The cultural terrorism of Islam, and the cowardice of the “free” world 3


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  • liz

    Society, this is your conscience speaking!
    The free world is doing now in regard to Islam the same thing it did in regard to the Nazis in the years leading up to and during the Holocaust – appeasing them – and for the same reason – cowardice. So it’s no surprise the same atrocities are happening again, only on a much larger scale.
    Yes, it takes the pride and self confidence of a truly inbred, mentally challenged racist Islamic supremacist to pull off in the 21st century what Hitler accomplished in the 20th.
    And the cream of 21st century society is only to happy to accommodate them. So much for benefits of a high IQ.

  • WmarkW

    As usual, Condell is right.
    Islam is a minor problem in the West.
    Our failure to stand up for our own traditions in the name of multiculturalism is the real problem.

    • Don L

      Hmmm…I disagree with your one comment. I think Islam is a major problem in the west and everywhere.

      Perhaps you don’t see it because the media never report Islam’s atrocities against “infidels” and opposing ideas. Heck, they didn’t even report Jolly’s win in FL.

      Oh, “our”…I get the generic/sweeping generality, but otherwise…speak for yourself Kemo Sabe! LOL.