How will it be? 23

Contrary to Marxian dogma, no historical development is inevitable. And all actions have unintended consequences. So prophecy is a risky enterprise.

But we have to calculate the probable outcomes of what we do.

Daniel Greenfield has prophesied – plausibly, we think – what will happen when America ceases to be the predominant power in the world.

International organizations will be good for little except sucking up the last drops of wealth and prestige of the United States. It will be a chaotic place with everyone out for themselves. …

There will be three post-ideological powers, no longer global in scope, and one worldwide ideological alliance.

The United States, Russia and China are post-ideological states. Russia and China have abandoned Communism. The United States is even abandoning nationalism; to say nothing of capitalism, democracy or freedom. Its rulers cling to scraps of global leftist ideology that isolate them from their own people.

Russia and China are run by powerful corrupt elites who emerged from the old Communist order to build economic oligarchies enforced by the ruthless use of force. The United States is increasingly run by an oligarchy of ideological bureaucrats, corrupt technocrats and leftist academics that has a distant resemblance to the USSR and the PRC; but its long march through the institutions hasn’t turned fully totalitarian yet. That may be less than a generation away.

Russia, China and the United States are all demographically unstable. Russia and the United States are both on track to become majority-minority countries. China’s demographic disaster will be the outcome of its one child policies, gender abortion and its war on the countryside. The United States will probably weather its demographic problems better than Russia or China, because the former faces a fatal Muslim demographic takeover and the latter a conflict that will tear its society apart, but like Russia and China, the demographic crisis in the United States will be exacerbated by the lack of common bonds to see it through a period of social stress.

Russia and China will fall back into their own history, collapse and isolationism for China, barbarian rule for Russia. The United States has no such history to fall back on and its elites have abandoned any meaningful national identity that doesn’t rely on pop culture and liberal pieties.

There is little to unify Russia or China … The KGB oligarchs of Russia and the Communist princes of China are as globalist as any Eurocrat. They have few national commitments. Their goals are wealth and power for their families and associates.

Unfortunately there is even less to unify the United States after the left embraced multiculturalism at the expense of exceptionalism. The erosion of everything from free speech to the free market has reduced the American Dream from individual opportunity to vulgar exhibitionism. Uncontrolled immigration has imported masses of hostile populations everywhere from Nashville to Minneapolis radically changing quintessentially American cultures and replacing them with balkanized minority coalitions who have little in common except a mutual hostility against the United States.

In contrast to the cultural vulnerabilities of the three powers, Islam, the defining global ideological alliance, lacks a superstate as the center of its empire, though it has many state bases, but enjoys the allegiance of a worldwide population larger than any of the three powers. Demographic projections continue to favor the growth of Islam over China, Russia and the United States.

It would be a mistake however to think that China, Russia and the United States are in a conflict with Islam. While Islam is in a conflict with them, each of the three powers divides Muslims into three groups; those Muslims that are within the “empire”, part of China, Russia’s Eurasian Union or the United States, those that are outside the “empire” but allied to it, e.g. Syria for Russia, Saudi Arabia for the United States and Pakistan for China, and those that are its separatist or terrorist enemies.

Instead of coming to terms with a global struggle with Islam, each power largely concentrates on fighting Muslim separatist or terrorist groups that destabilize its sphere of influence while arming, funding and supporting those Muslim separatist and terrorist groups that destabilize rival powers.

It is therefore simplistic to act as if America, Russia and China have a common interest in fighting Islam. While that may be true, that is not how the leaders of the three powers see it. Putin fights some Islamists while incorporating others into his allied clergy and helping still others go nuclear. The United States bombs the Taliban, but would never consider bombing their paymasters in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar.

Muslim terrorists operate in all three powers, but are dismissed as unrepresentative aberrations. That is wishful thinking, but empires are shaped to fight their own kind. Islam, like Communism, is something different. It is an ideology and post-ideological powers … are poorly adapted to fighting it. Instead many of their elites secretly admire its dedication. …

Like a hyena trotting after prey, Islam is a cultural carrion eater consuming the skills and knowledge of superior civilizations to sustain its warlordism …

The collapse of the Pax Americana under Obama has freed up Russia and China to begin their campaigns of territorial expansionism. Obama’s failure to deter Russia in Ukraine will encourage China to use force as a solution to territorial disputes in the South China Sea. These events will wake the world from the dream of the Pax Americana in which American power kept the peace in much of the developed world.

