Raising the red flag 12

An Investor’s Business Daily editorial lists some of Obama’s far left appointees, and asks: “Does he have any friends who aren’t crackpots?”

But the question that arises from the list is: Has Obama any friends – has he ever had any friends – who aren’t communists?

America is a country of 320 million people, most of them holding to traditional values. Yet President Obama keeps mining the fringes for his hires. Does he have any friends who aren’t crackpots?

Seriously. The president keeps saying he champions the middle class and its values. But his choices of people to help him run the country are the most extreme in U.S. history, and his second-term nominations are more radical than the first.

No sooner had even some Senate Democrats joined Republicans in voting down a cop killer-coddler for civil rights chief, Debo Adegbile, than Obama sent up a 2nd Amendment-basher for U.S. Surgeon General. Dr. Vivek Murthy advocates doctors asking patients if they keep guns in the home, a shocking invasion of privacy.

Murthy may also have a rocky path ahead of him, but other extreme-left nominees are getting confirmed.

Last year, Obama tapped former Congressional Black Caucus chief Mel Watt as, of all things, head of the federal agency regulating Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which together underwrite 90% of all new-home loans. Republicans blocked his confirmation. But thanks to Democrats invoking the “nuclear option” and ending the filibuster, one of the most radical lawmakers in Congress is now effectively running America’s mortgage industry.

Meanwhile, radical racialist Tom Perez runs the Labor Department, where he’s threatening to sue employers who don’t hire minority felons, just like he sued bankers who didn’t make prime loans to un-creditworthy minority borrowers when he was civil rights chief.

You have to be a Kremlinologist to keep track of all the communist-sympathizing cronies orbiting this White House.

Obama’s previous appointees include:

Valerie Jarrett, his closest White House adviser, whose father-in-law worked closely with Obama mentor and Communist Party leader Frank Marshall Davis in a number of front groups during the Cold War.

David Axelrod, Obama’s political aide, whose mother worked for a communist organ in New York and whose mentor was Soviet agent David Canter.

Van Jones, an admitted communist hired by Jarrett as Obama’s green jobs czar.

Anita Dunn, former White House communications director and Obama’s 2012 foreign policy debate coach, who listed communist dictator and mass murderer Mao Zedong as one of her two favorite philosophers whom “I turn to most” when questions arise.

The other was Mother Teresa. The message: Torture, kill, pray.

• Cass Sunstein, Obama’s regulatory czar who wrote a socialist “bill of rights” and who advocates redistributing wealth through climate-change policy.

• Samantha Power, ambassador to the United Nations, a 9/11 apologist who advised the president to follow a “doctrine of mea culpa” and literally bow down to foreign leaders as atonement for America’s “sins.”

• Anne-Marie Slaughter, former State Department policy chief, who advised the president to apologize for the War on Terror.

Rashad Hussein, Obama’s Mideast envoy, who once defended a convicted terrorist (then got caught lying about it), and drafted the president’s Cairo speech apologizing for the War on Terror.

Rose Gottemoeller, Obama’s Soviet-sympathizing chief nuclear arms negotiator, who thinks America is a global “bully” and must unilaterally disarm for the sake of world peace.

• John Trasvina, assistant HUD secretary for fair housing who once headed the radical Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund, whose co-founder made racist statements about whites.

• Cecilia Munoz, head of White House domestic policy who used to work for La Raza, the militant Latino group that advocates illegal immigrant rights.

Erica Groshen, Bureau of Labor Statistics chief who sends her children to Camp Kinderland, aka “Commie Camp,” a communist-founded institution where kids during the Cold War sang Soviet anthems.

John Holdren, Obama’s science czar, who’s advised surrendering U.S. sovereignty to a “Planetary Regime” that will redistribute the West’s wealth to underdeveloped countries and who once advocated “adding a sterilant to drinking water” to control population.

Harold Koh, former State Department general counsel who believes in “trans-nationalism” and sees nothing wrong with Shariah law in U.S. courts.

• Tony West, associate attorney general who oversees Gitmo policy, even though he defended al-Qaida and Taliban terrorists including John Walker Lindh, who pleaded guilty to aiding the enemy and fighting U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

So what? In Washington, personnel are policy. These people make the rules we have to live by, from health care to home loans to homeland security.

And these radical political appointees hire other radicals at the bureaucratic levels, where they’ll become entrenched as career federal employees.

