Marriage, black power and disappointment 13

The institution of marriage throughout the civilized (ie Western) world is on a steep decline from which there is probably no recovery.

“The custom of one man and one woman remaining faithful to each other all through their lives is called monotony.” So goes the schoolboy howler. And we suspect the boy was on to something.

Google “marriage in decline” and you’ll find a multitude of theories as to why fewer people are getting married these days than say fifty years ago. (None of them includes that kid’s sharp diagnosis.)

But is the decline a good or a bad thing for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

Here is an article by Professor Walter Williams, who thinks the destruction of the black family has sad consequences. He blames the welfare state, not only for that but for the spoiling of black culture generally.

Criticism of the welfare state is music to our ears, so we quote him at length.

He writes:

People in the media and academia are mostly leftists hellbent on growing government and controlling our lives. Black people, their politicians and civil rights organizations have become unwitting accomplices. The leftist pretense of concern for the well-being of black people confers upon them an aura of moral superiority and, as such, gives more credibility to their calls for increasing government control over our lives.

Ordinary black people have been sold on the importance of electing blacks to high public office. After centuries of black people having been barred from high elected office, no decent American can have anything against their wider participation in our political system. For several decades, blacks have held significant political power, in the form of being mayors and dominant forces on city councils in major cities such as Philadelphia, Detroit, Washington, Memphis, Tenn., Atlanta, Baltimore, New Orleans, Oakland, Calif., Newark, N.J., and Cincinnati. In these cities, blacks have held administrative offices such as school superintendent, school principal and chief of police. Plus, there’s the precedent-setting fact of there being 44 black members of Congress and a black president.

What has this political power meant for the significant socio-economic problems faced by a large segment of the black community? Clearly, it has done little or nothing for academic achievement; the number of black students scoring proficient is far below the national average. It is a disgrace — and ought to be a source of shame — to know that the average white seventh- or eighth-grader can run circles around the average black 12th-grader in most academic subjects. The political and education establishment tells us that the solution lies in higher budgets, but the fact of business is that some of the worst public school districts have the highest spending per student. Washington, D.C., for example, spends more than $29,000 per student and scores at nearly the bottom in academic achievement.

Each year, roughly 7,000 — and as high as 9,000 — blacks are murdered.

Ninety-four percent of the time, the murderer is another black person. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, between 1976 and 2011, there were 279,384 black murder victims. Contrast this with the fact that black fatalities during the Korean War (3,075), Vietnam War (7,243) and wars since 1980 (about 8,200) total about 18,500. Young black males have a greater chance of reaching maturity on the battlefields than on the streets of Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, Oakland, Newark and other cities. Black political power and massive city budgets have done absolutely nothing to ameliorate this problem of black insecurity.

Most of the problems faced by the black community have their roots in a black culture that differs significantly from the black culture of yesteryear. Today only 35 percent of black children are raised in two-parent households, but as far back as 1880, in Philadelphia, 75 percent of black children were raised in two-parent households — and it was as high as 85 percent in other places. Even during slavery, in which marriage was forbidden, most black children were raised with two biological parents.

The black family managed to survive several centuries of slavery and generations of the harshest racism and Jim Crow, to ultimately become destroyed by the welfare state. The black family has fallen victim to the vision fostered by some intellectuals that, in the words of a sociology professor in the 1960s, “it has yet to be shown that the absence of a father was directly responsible for any of the supposed deficiencies of broken homes.” The real issue to these intellectuals “is not the lack of male presence but the lack of male income.” That suggests that fathers can be replaced by a welfare check. The weakened black family gives rise to problems such has high crime, predation and other forms of anti-social behavior.

The cultural problems that affect many black people are challenging and not pleasant to talk about, but incorrectly attributing those problems to racism and racial discrimination, a need for more political power, and a need for greater public spending condemns millions of blacks to the degradation and despair of the welfare state.

  • Roger

    Genetic Genealogy has proven that there is no such thing as race. However, we certainly see it clearly, don’t we? The truth (as slippery as that word can be) is we react to language, culture, and behavior. We tend to like people “like us” and dislike people “unlike us”. Assimilation conquers racism, and lifts people up. Multiculturalism encourages racism, and holds people down. IMHO.

    As for marriage, anthropologists call what we have now “serial monogamy”. I think monogamy is our biological imperative, but that has never stopped “cheating”. Pair-bonding is what we do, just like many other species.

    Going out on limb, I don’t think we need the state to sanction marriage. It’s a commitment between consenting adults. I favor civil contracts, where the parties agree ahead of time on their rights and responsibilities. If there’s a breach of contract, take it to mediation, and enforce the contract!

    I agree with Walter Williams on his analysis of the black community.

    • liz

      No such thing as race? Could you elaborate on that?

