Honor Diaries 11

A few Muslim women are trying to free all Muslim women from enslavement by Islam.

They are unlikely to get any help or even sympathy from Western feminists because those “womyn” are wholly preoccupied with their own petty grievances.

Here is the trailer of the film made by the Muslim women to help their campaign. It is called Honor Diaries: 

Muslim “men” are already trying to put a stop to the women’s brave efforts. Of course.

CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), a Muslim Brotherhood organization in the US,  demanded that the University of Michigan, Dearborn, cancel the screening of Honor Diaries, on the grounds that the film is “Islamophobic”. 

And the University bowed to these terrorist-supporters and complied

The admirable Megan Kelly says here on Fox News that there have been more cancellations under pressure from CAIR. So many cowards running American institutions!

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  • Jillian Becker

    I have added a line to the post about other cancellations, with a link to Megan Kelly’s report on Fox News.

  • Roger

    As the father of 3 daughters, my heart goes out to all females that live under this barbarism. As for the males, I think most of them are beyond the reach of reason, and will never willingly give up their misogynous hegemony.
    The solution? Education. Unfortunately, getting through to the brainwashed masses is very difficult. Films like this and sites like this give me hope.

  • liz

    CAIR just makes itself look more and more ridiculous, calling a film made BY and FOR Muslim women “Islamophobic”. A bunch of whiny, sniveling liars trying to distract from their increasingly conspicuous hypocrisy with the tired, worn out song and dance of “offendedness”.
    If only we had people with spines (and brains) in our universities, and society in general, they would never have made it to first base with this load of crap.

  • Frank

    The current president of the University of Michigan is Mary Sue Coleman. She has been president for the last 12 years and will be stepping down in July of 2014. Here is her email address if you would like to comment on her caving in to CAIR’s demand.


    • Frank

      Corrected email address:

    • Frank

      Here is a reply I received to an email I sent to Mary Sue Coleman. It didn’t come from her but probably an underling.

      Dear Frank,
      Thank you for your note to President Coleman regarding the Honor Diaries movie. I would like to clarify the showing of the Honor Diaries was scheduled for the Dearborn campus. The showing was postponed because many of the panelists were not able to attend the event. The university was given short notice about the panelists availability. We are working on a new date to show the film on campus. The new date, once scheduled, will be posted to our campus calendar.
      Again, thank you for the note.

      Kenneth Kettenbeil

      • Jillian Becker

        Thanks for doing this, Frank. Let’s wait and see if the film is ever shown at the University of Michigan, Dearborn. And what CAIR will do if it is.

        • Frank

          If I were a betting man, which I am I would bet they don’t show it.

      • liz

        Looks like this is a total lie. I just read where they are scheduling a presentation with people chosen by CAIR , instead. What cowards.

        • Frank

          Link please?

          • liz

            Couldn’t link to it but it was in one of Daniel Greenfields article’s on “The Point” section of FrontPage. (It’s in the archives from yesterday).