The end of the Pax Americana also means the end of international law. Instead of a post-American world ushering in a stable multilateral order … no single power will predominate, but … any country or militia that can seize a piece of land or a natural resource will go ahead and do so. …

The First World may wake up to discover that it is once again living under Third World rules.

Those most immediately affected by the decline of the United States will be the Asian and European countries that outsourced their defense to the United States after WW2. Japan has a limited time in which to turn around its economy, demographics and military to be able to face down China.

Europe was able to turn inward without having to make the hard choices and its elites were even able to drag the United States into implementing their vision internationally. But that is coming to an end. …

The European Union may implode in the coming years, but whether it does or does not, Western Europe will continue to be defined by the quarrels between the UK, France and Germany. The various other players have never been anything other than places to put factories, launder money or import cheap labor from. …

Europe, unlike the United States, has not been known for its altruism, and its nations face a crippling combination of problems. Europe suffers from Japanese birth rates, Russian demographics, Chinese corruption and American economics (though it would be more accurate to say that America suffers from EU economics.) Despite its size and population, Europe does not have an optimistic future. …

Russia will not stop with Ukraine and NATO will dissolve, officially or unofficially. It may stay around and limit itself to providing humanitarian aid internationally while expelling Poland and any countries that Russia is likely to want to add to its collection. …

The budding Russian empire will find that fighting a new wave of Muslim insurgencies in formerly peaceful republics will consume too much of its time and energy. The soldiers who will march on the scattered pieces of the old red empire will be Muslims and the Eurasian Union will become a Muslim empire with a handful of churches. Like Rome, its fall will come at the hands of its own barbarians.

Iraq and Afghanistan will not prove to be as psychologically devastating to Americans as Vietnam, but they will help discourage further deployments overseas. Severe military budget cuts and a campaign against the warrior culture will leave the military in no shape for anything except peacekeeping missions.

The United States will face escalating domestic unrest, less from militias than from gangs, terrorism and the economic collapse of entire cities. It will no longer be in a position to act abroad.

None of this has to happen, but it will if the same bad decisions continue to be made.

If eight years of Obama are topped by eight years of Hillary, this is where we will end up.

The writer points out that if the civilized world fails to resolve its “economic, demographic and military crises … the civilization in which we have grown up and which we have known all our lives will die and a long interregnum of darkness will follow in its wake”.

Yes, that’s all too probable, and profoundly horrible.

But it may be that an entirely different kind of civilization will emerge. That technologies – already in the womb of time – will set the individual freer than he could ever possibly have been before. That governments will lose power. That social elites without technological skills will lose credibility. That law-making will be done by new procedures, and the nature of law and the manner of its enforcement will change to fit new ideas of how liberty may be protected. That religion – so outworn and squalid a thing, a mere relic of an ignorant past – will wither away, perceived at last to be worse than useless.

There now, we ourselves have ventured beyond speculation and touched on prophecy. And because prophecy cannot be accurate, we are not likely to be right. But by the same token, we may not be entirely wrong.

  • Scott Costello

    The same personal responsibility needs to apply to the treatment of the environment

    • Jillian Becker

      Sure, everyone should keep his environment clean. But all the generations of human beings that have ever been and all that are and all that ever will be cannot harm the planet no matter what they do.

    • liz

      If and when Socialism ever becomes a relic of an ignorant past, then environmentalism, it’s main weapon of choice for destroying capitalism, might actually deflate to the rational level of “personal responsibility” rather than fanatical religious totalitarianism.


    Its an extremely simple equation….the more producers the planet loses, the more usurpers it will accumulate. We’ve perhaps reached the backside of that bell curve.

    At the bottom of it, who knows where society will be? A repeat of the Dark Ages comes to mind. The combination of an exclusive embrace of Socialism, turbo-charged with the religious ‘mania’ the zealots have idealized………I don’t want to think of it!

    The “psuedo problems” that result are the Fed, the economy, poor folks, rich folks, the budget, everything else happening in the world, etc.

    The ‘root’ of ALL of these problems: The fact that there is a dangerous lack of personal responsibility and critical thinking in our world. In reality, these two are inseparable, as they are one and the same thing. The solution: DO THE RIGHT THING!!!!!

    In this case, “the right thing” is to teach your children to only make responsible, conscious choices in their life, understanding that they must take full responsibility for them.

