unnatural manner…unintended consequences. A flat tax is known…it can be planned for. A consumption tax may have negative impact in times of emergency…forcing decisions based on the added value…

              It always seems to reek of bait ‘n switch: Only $399 + tax. Argh! Ah, and the cost to enterprise to implement, monitor and collect is way above a simple form once a year…KISS method on this one.