In 2008, before Obama was nominated, we warned about his radical associations, including his ties to Davis — a hardened communist with a thick FBI file — at his Honolulu home. His defenders wrote off this Marxist indoctrination as youthful experimentation.

When we pointed out Obama spent 20 years in the pews of an America-bashing preacher, his apologists argued he was merely attending Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church to burnish his urban bona fides.

When we noted Obama launched his political career in the living room of an unrepentant communist terrorist, his defenders argued Bill Ayers had blossomed into a respected professor, that his days of cheering on the Vietcong and bombing the Pentagon were behind him.

We were told the parade of anti-American subversives Obama came in contact with throughout his life amounted to ancient history. But now we have this roster of radical appointments, a current record that’s harder to explain away and which raises the indefeasible question of whether they’re a reflection of himself.

Only there can be no question about it. He and they are birds of a feather.

The enemy has gained the commanding heights of power.

  • Don L

    Hey…is this ‘veggiedude’ revisited? LOL! Obama, communist?

    Poor ‘Ol Glenn Beck. He was so good at revealing this info and getting good response. Then he went off the deep end. I’ll never forget his 1st show right after his big 1/2 million folks showed up in DC…he sat on stage shrugging wondering what god was going to ask him…ASK HIM, as in conversation…to do next. He had come to believe he was on speaking terms and indispensible to god…oohweeeooh.

    Soon after he was gone from FOX. It has always been my contention that he switched the bottle for god…the addiction continued in another form. A shame, he had the talent to get the info and get it out in a manner that hurt the Bama bunch…and all lefties.

    My hope is that Obama took too much of the salami (look up 1957 Hungarian communist party salami tactic) with this Obamacare health industry take over. Jefferson believed, as I do, that if the American people become aware of an issue…they can be counted on to make it right. I believe that the American spirit of individualism still resides in sufficient quantity and quality to reverse ‘transformation”…gulp…Me thinks!

    • liz

      Yes, it’s too bad about Beck. The religious right refuse to recognize that injecting the religious element into their arguments is their downfall – and hurts the whole movement. They’re quick to ridicule the left for being irrational, or for lack of facts to back up their beliefs (which is true), yet this accusation is meaningless when their own position (in their minds) is based on the equally irrational belief in a supernatural being. This not only discredits their argument, it hinders them from coming up with rational arguments that atheists would actually listen to.
      As for Jefferson’s belief in Americans – I hope so, but after reading about what Lincoln was able to pull off – total police state brutality and destruction worse than Stalin – I really wonder. This regime is doing the same thing in a way, just not as overtly.

      • Don L

        Preaching to the choir on your first idea…or, I totally agree. Most theists don’t go that far and think the hardcore born-agains are whacky too. But then the guilt hits and they still accept the irrationality. And, ‘relevant to atheists’ I don’t think enters their mindset…ever. They are set on the erroneous atheist=commie drumrolls the statists (both parties are) beat incessantly.

        The only saving grace (say, should that notion be in my index? LOL) is that unlike Lincoln.s day…there is the internet. The news gets out inspite of the decades of mainstream media being maniupulated vs forced to ignore or promote the political/government agenda. And, the IRS got caught. Not all dems are ideological left…so even they were outraged by use of gov’t against Americans…the catch 22 for lefties given their Nixon attacks and related propaganda campaigns.

        Ah, as an example of my 1st paragraph above, their is a book out by a Harry C. Veryser: “It Didn’t Have to Be This Way: Why Boom and Bust Is Unnecessary-and How the Austrian School of Economics Breaks the Cycle”. I highly recommend the book with this codicil – Mr Veryser is a product of a hardcore catholic upbringing.

        There are a lot of saint this and saint that and out of nowhere an attack on Ayn Rand. He has a conflict with the Austrian economic principle that all economics is based on human action and it is essentially selfish…specifically, rational man acts on his perceived best interests. This is Ayn Rand’s idea as well. So, like a number of Austrian adfherents who are christian…they can’t comprehend caring for family or the less fortunate from a selfish perspective…they can’t grasp the value of love as being in one’s self interest. As taught/indoctrinated, it must be selfless from altruistic motives – duty to church, country family…never self. Other than that it really is a great book…really!


        • Jillian Becker

          DonL – have you ever read “The Ego and Its Own” by Max Stirner? His book – a defense, or rather a panegyric to “selfishness” – was a sensation in his own day (mid 19th century). Whatever its weaknesses and faults may be (it roused much anger, but forced itself on to the attention of the intelligentsia), it was an effective counter to the prevailing ethic of philanthropy with all its sentimental platitudes.