    To do this, one must have a responsible teacher early on in one’s life…someone who has themselves been trained in this teaching and practices it….lets say, a parent.

    Once before on this website, I talked about T.S.Eliot’s poem, and it’s appropriateness for a similar discussion:

    “This is the way the world ends
    This is the way the world ends
    This is the way the world ends
    Not with a bang but a whimper.”

    • liz

      True, but who created the lack of responsibility and critical thinking? It is certain- at least to a large extent- that those in control – both religious and political- have cultivated this mentality in order to maintain the dependence of the masses on themselves.
      So it could be that exposing the corruption of those in control could be a major key to restoring people’s will to free themselves from their enslavement to these political (and religious) tyrants.


        And, as I stated, it was their parents who never learned it, and their parents before them.
        This terrible succession is destroying us!

        On the whole, I was never sufficiently taught responsibility by my own parents, or even the military experiences I had. I had to learn this vital process through my studies within a personal growth seminar group I was involved in for about ten years.

        Would the masses consider being involved with such an organization…..not so much for their own good, as for the good of our successors, and our civilization’s survival?

        • Don L

          And, over 100 years, it is the FED that has and does fund this “they never learned it”.

          • REALBEING

            Is it the ‘Fed’ itself, or is it those irresponsible “children” who established it, run it, and nurture it’s premise, thinking that they are indeed responsible, but, in fact, never really learned personal responsibility?

            • Don L

              LOL…chicken or the egg…really?

              In the late 1800s few ever heard of socialism or communism or progressive. Yet, a small minority of highly politized socailists, cousins of the English Fabians,devised the take-over-by-evolution vs revolution strategy for America. Education was the first system to be taken over.

              Almost forgot dishonest Abe…he used the might of the strongest military on the planet, at that time, to impose central planning…no central bank, yet, and education was still private.

              Back to evolution: So the process of “brainwashing” began. So, the chicken came first and it kept laying eggs…foul (no pun intented) eggs that got nastier as time marched on.

              It is important to understand, the FED is the chicken feed. Stop feeding the chicken, the chicken dies and no more rotten eggs get laid.

              I’m done with this topic!!! LOL..It was fun.

              Oh, oh…the ruling class is small…545 to be exact…they are able to keep the population in the dark…they don’t teach about the FED…you only learn the truth once your on the banking committee.

              The FED website preaches how they are the bulwark against inflation. If you know the truth…the FED only existe to create inflation.

              I have to stop…it boils my blood when I start to think about Greebspan and Bernanke…GRRR; GRRR!!!

              Out of here

            • REALBEING

              “Stop feeding the chicken, the chicken dies and no more rotten eggs get laid.”

              I respectfully disagree. The irresponsible children in-charge, still being irresponsible children, find a different medium to procure their agenda of irresponsible “icon” Socialism.

            • Don L

              Hmm, I guess optimism isn’t a word in your vocabulary.

              Have you not just said that there is absolutely no way America can ever again find honorable, like the founders, peolple to enter government…we are doomed, period! Is that what you are saying? You see no way that America can restore limited government and free-market economics…ever?

              Please elucidate, then, on what the next medium will be if funding is stripped (FED ended and sound money restored) from patronage spending and the other vote buying schemes. Add term limits (including ending lifetime terms); repeal of the 17th amendment; No lawyers can serve in any branch but the judicial, of which they are members, in order to avoid conflicts of interest; gov’t unions not legal; no employees in gov’t over 7 years (have to work this out for military volunteers); Flat tax computed by department budgets-to-limited objective as opposed to %of non-sensical index/measurement; and more. What scheme works to keep the sicko children in-charge if they haven’t got other peoples money to play with? Do tell.
              It’s like socialist economics…ther isn’t any. Just empty words and useless notions without explanation. The “SHOULD’ do this, be that way without any explanation of how anything in their world gets accomplished.
              So, you say they will find another medioum…what might it be and how does it work. They have this one they are using now (fund corruption through central banking)…made perfect over 150 years (since Lincoln). It crumbles once the FED lies are exposed to the multitudes…and that’s happening now. So…if their present perfect system dies for lack of feed (the FED)…what can they do next? I’ll help…start another 100 year trajectory…except this time the Constitution will be strengthened and the abrogators will have to work much harder to eveolve us. So, other than that, what?
              Here’s the other shoe drop…got this from Burro…Hillary thinks the population is stupid too…she thinks government should make everybodys’ decisions. Is that were you are? I don’t believe you believe government has the right to make peoples’choices.
              I believe we have all been manipulated by propaganda pros. I also believe that this conditioning can be broken. We atheists broke free of the theism tripe. I broke free of the political indoctrination when I was accidentally exposed to Austrian economics. Incidentally, the course that got me to that began by reading Bernard Golbers book “Bias”.
              Bottom line…what government has created can be undone. We never think about things we don’t think about…but when that new thing shows up…curiosity can do wonders.
              So, Mr negative…you don’t really believe we are doomed…do you? You are too good a man!!!

