If this is not treason, what is? 6

The Cold War is not over. Russia is winning it the only way it could, by America choosing to lose it.

From this Investor’s Business Daily editorial we get a clear understanding of how drastically and easily Obama and his clique are sabotaging the United States.

As Russia test-fires new, updated ICBMs on the heels of its Ukraine invasion, Obama’s top arms negotiator is busy downsizing and mothballing America’s nuclear arsenal and destroying our deterrent.

Thanks to Undersecretary of State Rose Gottemoeller, a left-wing peacenik and old Soviet apologist, Russian strongman Vladimir Putin is inching dangerously closer to first-strike capability.

Gottemoeller, a longtime anti-nuke activist, is the architect of the disastrously one-sided 2010 U.S.-Russia New Start deal that slashes America’s nuclear arsenal from 5,000 deployable warheads to just 1,550.

One-sided is right. Ms Gottemoeller is only anti-nuke when the nukes are in the arsenal of the US. She loves them when they are in the hands of KGB officer Putin.

In a major concession to Moscow, the deal also limits our development of missile defense interceptors.

The administration won’t even certify to Congress that Russia is complying with its end of the deal (the requirement was removed from the last budget deal). That’s because it’s not. And while we’re gutting our nukes, Russia is upgrading its arsenal.

Moscow’s nuclear modernization program includes new warheads and delivery systems, both missiles and bombers. Yet, “We are not developing new nuclear weapons or pursuing new nuclear missions,” Gottemoeller recently clucked.

Worse, the administration has agreed not to even test our aging nukes for reliability. Gottemoeller is pushing the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty as a top priority.

Despite her overtures — or perhaps because of them —

Perhaps? Precisely because of them!

Moscow has toughened its posture toward the U.S. and is no longer interested in arms control talks.

No matter, Gottemoeller is fine with disarming America unilaterally, if necessary.

She proposes cutting our strategic warheads to as low as 300. Next, she wants to cut tactical or battlefield nukes, both deployed and non-deployed, even though Russia has a massive 10-to-1 advantage in such weapons. She even wants to ban fuel production.

How can she do that without a treaty? Easy. Obama can make an executive agreement, bypassing the difficult Senate ratification process.

Like her boss, Gottemoeller thinks America is a global “bully” and that its nuclear superiority has created a global arms race. She argues the U.S. must show humility by signing nuclear disarmament treaties and become strategically equal with Russia.

Not even equal. Inferior.

… Most Cold War babies grew up hating the Soviet Union. Not “Rosie” Gottemoeller.

She admired the former communist superpower. Her father told her the Soviets were better at science, so she studied Russian and immersed herself in Soviet propaganda. She’s visited Moscow so many times she now considers it her “second home”. 

Second home? If home is where the heart is, Moscow is her first and only home.

Where are you, Joe McCarthy, when we need you?

With her sitting across the negotiating table –

No wonder Moscow is thumbing its nose at arms reduction.

No wonder a Russian general recently threatened to take preemptive military action against U.S. and allied missile defenses in Europe.

No wonder Russian strategic nuclear bombers are flying so close to Alaska and California.

No wonder Putin has no problem marching into Ukraine. He knows nothing will happen.

Even the IBD does not see what is staring it in the face, the fact that its own story makes blindingly obvious. It concludes:

His Soviet-style power play shows just how dangerously naive Obama and his nutty no-nuke advisers are. Gottemoeller’s ambitious plans for further denuclearizing the U.S. will only invite worse military aggression.

He and they are not naive.  No one except a baby or a lunatic could be that naive. They are deliberately giving America to the Russians – to Putin, who wants to restore the Soviet Union and its empire. Why can’t the opposition forces see what’s happening and take every step necessary to stop it?  Is it because they are naive – or lunatic? Or is it because they cannot bring themselves to believe the evidence so plainly set before their own eyes?

Rose Gottemoeller: more lethal than a thousand nukes

  • donl

    Don’t exclude the media and academia in this traitorous “choosing not to win” (great line above) program of covert surrender. There was a time when the the press had the power of “tank cars of ink” to back up telling/exposing truth.

    Patronage spending and FCC special privileges has emptied those tank cars and now access is everything and that can only be had by towing the line. The profession of journalism has gone the way of historian, economist, meteorologist…left turn to socialism. Higher education…every students A, in a ideologically-progressive compulsory indoctrination system, is another nail in Americas coffin.


      In this case, “choosing not to win” and “leading from behind” are congruous.

  • liz

    One more on the LONG LIST of evidences of treason. Another communist operative busily dismantling -oh wait – “transforming” the country, right under our noses, and nobody seems to care in the least.
    It’s becoming a question of when – not if – we’re nuked, and who will beat the other to it – Iran or Russia.


      Putin is running at full speed knowing the types of spineless idiots that are running the United States. Conservatives are busy working to regenerate a Republican Party that prefers to look like the Democratic party and also trying to keep Obama and his henchmen from rocking the “Ship of State,” lest it capsizes.

      Meanwhile “people” like this animal keep drilling holes in the ship’s hull faster than we Conservatives can plug them.

      • liz

        Yes, they stand proudly on the bow as the Titanic slowly sinks beneath them. Only this time there are only enough lifeboats for the “chosen few”. The rest of us are out of luck, but only a few of us realize it. Half of us are waiting for Obama to magically rescue us, while most of the other half think God is going to!

        • REALBEING

          Obama has turned the task of re-arranging the Titanic’s deckchairs into an “art-form.” If ever anyone was flatfooted and clueless at the same time, its him.