Destroying the library 8

The great library of Alexandria was ravaged by Christians in 391 CE, and completely destroyed by Muslims in 642 CE.

Now contemporary barbarians are following those precedents and giving the same vigorous treatment to the great public library of New York.

Books, you see, are things that preserve privilege. They make the people who read them feel superior to those who don’t. Reading is a selfish, snobbish, individual occupation. It snubs the community. It is anti-social, and – even worse – anti-socialist.

The news of this historic act of cultural sabotage is reported by Daniel Greenfield at Front Page:

The New York Public Library is drastically purging its book collections, eliminating a great number of older books in circulation and making books that remain in its collection much less accessible.

With the famous 42nd street library, it means the outright vandalism of one of the most famous libraries in the country whose books will be banished to New Jersey. At local branches, it means fewer books, more computers and more gimmicks.

It’s striking then to look at the front page of the New York Public Library [brochure], to note its absence of books and the proliferation of pop culture and politically correct events. The Beatles get extensive coverage. There are a dozen black history events including racism in the criminal justice system.

Then you’ve got AIDS activism complete with a gay kiss and a Muslim librarian.

Finally movie rentals and shopping for diamonds.

Books? The New York Public Library doesn’t seem to do those much anymore. But if you want a computer, a diamond or political correctness, you’ve come to the right place.

This is what the New York Public Library is becoming …

“Although they are often thought of as cultural institutions,” argued a 2013 report by the Center for an Urban Future, a left-leaning New York think tank, “the reality is that the public libraries are a key component of the city’s human capital system.” In this view, New York’s public libraries — and the branches in particular — exist to provide underprivileged groups with vital services, such as computer-literacy classes, job-search assistance, and “safe havens” for at-risk youths.

A homeless shelter, an immigrant literacy center and a place for teenagers to hang out. No books wanted.

$300 million [will be spent] on a restructuring of the 42nd Street building which includes a huge expansion of public space, the removal of stacks (and the 3 million books in them), and the creation of a circulating library in the building.

NYPL will lose its standing as a premier research institution (second only to the Library of Congress in the US) – a destination for international as well as American scholars – and become a busy social center where focused research is no longer the primary goal.

One of the claims made about the CLP is that it will “democratize” the NYPL, but that seems to be a misunderstanding of what that word means. The NYPL is already among the most democratic institutions of its kind. Anyone can use it; no credentials are needed to gain entry.

Meanwhile you can walk into any branch and borrow a laptop because apparently that is what the library is supposed to do now.

Gormless “Progressives” taking another great leap forward.

If proof were needed that the Left is against civilization, this report provides it.

  • donl

    This Just IN:

    Anne Frank books vandalized in Tokyo libraries

    265 copies of Anne Frank’s diary and related books have been found vandalized across Tokyo’s libraries in the last month.



      While reading your thoughts, I just had a scary though of my own.
      The Socialists are beginning to remove valuable books in print form from the shelves of libraries, and e-book popularity is on the rise.

      An e-book which has never been read by, lets say, a tenth-grader, can be “hacked” and have it’s content changed to whatever the hacker wants it to read. The hacker can either be the individual “do-badder,” or a government “re-programmer.” (of minds!)

      I also see that Ralph has figured this out with his “Farenheit 451” post.

      If Obama is making a move on the news media, his minions may also be making a move on book content!

      I might just be paranoid, but this guy scares the hell out of me!

      • donl

        You just gave me the shivers…Ralph gave away his age. LOL

  • donl

    Besides the fear that government either has direct or indirect control of historical records (like those evidencing that Lincoln was a white supremacist, war criminal, violent dictator, etceteras – really hate this guy) and can easily ‘disappear’ them…

    What caught me in the presentation was: “the reality is that the public libraries are a key component of the city’s human capital system.”

    I don’t understand how normal people aren’t upset when they are confronted with the notion that lefties consider people as ‘human capital’. To be controlled, manipulated…to be cannon fodder…sure is my idea of good citizenship.

    Books…amazing things. Long-to-short, my family was a nightmare…I couldn’t wait to drop out of school and join up. In Nov ’63, I hadn’t heard of vietnam…LOL. Yet for all the horrid memories, the one thing my mother gave myself and brothers was the gift/desire to read.

    Among all the propaganda and untruths intentionally spewed by the gov’t compulsory schooling system, the worst bit of conditioning is instilling the avoidance of any further education once out of dreaded school. Given the crappy school books…why would anyone pick up another book.

    The consequents: adults make decisions only on what they were forced to learn as if it were true, few ever seek new information – even when discovering the falsehoods of school, they don’t seek new information and, of course, libraries are considered places to be avoided.

  • Ralph

    “Fahrenheit 451” is slowly being replaced by bits and bytes of the disinformation age.

  • liz

    Leftists prove they are a true religion by joining Muslims and Christians in attempting to destroy the evidence against them contained in free thought.


      “Religion”…..thats an accurate assessment of these charlatans.

      You have Socialist dogma (Victimization created through lies and fakery) vs. the consistency of our Constitution. (Truth through common sense tenets of natural law and self-reliance.)

      You have the fervency of these idiots as they genuflect towards their twin contrived gods, the so-called “green movement” and “global warming” straw men.

      If any of these morons ever had a free thought they’d probably think they breathed in too much air pollution! Quick! Go hug a tree! You’ll feel better!


    Socialists are the snails of the world. ie. They work their agenda slow, but steady….they focus on the horizon, and most importantly, they leave a trail of slime behind them wherever they go.