            • REALBEING

              “Have you not just said that there is absolutely no way America can ever
              again find honorable, like the founders, peolple to enter
              government…we are doomed, period!”

              I don’t see where I made this statement, Donl.

              I will state that unless and until most people start to receive the training required and begin to practice personal responsibility in ways not yet seen in the majority, we are probably doomed as a civilization to be Socialists, and this will more than likely lead to something much worse.

              I am optimistic in what I experience, and this quality leads me to make calls that I think are real in what occurs on the outside, out of my jurisdiction.

              I could just as easily tell myself that everything will work our in the situations in the world.

              However, I know the different negative dynamics that are at play today.

              I acknowledge that it is mankind’s own doing, do to the failure of each and every individual to responsibly take care of their own self, meaning the way they do their business in the world.

              I firmly believe that all outer problems in the world are the direct result of the individual’s inner problems, which stem from their lack of inner tools to perform this vital work.

              My main job in my life, as I was taught, is to do my own inner work. And I am responsible for my choices, not anyone elses.

              One other thing that I learned in my work, is that negative energy is much more powerful than positive energy.

            • Don L

              “The irresponsible children in-charge, still being irresponsible children, find a different medium to procure their agenda of irresponsible “icon” Socialism.”

              Given the topic of ending the FED toward an end to educational corruption and the respective failure of reponsibility due to inteinonal misinformation/
              conditioning…I could only interpret that your statement to mean that an end to the FEd doesn’t stop the children in charge because they will just find another way…ad infinitum…never a win on our side. Not an optimistic perspective. If I got that wrong sorry?

              Indeed, negative energy is more powerful…skeptisism is good. The idea is to turn that loose: Illuminate the secrecy and criminality of the FED and the ruling-class/banking cartel cabal and watch negative power cause a reponse to, “so that’s how those SOBs are screwing us…let’s put an end stop to that.”

              I do not blame mankind, I’m with Ayn Rand (Rand Paul’s name sake) who believes that man qua man is just fine! Do people get screwed up. Yeah. Can they be fixed or fix themselves…absolutlely.
              So, inner tools…you bet a conscience is only as good as the right and wrong taught or learned through experience. And, of course, morality is not a function of a god but of man’s abillity to think and behave in self interest. In the case of an entire culture being screwed up…I blame government manipulation…not mankind.

              Yes, until that population sees the light…not much will change. As to other people…your life, liberty and property are inextricably linked to the economy…what lay down and die and not act for your own interests when theyare in jeopardy? What inner tool says do nothing “it’s not my concern”.
              I’m pooped.

              I know you are a good American…I don’t mean in that stupid Hannity way. So, as the song says we seem to agree to disagree…but the end is still the same vision I believe!

            • REALBEING

              I cannot argue with anything much of your statement, Don.
              But I will state that if the guy that was beating my dog was totally responsible in the first place, he wouldn’t be beating my dog.

              The population won’t see the light until there is a payoff for them. Socialism offers them a forever “free lunch.”

              Hannity? I had to stop listening to his show..he keeps bringing up “God” and it was pissing me off! LOL!

            • Don L


              FOX, fair and balanced, economically ignorant (actually fascist) and the other christian broadcasting network.

              I love when they, all anchors and contributors at one time or another, say atheists are intolerant…as they can’t tolerate our right not to be forced to participate in their mysticism.

              I’m not responding anymore here…stop it.

              So, sailors are Pals and GIs are buddies…Marines…don’t say it out loud!

              No more!

