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Senator Ted Cruz, in straight, strong, plain words, asks Attorney General Eric Holder to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the IRS targeting of conservative groups and how Holder’s Department of Justice is handling the issue. He cites precedents. He speaks of abuse of power and conflict of interest.  Holder rejects the idea. He says that the precedents no longer apply, as he himself wrote new rules that protect him from any such probe.

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  • liz

    The depth of corruption and abuse of power in every member of this so called “administration” is staggering.
    Ted Cruz deserves a medal of honor just for calling that scum on the carpet.

    • liz

      Also notice that during his entire pathetic obfuscation, he never once looks Cruz in the eye.

    • Roger

      I know this is an old thought, and it’s happened before, but this exposes a flaw in our system. If a President has just 2 people in his pocket, he can get away with just about anything. That would be the Attorney General and the Senate Majority Leader. Holder protects the President and Reid protects Holder. I doubt if the founders ever entertained the possibility that traitors or criminals could occupy all 3 of those positions.

      • Don L

        By using the expression “our system” I assume (hate to do that) you are speaking of the system of government embodied in the US Constitution as created by our Founders. If that is the case, what exists today is not “our system”.The America of the Constitution was checked and balanced “all power not enumerated remains with the States and the people” (or something like that).

        The United States were separate nations that came together in a mutual agreement…a union by consent!!! Sans a full discussion, all documents and writings of the days of our founding are unanimous in this understanding and the understanding that every state had the right to leave the union, without penalty, if it deemed it in its interest. Nullification of laws by State determined constitutional acceptability was also unanimously understood.

        The first near fatal blow to destroy our system was thrust by Abe Lincoln. Just about everything foisted about this guy is false. Do your own research; There is a reason every murderous 2-bit tyrant that followed him used him as the model on how to concentrate power. Lincolned started a war to destroy State’s rights and to consolidate power in the central gov’t…with him as the dictator…We are lucky the SOB was shot or we wouldn’t have had the following 1 1/2 centuries to wake up.

        He ripped the consenual Union apart and substituted the State…not of consent, but a union by force. He created the lie that there never were separate states…the union, he lied, existed before any founding documents. The first line of the Gettysburg address is a line”..brought forth upon this continent a new nation.”. This is how he got people to follow into war. The idea of Slavery was a convient cover near wars end. Neither the north nor the south would have ever fought over slavery! (Free state didn’t mean anti-slavery…it meant free of blacks within the boudaries whether slave or not!)

        The next 2 simultaneous blows were the fatal thrusts by Woodrow Wilson: the 17th Amendment and the enactenment of the Federal Reserve Act…the FED. the 17th ended the last vestige of check and balance…senators were separted from their respective states…Special and self interest are represented. And the FED oiled the wheels of corruption that have given us the conditions were a bought-and-paid-for Congress and an executive out of control Rule America.

        Voting in federal elections is near useless…not even a good delaying tactic when you get to it. As I’ve mentioned before…the theist lover Mark Levin has hit on a long term fix: at the state level…you can get to local politicians – unlike those in DC who will not respond – and force state-by-state US Constitution amending conventions. And, minimally, term limits, repeal 17 and end the FED.

        Cronyism, UN shenanigans, and so much more disappears when the government is De-careered, Un-partied and honestly & sound money funded.

        Anyway it’s “the Libertyy Amendments” – Mark Levin. He is a Lincoln lover (Kool-aid has been drunk -drink, drank…?) and a god, not good…god, guy too…ugh. But the idea is till valid.

        • Roger

          Thanks Don L. I was already familiar with all of this. Don’t forget the immoral and illegal income tax. I have read all of Levin’s books, including the new one. I can’t stand the guy, but he makes many valid points, especially a convention of the states. Just the threat of such a thing has many in Congress scrambling. They will not want to be upstaged, and I could see them trying to preempt the convention process by passing some things of their own. Even the Dems are getting nervous. I have hope.

          • Don L

            Hat tip.

            Excepting this site…I’m just not used to dicussing with people that actually know stuff.

            So, stop me if you’ve heard it already: This guy walks into a bar…

            …”so the guy wished for a 12-inch tall pianist?”…

            …”No, the genie was hard of hearing!”

            • Roger

              Hmm..must be a low bar…?
              I enjoy the respectful back and forth here. Ramble on…I am no expert, but I have been an independent thinker all my life. I enjoy exploring ideas, not personal attacks and non-sequiturs.