Look out Russia, here comes Joe Biden! 6

“I will do such things —
What they are yet I know not, but they shall be
The terrors of the earth.”
                                                                                              – Shakespeare, King Lear.
Further to our post below That’ll teach them!, here’s more news of how the Obama administration is responding to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Like King Lear, Obama is planning to “do such things!” He knows not what exactly, “but they shall be the terrors of the earth!”

Again we quote Daniel Greenfield. Here’s his account with his apt comments:

Obama Dispatches Biden to Poland to “Send Message” to Putin

I’m not sure what the message is. I hope he didn’t give it to Biden or it’s lost forever.

But I’m sure Putin is intimidated now that we sent our village idiot to Poland to reassure them that we won’t abandon them like we did in Ukraine. (No, we will.) …

Biden plans to deliver “the message of strong reassurance and support for the security of our NATO allies,” a senior administration official told reporters Monday.

And nothing says strong reassurance like sending the most expendable member of our government to deliver a speech.

With limited options, the United States was seeking ways to show it won’t stand idly by as Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a treaty for the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea to join Russia. So far, Putin has been undeterred by sanctions and visa bans levied by the U.S. and the European Union, and there’s no U.S. appetite for military intervention.

So the only answer is… more sanctions. They’ve never worked, but this time is bound to be different.

Joe Biden warned Russia on Tuesday that the U.S. and Europe will impose further sanctions as Moscow moved to annex part of Ukraine.

Then Joe Biden turned to his weakest point. Logic.

“Russia has offered a variety of arguments to justify what is nothing more than a land grab, including what he said today,” Biden said in Poland, which shares a border with both Russia and Ukraine. “But the world has seen through Russia’s actions and has rejected the flawed logic behind those actions.”

Now that the flawed logic is rejected, the problem is solved. All Putin has to do is realize that his logic is flawed and all the soldiers will leave.

In a clear warning to Moscow not to test other nations along its border, Biden said the U.S. commitment to defending its NATO allies is “ironclad.”

Absolutely. Unless something changes.

Vice President Joseph R. Biden promised Poland and the Baltic states on Tuesday that the United States would protect them from any Russian aggression similar to what has taken place in Crimea.

You know how we didn’t protect Ukraine or even agree to give it any weapons? We totally won’t treat you that way.

Mr. Obama has also stepped up his engagement, speaking recently to [Polish] Prime Minister Tusk. He interrupted a recent golf weekend in Florida to hold a conference call with the three Baltic leaders.

Interrupted a golfing weekend? Now that’s commitment.

  • Don L

    Changing the topic:

    Below the comment posting area is a section labeled AROUND THE WEB. It has some pictures and captions which indicate a topic. As I was posting to Liz below, I saw a photo of Nobama and the caption was : Warren Buffet Issues Harsh Warning.

    Berkshire Hathaway is Buffets company…its shares are the most expensive, today, @ $184,00/share. This nice looking older farmer like soft spoken dude…heh, heh, ah shucks… is a ruthless SOB. His primary source of revenue is government influence related. He supports Obama not OK’ing the pipeline because it is his trains that haul the oil now. He supported Obama because to not do so would have cost him the contracts.

    He ‘works’ the congress to keep the death taxes in place. His growth comes from scoffing up companies that have to be sold to pay the estate (death) taxes. Then he extracts the assets. OK, he can and does put inplace competent management if appropriate. The family of the entrepreneur, however, is left in the lurch…denied their rightful inheritance.

    He is now fighting against the overtime and minimum wage increases…he has a large labor force over all his companies and I guess he sees Nobama as without recourse to him.

    I’m all for earned profit. Buffet is all about plunder and revenue by government…as opposed to consumer satisfaction. It would be one thing if he came to the relatives and sold them on his expertise in company management. But No…he uses government as the gun to steal the companies for pennies on the dollar. Capitalism gets a bad name because of him…then he benefits from the regulation he gets pushed through to protect society from sharks like him. GRR!!!

    • liz

      Well, that explains a lot. Between corrupt crony capitalists like him and corrupt crony dictators like Obama, no wonder the resistance to the leftist takeover is so wimpy. The corruption has reached Banana Republic proportions.


    Apparently the “Pres” is too busy filling out his brackets to go there himself and give Putin a stern scolding, so instead he sends “Joey The Clown” to say better watch that old sh*t!

  • liz

    “Village idiot” – ha! Greenfield nails it perfectly, as usual!
    Yes, I’m sure Poland is totally reassured, and Russia is totally intimidated.
    Biden will probably “break the ice” by telling them Polack jokes, or how “clean and articulate” Obimbo is, or maybe the size of his balls.

    • Don L

      C’mon Liz…neither of our leaders have any balls!

      This just in…US joins with Israel in a surprise attack against Iran’s nuclear capabilities. The entire air defense system, the Iranian navy and armed forces have been totally obliterated and the top leadership eradicated. Weapons have been airlifted in to the theocracy’s opposition forces and a republic forming constitution has been put in place…including an amendment that makes central fractional banking illegal.

      Even if the balless (3 Ls?) Nobama did it purely for political reasons, wag the dog to seem like he has some cajones, it woukld be some fresh air. Unfortunately NOT.

      So eastern europe now gets the Israeli treatment…whiole haerrted support which means: see ya!


        And to think I used to give money to guys like Obama living on the street, before I got a little smarter! Just another con man.