  • liz

    Profoundly horrible is right. Civilization itself is now threatened because of the insane scum we’ve so easily allowed into power. They don’t see, and don’t care about, the havoc they are wreaking, they only care about the socialist utopia they imagine themselves to be creating, and controlling.
    That religion will become “a relic of an ignorant past” is too much to hope for. You might as well expect apes to start doing calculus. There is something about human nature – the herd instinct, maybe – that makes a mass delusion, once it is entrenched in tradition, impossible to dispell.
    Ignorant people will stubbornly resist the option to free themselves of this useless baggage by embracing reason, simply because the option did not come from their revered authorities and traditions, and is therefore to be distrusted and despised.
    Between the meddling of society’s pseudo intellectuals and the “holy wars” of its religious barbarians, the cycle of golden ages and dark ages seems doomed to repeat itself.

  • Don L

    OK…I can hear it…here he goes again: END THE FED.

    You have to ask, hiow is all this expnsionism financed? How is all this socvialism paid for? Isn’t personal and/or personal finces behind decisions of to have or have not a new car, a child, a vacation, t-Bone or Salisbury steak, etceteras? Everything always come back to money.

    And, central banks control the money. another AND…And, it is politicians (in the US the 545) who gave the banks this power and continue to allow it. Why, because the banks then fund, through counterfeiting money…that’s printing money (electronically these days) out of thin air. Buying votes with patroage payouts, funding the welfare state, and “expansionism’ are all funded with ‘air dollars.

    Primer: the ones who counterfeit benefit first as the dollars printed are treated at the value of the printing…as the air dollars trickle into the economy, the value of every dollar is lower…the middle class and the poor pay the price. Who benfitws up front? Banks, politicians, the government and those close to the power reap the rewards.

    Inflation is not prices higher. That’s merely the symptom. Inflation occurs because the money is devalued by printin g more of it…ONLY CENTRAL BANKLS/CENTRALL-PLANNED GOVERNMENTS can do that!!! It is not an outcome of capitalism. In the srticle above, every bit of the problems exposed or queried can be dropped directly on unsound fiat money.

    Fiat money is a tax…unseen but just as insidious. If the population were taxed directly for the expenditures of politicians’ schemes and wars, the uprising would be widespread and loud…if not violent. By hiding behind the central bank…the debt is spread across time. As of the crash of 2007…time is up.

    The banks are printingg like crazy…a worth less dollar is rapidly becoming a worthless dollar. C’mon, think about it…mtg rates at 2.75% 30 yr. No interest on savings. END the FED and restore the gold standard and all the ills in this article begin to disappear. NOTHING IS FREE. Hate and misery have to be paid for…the FED is paying the bill…turmoil, death and destruction…they get theirs always!

    Try these, they’re free:

    What Has Government Done to Our Money?- Murray Rothbard

    The Case for a 100 Percent Gold Dollar – Murray Rothbard

    What You Should Know About Inflation – Henry Hazlitt:

    Gold, Peace, and Prosperity – Ron Paul,%20Peace,%20and%20Prosperity.pdf

    The Case for Gold – Ron Paul

    • liz

      Very scary. With this much money and power involved, it seems impossible that it could ever actually be done away with.
      Just like Marx’s bad ideas, you cut off one and ten more sprout up in its place! Honest politicians may exist (on some planet), but there is no end to corruption.

      • Don L

        Illumination. The answer to getting rid of the FED is to turn on the lights to reveal the little guys behind the curtain. The 545 cannot stop the demand to end the FED once the lights are on.

        I have gotten many to see the light. I call it my lights on survey. If I wind up talking to someone and they seem to be ant-Obama or Obamacare or just gov’t in general I ask If I can ask a couple questions…because I’m conducting my own little survey. Invaiably they say sure…OK…not a problem.

        First I ask them, “wouild you agree that your personal liberty and your property and money are linked to the health of the economy?”, they say yes; if not and some bizzare liberalism/99%er reply emits, I’m gone – Koolaid drinker,

        Then I ask, “OK. it does, so then, do you know what fractional reserve central banking is?” rarely does anyone answer yes (if they do…my response is provied below). When they say no or that they’ve sorta heard of it, I comment and ask , well, it turns out the entire economic system, that’s the entire economy, is controlled and manipulated according to the fractional reserve central banking monetary scheme or policy…It is Operated under the name FED.

        It sinks in…”my question is, if the economy is important to your well bieng and that fractional reserve central banking is at the core of the economy”…sink in repeat, “my question is, how have you been brought to not care about your own self interestt?”

        “I’d never heard about it until recently, Why weren’t we taught, in school, what fractional reserve banking is?” Then after disucssion, I say, listen, go check this out…I found this Utube video and then I read up on it…just watch this video…amazing.