  • Dale Jensen


    As I understand it, there is no decline in overall rates of marriage; ie there is no marriage strike. There is an overall trend of women and men pushing back the average age of marriage to around 27. But by the age of 45 at least 90% of people will have been married at least once. It can be argued that lifelong marriage is on the decline. That is true, but even there it seems that divorce rates are highly correlated with education levels with college educated couples having fewer or them. (Interestingly enough, it is higher earning women that tend to divorce more. As a general rule, men should never marry a woman who earns more than them.)

    Perhaps, in the future marriage will be thought of as a medium length contracts for shared property and child provisioning with 10 year lifespans or thereabouts. But people are still getting married. I don’t see the institution going anywhere anytime soon.

    • Don L

      Please, I don’t wish to offend or discredit your post…I’m just curious about it.

      I don’t know anything about marriage rates…only that 70%+ of black babies are born into non-married situations…that seems to be the # that comes up quite a lot. But, mostly I do have to say your post about marriage rates reminds me of a tale:

      A father and son are standing near the road when a car comes racing by, loses control and slams into a tree. All in the car are horrendously mangled and killed. The father turns and says to the son, “look, it’s an elm tree”.

      • Dale Jensen

        Funny joke. But blacks are an interesting case. This is controversial, but black biology may be responsible for their different sexual mating practices (at the population level). Also, the welfare state directly effects them more than others as they are recipients of the welfare state way out of proportion to their actual percentage of population. Google up R and K sexual selection by race for more info on that.

        The point I was making is that pair bonding relationships are a human imperative (at least for K selected races). Marriage is a legal/political way of enhancing them. Those relationships are not going anywhere because they are wired into the human animal. Marriage patterns are changing because of the pill (contraception) and because of woman’s careerism and the welfare state. But people are and will continue to marry. I should add that this applies to whites and asians primarily. With blacks, their biology might forever push them in the direction of promiscuity and polyamory. That’s is all the more reason to abolish the welfare state and establish self-sufficiency and self-support as the law of the land. I don’t say this in a racist way but only as an impartial observer of facts.

        • Don L

          Hi Dale,

          I’ll be very candid, before this SOB Nobama came to be…I pretty much went along with the notion of “…by the content of his character”. Other than fearing the blue and red bandana bunch and the black panther types (also afraid of hell’s angels and other white and ethnic gangs) skin color never mattered to me. Now, I see a black and my anger rises as I realize this friggin minority, 12-14% of the population constitutes probably 90% of the ailments of our society.

          And, 90% of them voted for Nobama SOLELY/SINGULARLY because he is black (and that they even debate). That he is the enemy of any real hope blacks have of rising out of the culture of stupidity they have been shoved/manipulated into escapes them. En masse blacks in America actually believe that because Nobama is black all will be made better for them…a collectivist/ant-like mentality.

          Now, when I say this minority is 90% of our problems…I refer to the decades of dems fighting for the black vote by pouring money into an open cesspool of patronage spending…urban renewal that only benfitted the developers and realtors who never built better poor people housing (Stupid non-working idea anyway) but upper class dwellings sold for premiums. Over 70 years or so, trillions of dollars into programs targeted at blacks. Even the idiot Charles Barkley got it right: …”50 years democrats have been spending money to end black poverty…they’re still poor”. But this tremdous expenditure robbed everybody of their futures…to what end? The constant drone of give us more…Screw ’em!

          Black leaders are no such thing. They, like the white ellitists and self-procaimed intellectuals, spew politician/ruling-class crap. They are in power at the expense of blacks…not for blacks. Notwithstanding, today, no matter how it has come to be/what forces acted…90% of blacks have exchangied thinking for the ignorance-of-fellings and hatred-for-whitey as the cultural basis. I don’t disl;ike blacks because they are black per se, but because they have become a blight on society and where 90% vote for the enemy of this nation…I see RED!,

          Yet, I don’t think, because of skin color, that they are less human, less intelligent or have less rights. I don’t necessarily think most of them are very attractive…so what. Certainly, agreeing with Nick the Greek of days long gone…physiologically blacks seem to excell at running base sports.

          Having said all of this…I still have a problem with your quoting: “…black biology may be responsible for their different sexual mating practices..or…their biology might forever push them in the direction of promiscuity and polyamory.”.

          First I would question whio is behind these studies, when they were conducted (I’m being rhetorical…I really don’t care) as it seems more along the lines of progressive ideology surrounding euthanasia notions they have promoted.

          Lastly, I am curious about your background; whereas you seem to be very much into these sociological measurements/data. I was pleased that you did arrive at the idea that self-determination…might I say…free-market capitalism would benefit all. I see it as the only way blacks might actually join up and take earned places in society as opposed to thieves using government as a gun to make their way. Hey Dale…thanks for the exchange!

          ‘Wunder how much grief I’ll get on this one? LOL.

