The lesser evil 4

George Will, at the Washington Post, sees the civil conflict in the Ukraine as the last battle – or “final episode” –  of the Cold War.

How pathetic is the plight of the Ukrainians. Their choice is between membership of the corrupt, socialist, failing EU (which is what the people want), or  – worse, far worse – domination by Russia (which is what the government wants). Under the Russian boot they would not be much better off than they were when Russia was called the USSR.

So the EU is a haven for them. Rather like sheltering from a volcanic eruption in a cave full of vipers.

The bodies of Ukrainian protestors laid out on the street – sleeping or dead?

Picture from PowerLine, where you can find more.

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  • donl

    See how much more flexible Obama has been since the election.

    (3/26/12 Obama message to Russian PM Medvedev: “I’ll be more flexible after the election…tell Vladimir”.)

  • liz

    Yes, it’s really a sad state of affairs when your only hope for escape from tyranny is the EU. And there’s no hope of help from the U.S. with Putin’s little fanboy Obama in the White House.

    • Azgael

      All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
      And people in the USA are doing nothing and evil (Obama and his minions) is flourishing in the USA and around the world.


        And some of the “good men” (Republicans) are even helping out the evil men by caving in to their demands!