        I then write down (memorized…not pre-printed…and say, “thanks, I hope I didn’t intrude” and part. Curiosity often wins out. I toss in comments about who is funding the crooks and the programs. How do you think we could be trillions in debt with nothing to show for it. A real kicker: “Look, nobody is asking you to pick up a rifle and hit the trenches…just take 45 minutes to fight for your country!:”.

        Emphasize that as pervasive and powerful the FED is…It has no chance once the secret is out. spread the word.

        Here’s the name of the UTube video: Money as Debt Full Length – let ’em now it’s about 45 – 47 minutes long – 47.08 minutes (say just email this link to everyone you know!!!)

        ( )

        (IF they know about fractional reserve central banking, I ask if they think it’s moral to steal peoples’ savings by counterfitting money in order to inflate the currency? or something like that. depending on whether or not their reply is intelligible or socialistic determines whether I continue.)

        • liz

          Good info – thanks!

        • REALBEING

          Donl, I feel strongly that these problems that you’ve discussed are only individual “snakes” on Medusa’s head. That “head” is the failure of the majority of people to take personal responsibility for their actions.

          The system’s irresponsibility, coupled with the irresponsibility of the voters, created the “perfect storm” the country is now foundering in.

          • Don L

            “That “head” is the failure of the majority of people to take personal responsibility for their actions..”

            I agree that it sits at the feet of voters not excesising their duty to to self-govern. And, that failure is due to an intentional campaign by progressives, theist-collectivists and central-planning-ideologs from both political parties to keep the truth of fractional reserve central banking from population…as well as many other issues, like the truth about scumbag Lincoln.

            By politizing education over 100 years ago and then creating a compulsory schooling system that is highly progressively-influenced, government funded, union-controlled, curriculum mandated (even for private/parochial and charter schools) and patronage-appointee-suoervised…the “head” of the monster was created.

            For more than 100 years every American student has been miseducated and conditioned to ignore topics that they have been convinced are beyond their capabilities to comprehend and are, after all, boring. Intentionally, one-size fits all schooling crushes the innovative and intelligent and caters to the least among us.

            The criteria for success in schooling is memorization and not questioning the myths. FED good…period. Never question this. Lincoln good…ignore the historic record. USSR…good or no mention…let’s do socialism some more.. Anyone over 30 knows that sysstematically, study of civics and the constitution and founding principles of the United Staes have disappeared. The idea that one might repeat failed history is gone as histrory has been re-written to serve political and/or religious motives.

            And, once Americans are educated on the facts…responsibility is readuily accepted. It might have been Lord Acton (Absolute power corrupts absolutley) who said the hardest thing was to educate someone who has already been miseducated.

            A compulsory schooling sustem is all about indoctrination. Instilling education for education’s sake is not in the agenda. The farther someone has gone in schooling, often means the harder it is to get over the conditioning to accept government propaganda. The idea that government education could be corrupt…that most of the basic principles about America are wrong…it just can’t be.

            The other side of thast cvoin are those who get the your a victim indoctrination…all but white kids. This ethnic study and that ethnic study classes and textbooks have appeared exponetially over the past 40 years…the goverbnment owes you grabb everything you can…the rich can afford it. This group of indoctinatees are even tougher to get to realize they’ve been instructed to act against their own best interests. Othe peoples money eventually runs out.

            It is the FED who has funded this insidious compulsory schooling system. If the people had to pay the taxes upfont…the bloated system and the perpetual cry for more funding by career-politicians would end. Every dollar borrowed from the FED, by treasury, to fund the education distortion scheme, expands the currency by an equal dollar.

            This inflation of the currency is the tax by other means…every citizens dollar is worth less and the difference benefits the government and the banks.
            Yes, informed consent is the responsibility of each and every citizen. And, once exposed to the truth…citizens accept theat responsibility.

            100 years of purposeful deception, obfuscation, misdirection and miseducation haver had an impact. Those of us who have awakened, in our own self-interest, must help wake up others…the other side is working hard to put and keep everyone asleep. They use the darkness of secrecy…wake everybody up with the light of truth!

            • REALBEING

              I agree that the Socialists almost never disclose the importance of responsibility ….it goes against their main agenda!

              Per my line from below, “Furthermore and according to the natural order of life, if men cannot
              win back their personal responsibility, then they may only deserve