    • Jillian Becker

      Dale – we posted facts and figures about the decline of marriage here:

      Some of what you say is borne out by the records, but you would seem to be wrong about the overall picture, which is that fewer people are getting married.

  • Don L

    Whether the motivation is for personal power or from a sincere desire to improve the lot of mankind…across time there are those who believe they actually have the mental abilities and sufficient knowledge to manage societies to some predetermined outcome: perpetual peaceful/unthreatened dictatorship or utopian equality for all. Well, you never fall up a building…that’s a law of reality. Another law of reality is:

    No individual, whether titled the president, chairman of the federal reserve, senator, supreme court justice, congressman or whatever; nor can any panel, symposium, commission, board, committee or likewise ever possess the knowledge or capability to engineer, manipulate, manage and control in any manner or fashion all or any part of a society’s processes for satisfying its own outcomes. And, any and all attempts to interfere, irrespective of motive, with a society’s freely agreed upon processes for interaction and exchange will always result in negative and unintended consequences.

    The nobel prize winning economist Frederick Hayek termed this the Pretense of Knowledge Fallacy. He was specifically referring to the profession of economics, but it is applicable to all areas of professional social studies: urban planning, political science, history, sociology, etceteras.
    The phenomena has also been referred to as profession envy: given the credibility given to the hard sciences, the others feel left out. After all, economics is a study requiring thought not mathematical modeling of past events. You cannot model how any individual values things…but you can deduce it logically from observation (it has now been accepted as subjective marginal valuation…the commies still think differently/wrongfully).

    The consequent has been the mix of power-hungry and do-gooder intervention in the society. Do-gooders get the welfare state and the power mongers make everyone poor. All of it, driven by the corrupting influence of fractional reserve central banking (Say, when you deposit money in your checking account…is it still your money? If you think it is…think again!).

    The black family is destroyed and the cause is kept secret behind the ‘slavery & whitey keep you down…they owe you’ baloney (black study courses are merely hate the white propaganda). And, all families are destroyed because both parents have to work because the ruling class and bankers are robbing us all blind…hiding behind the lie that free-market capitalism can’t be trusted because of ‘animal spirits’.

    To solve it…follow the money. Who do you think is lending all these dollars to a government nobody trusts…for projects that only benefit the patrons…
    and who’s making money (not profit…plunder: it’s a criminal enterprise).
    doing it? The FED must be exposed and ended. Fractional reserve banking must be made as illegal as it is fraudulent!!!

    As long as the corruption money flows…the “We know best” will never understand that they are too ignorant to understand that they don’t know!

    • Jillian Becker

      Right, right, right! And well said.


      “The black family is destroyed and the cause is kept secret behind the ‘slavery & whitey keep you down.”

      I have a theory about this….

      I contend that the black family has purposefully been kept in the dark. And the “secret” is that they’re being fed the bulls’t of victimization by not only their leaders, but also by the victimization specialists………the Socialist cabal. If theres one thing the Socialists need, its victims!

      The Socialists programs promised to “uplift” this group of people who were already down and out from the effects of 19th century slavery and 20th century mistreatment by white people, who thought them inferior.

      These Socialist programs are designed to ‘rescue’ them by secretly and subliminally taking away their human right to find their own individual way in life.

      The Socialists may say that they are trying to overcompensate for the bad treatment at the hands of white people.

      When this occurs, the inner confusion caused by this scenario causes the individual to destroy his attitude.

      These “rescuers” may say that they are trying to help, but their actions speak louder, saying “You’re not good enough to do this by yourself, so I will do this for you!”

      The victim’s inner dialogue amounts to “I cannot do much of anything for myself, because I’ve always had some other person do everything for me.

      I want to be rich and important like others I see, but I will not do the required work to attain this dream. Besides, I don’t know what to do! Therefore, someone must do this for me!”

      Hes effectively been taught to do nothing of value.
      The Socialists have them hooked! This is enough to keep any person in a stereotypically bad attitude.

      • liz

        Yes, I’ve read statistics in one of FrontPage Mag.s article’s that show blacks were actually making progress and succeeding up til the leftists got a hold of them in the sixties.

        • REALBEING

          Take two very young children…equals in most ways. Raise one child to make his/her own choices from very early on.

          This first child learns to be self-reliant, learning early on that he or she must bear the consequences of his or her choices.

          Now take the other child and make him/her live under the exclusive direction of parents doing everything for the child, not allowing the child any freedom of choice, as the parents make all of the decisions.

          You will see the first child grow into a responsible adult, able to make outstanding choices for his/her life with a strong sense of direction.

          The second child will have no adult sense of responsibility. Acting listless, he/she will usually have an impossible attitude.

          His/her life will be wrought with trouble, failure, etc. for lack of personal responsibility and direction.

          The main problem is that these Socialists are doing this not so much for the black people themselves, but for their own power trip.

          • Don L

            Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition. – Thomas Jefferson

            See it’s true great minds think alike!