          • Don L

            No, thanks for the heads up. It’s added to the list.

            As might be expected, most of my thoughts on selfishness stem from Ayn Rand’s writings including “The Virtue Of Selfishness”. I’ve been known to give it and “Capitalism The Unknown Ideal” as x-mas gifts… LOL…as well as at other times. (I’ve added Mises books to the list.)

            It isn’t brilliant, but it is a truism I believe I coined decades ago…trying to keep an open mind…”we never think about things we don’t think about”. Ayn Rand and Austrian economics were accidents. Didn’t know you could think that way.

            They were discoveries of the mind…once exposed to their logical, unavoidable truths, I couldn’t go back…there is no other way to think / to see…it is thinking vs ‘going along with’. And, it is ‘going along’ foisted toward serving someone elses desires and schemes. No thanks.

            Again, thanks.

  • liz

    It is infuriating and depressing – that all these clear, obvious red flags were made known by many from the beginning, and it made no difference.
    It was all so predictable, yet its as if a case of mass mental paralysis descended on the entire population.
    They manipulated some with propaganda, and intimidated the rest by playing the race card. It’s high time somebody stood up to them and put a stop to it.
    We’re being held hostage by a bunch of arrogant, controlling, spoiled brats.

    • Roger

      This is why I advocate returning to a weak president, as the founders envisioned. We need to remove this unconstitutional “branch” of the government – the agencies. Congress has become irrelevant, and therefore, so have the people. The executive now runs everything, including legislating through regulations, selectively enforcing the law, and having friendly administrative law judges backing their decisions.

      • liz

        It’s all become so corrupt, but it’s interesting studying the history and finding that all of it was already starting at the time of the founding! The Constitution was a brilliant effort to keep it in check, but in practice it’s only as good as the people enforcing it.
        I don’t know if it can be salvaged, frankly.

        • Don L

          There in lies the truth…we the people are the enforcers. The 545 get away with it because they’ve been working in secret. Too much gone wrong and we the people are responding. The information is there…need to learn it and share it…the people will enforce it and throw the bumbs out.

          And, there’s a real weird reward as you spread the word…when you see someone’s eyes widen when the truth hits them and they finally see behind the curtain…it’s almost as good as watching some theist finally figure it out and come over to the right side! LOL

      • Don L

        Hi, please, it is not my intention to be a wet rag, but…

        I would suggest like returning to limited government, tax reform…returning to a weakened presidency are absolutely 100 percent right…but they are merely treatments of symptoms. The disease is unending money provided to the 545 by unconstitutional and fraudulent borrowing and counterfeiting of dollars by the FED in a criminality-legalized fractional reserve banking system.

        Socialism and crony capitalism fail when the society has to actually pay for these things out-of-pocket as opposed to the secret tax of inflation. (Incidently, you do know that food and energy are no longer even included in any calculation of inflation?) And, of course only the government can cause inflation…which is expanding the money supply (higher prices are a symptom of inflation).

        All the corruption, all the nonsense goes away when sound money and a gold standard are re-established. For all the bad actors before Nixon, it wasn’t until the dollar was separated from gold that things really got nasty. END THE FED. The more you know, the more people you can tell and the faster it goes away.

        If you haven’t read about the FED (sorry, didn’t mean to ryhme) this is short and free…pass it along:

        “The Case Against the Fed” – Murray N Rothbard

        And, also free, for all you need to know about money and gold:

        “What Has Government Done to Our Money?” – Murray N Rothbard

        “The Case for a 100 Percent Gold Dollar” – Murray N Rothbard

        • Roger

          Thanks Don L. I am well aware of the fraud of the fed, and I absolutely agree with everything you said. I have been advocating against it since 1983. I have read most of the books on the subject over the years, but I am no expert on economics.

          I respectfully disagree that attacking the executive bureaucracy is a symptom. I think it goes to the heart of our fiscal problems, aside from the fed problem.

          • Don L

            I agree it must be attacked. My thought is that it only has potency because its regulations and shenanigans are funded through the FED phony money…cut the funds, the problem goes away. They can’t spend, congress, judicial or the executive, if the tap has been turned off. The FED is the source of the Fiscal problem…the 545 are spendiing and the FED covers all the bills in exchange for continuation of the secrecy and the plunder.