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The students in this video from CNS News are all apparently over 18 so they have the vote. One of them says she is taking a course in politics. None of them knows who the first president of the United States was. Two of them cannot divide 100 by 50 – or do not know (like the president) that there are 50 states in the Union. They’re all being put through the expensive travesty called a university education.

(Hat-tip Robert Kantor)

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  • liz

    Socialistic education on parade. How pathetic.

    • Don L



        I would’ve accepted the answer “I’m not presently studying government sir, and right now, I’m extremely involved with my Calculus, English Literature, and my Physics exam to give your question a proper answer.

        Please give me your phone number and at a later date, when I’m free of all this current work, I’ll give you a call and we’ll talk!”

  • Don L


    Sorry, I know I said I was done, but…couldn’t resist.

    If taxpayerrs had to pay for universities directly, as opposed through the hidden taxation by inflation (the sole purpose for the existence of the FED), would we have tenured professors and the plethora of meaningless liberal and artsy friggin crafty classes? Or, would there be more trade schools?

    Cluck, plop…stop the peck and end the FED. LOL, I feel like McDonald’s I’m loving it!

    Please reply…I promise not to do a last word deal on you. That’s tough for me. LOL

    Later GI…Salute!


      LOL!!! I love you….. No it isn’t a “last word” thing with me. I only want my points understood!

      My large point on this is the human being’s lack of responsibility issue for every category in their lives! And this has a definite effect on the country as well as our world.

      College should be paid for by the student! Himself or herself! Period! I know that I will get “flak” for this statement, but I believe that young people need to realize this great lesson of value in their lives.

      Creativity and flexibility and innovation could come into play.

      If the child wants college and he cannot afford it, and the parents want to help them with funds, they could always set the child down and write a legally binding contract with him which would assure that they are paid back with interest, whenever the child finishes school and gets a good job.

      The three of them decide on the way that it is paid back.

      Of course, the child could always get a student loan. But I’m talking about something between the three of them.

      Anchors away, pal!!!

  • Frank

    How did these morons even graduate high school?

    • Don L

      This is the desired product of the gov’t funded, politically-influenced. progressive-oriented, union-controlled compulsory-schooling system. How else can 545 in the ruling-class control 330 million? Keep ’em stupid!

      The really stupid ones, are the ones too ignotrant to know they don’t know. Often they get their own TV shows…like O’Reilly: Mr Fascism American Style.

      • Roger

        Here’s a politically incorrect suggestion. Why can’t there be a standard set for voting? Breathing isn’t enough, although apparently some non-breathers voted in the last election. We require a license to drive. Why? Because we want people to have at least a minimum understanding of the rules before they can participate. I know it can’t be done because it is seen as racist, but what does that say about those who think that? I guess they believe that some races are inferior or can’t be expected to learn and follow the rules. I don’t believe that!